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    The Bachelor 21


    NICK VIALL, 36

    The Bachelorettes:


    ALEXIS, 23
    Aspiring Dolphin Trainer
    Secaucus, NJ

    ANGELA, 26
    Greenville, SC

    ASTRID, 26
    Plastic Surgery Office Manager
    Tampa, FL

    BRIANA, 28
    Surgical Unit Nurse
    Salt Lake City, UT

    BRITTANY, 26
    Travel Nurse
    Santa Monica, CA

    CHRISTEN, 25
    Wedding Videographer
    Tulsa, OK

    CORINNE, 24
    Business Owner
    Miami, FL

    DANIELLE L, 27
    Small Business Owner
    Los Angeles, CA

    DANIELLE M, 31
    Neonatal Nurse
    Nashville, TN

    Restaurant Server
    Los Angeles, CA

    Las Vegas, NV

    Marketing Manager
    Dallas, TX

    HAILEY, 23
    Vancouver, British Columbia

    IDA MARIE, 23
    Sales Manager
    Harlingen, TX

    JAIMI, 28
    New Orleans, LA

    JASMINE B, 25
    Flight Attendant
    Tacoma, WA

    JASMINE G, 29
    Pro Basketball Dancer
    San Francisco, CA

    Registered Nurse
    Santa Cruz, CA

    KRISTINA, 24
    Dental Hygienist
    Lexington, KY

    LACEY, 25
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Manhattan, NY

    LAUREN, 30
    Law School Graduate
    Naples, FL

    MICHELLE, 24
    Food Truck Owner
    Los Angeles, CA

    OLIVIA, 25
    Apparel Sales Representative
    Anchorage, AK

    RACHEL, 31
    Dallas, TX

    RAVEN, 25
    Fashion Boutique Owner
    Hoxie, AR

    SARAH, 26
    Grade School Teacher
    Newport Beach, CA

    SUSANNAH, 26
    Account Manager
    San Diego, CA

    TAYLOR, 23
    Mental Health Counselor
    Seattle, WA

    VANESSA, 29
    Special Education Teacher
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    WHITNEY, 25
    Pilates Instructor
    Chanhassen, MN

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    To be frank and honest, this is the first season of this show that I've ever watched -- but it got me hooked, I'll be completely honest. I know that sounds corny and completely cheesy, but I am such a hopeless romantic and hope people can find the love that I feel like they deserve. I'm just going to do a brief overview of my opinions on both the girls themselves as well as the episode as a whole for most of the season unless I completely give up on the show if terrible people make it far~

    I don't know much about Nick - but apparently he's like a bad guy or something. I think a lot of people dislike him because he can seem like kind of a "man-whore" which is completely understandable. I mean, it's his fourth shot at love. It's a little unnerving knowing that, but these women jump in anyway. Regardless, I think he seems like a decent person overall. It could be complete editing to make him seem like a humane person, but I feel like he's matured and figured out what he wants - so we'll just have to see.

    Regardless, there are a lot of girls this season and wayyyy too many make it through this first cut to be quite honest. A lot of them are extremely similar and I find myself looking at them and completely forgetting who they are. There are a few standouts along the way, but as a whole I'm completely underwhelmed by the cast of women. The funniest thing from the premiere was when, I'd say, half of the girls showed up in a red dress. It had practically become a running joke about halfway through the episode.


    Corinne is first out the gate, and honestly - I have been completely pushed away from her from the very beginning. She just doesn't seem like a genuine person. Her father owned a business and handed it down to her and she still has a "nanny" at twenty-four who cooks, cleans, and cares for her. I think that says a lot about who she is as a person and kind of pushes me away from her. Nick finds her incredibly "sexy" but I honestly don't see it; her beauty completely escapes me.

    Next up was Angela, who really started off the red dress curse. She didn't really leave that much of an impression on me in her entrance. It must've not on Nick either as she was sent packing this first episode, oops. I just find her to be an incredibly peppy person, it seems, but she honestly just doesn't really excite me or make me want to learn more about her.

    Then was Taylor, who kind of wore red - but took it up a notch with maroon. She's incredibly young and traveled through school fast, which is awesome. There's something about her that I really can't put my finger on. I like her and I don't at the same time. She is just kind of polarizing to me. Sometimes she seems really sweet and genuine, but other times it just seems like she's very arrogant and full-of-herself. I'm intrigued to see where things go with her, because she's clearly very intelligent.

    Vanessa, who I think is absolutely stunning here, comes out in a gorgeous black and white gown. There's two Canadian girls and they kind of remind me of one another. I believe Vanessa is the Italian one who can speak French and English, but don't quote me on that~ I find her to be extremely endearing. She's a special education teacher, and I think that really shows how huge her heart is. She's definitely here for the romance and is really observant about things that are happening.

    Raven legitimately has the cutest voice ever. The girl is insanely cute and I can't wait to see where Nick takes her. She kind of has this Southern-belle charm about her with a little twinge of farmgirl, so I think it's absolutely adorable. She had one of my favourite dresses of the night, and I completely remember her - she just stands out to me.

    Sarah came running in next, like literally running down the path in her sneakers. It was cute - especially with her line of "'ve been runner up twice, thought I could run up to you.." or something like that. It was a cute effort, but ultimately she was just kind of eh to me and didn't leave much of an impression. She tried something big to be memorable but it wasn't even that memorable.

    Oops, back to red. Rachel is someone that I think is gorgeous. As a whole, the Bachelor/ette series tends to not cast as many African-American men/women, or men/women of a different nationality in particular. Thus, I was really excited to see someone like her on the cast. She's an attorney and is very far in her career. That is something that worries me, but I think she has a huge heart and the two clicked really early on. Luckily, she got the first impression rose and I was absolutely ecstatic about it!

    Christen is absolutely adorable and did this cute-sy fan entrance. I think the yellow looked amazing on her and Nick really seemed to appreciate the humour of her entrance. Other than that, I think she's a really cute girl and could see her going a ways into the competition and I can't wait to see what else she has to bring even if she's not one of my initial favorites.

    Oh look, another red dress. This time it's on Whitney. At this point, the show kind of leaned more towards showing off all the red dresses than actually showing the girls' entrances. I don't really remember Whitney. I think she's cute and sweet - but that's about it (and could be said for most of them, to be honest).

    Astrid is an absolute hoot! She speaks another language, and what it is escapes me at the moment. But from the get go, she's asking Nick in another language about her breasts being real (which they're obviously not if she works plastic surgery) and he just nods along with his confused as hell face. I hope she continues to be funny because I love the girl with a sense of humour.

    Looking back at the episode's photos, I don't remember Dominique AT ALL. I don't think she's particularly crazy amazing in terms of personality so she faded into the background.

    Jasmine G was just kind of annoying to be honest. She's one of the personalities that I don't care for. A little bit too loud and obnoxious for my liking, and trying to upsell who she is to seem louder and more confident. She isn't necessarily bad, in terms of who she is, I just get irked by her because I feel a little bit more for softspoken girls.

    Let's introduce the Jasmine's back to back...what a great idea.

    Despite being another brunette in a red dress, I actually really remembered Brittany. It might've been the iconic name, or just her entrance in general - but Brittany truly let some personality shine through. She's a nurse and maybe the physical exam was kind of a shtick, but I thought it really showed off a little bit of humor as well as getting Nick to smile. There's a little bit of a light in her, and I think she could make it a decent ways if her and Nick connect.

    Danielle M is someone that I just really fell in love with from the get go. She's a very homey, down-to-Earth girl and you can tell that literally everyone likes her. She's so sweet, but not like overly sweet to the point where she's fake. Just a genuinely nice person, which those are always the best. She gave Nick a jar of her father's homemade maple syrup (or was it honey? Now I'm second-guessing...) and they shared a really cute moment of licking it off one another's fingers. Nick probably wanted to lick it off elsewhere~

    Briana Who?

    Hailey kind of has crazy eyes. I know that's like a weird thing to say, but something about them really bothers me. She always looks like she's going to A) kill someone, B) stare into your soul or C) panic until she dies. Her eyes are just really expressive - I think - and that's something that is just immediately noticeable for me. She kind of threw a hissy-fit about everyone wearing a red dress, so it was kind of funny to watch her mini-implode.

    Good think Lacey came in on a camel. 'Cause I don't remember a single other thing about her.

    I started off wanting to like Susannah a little bit and give her some hope. She walks up to Nick and asks to give him a beard massage....and he's very confused by the question. He reluctantly obliges as she begins to pet and scratch his face as though he's a puppy dog. Was very uncomfortable to watch. Needless to say, I have informed Brittany that I would not like a beard massage.

    Josephine came with a book. Which was like, cool alright. But then she opened the book. Pages were inside the book, right? No. Instead was an uncooked hot dog. I don't remember her story behind it, but remember that it was extremely confusing and downright weird. She asked to share a moment with Nick where they would eat it together; he seemed uncomfortable with the whole situation and thought Josephine was off to a bad start albeit leaving an impression.

    I really honestly enjoyed Lauren's presence. I can never remember her name and want to call her Lindsey, but that's just because she looks like every Lindsey I've ever known. That being said, I thought she seemed like a really cool girl who was extremely intelligent at the same time - I mean she has a law degree, so that's pretty cool! I thought she stood a good chance.

    Jaimi is one of those girls that comes in with her personality ablazin' which can sometimes be a worry. She runs in and says "I've got balls," to which Nick looks stunned. She pulls down her nose ring which is closed with balls, and you can see the relief just rush over his face. She seems incredibly hilarious and a big personality without the "in-your-face" attitude that turns me off from a television character.

    Elizabeth...I remember nothing about her.

    The most iconic entrance ever? (Okay, yes I've literally only seen like two episodes of the show but I literally love it!) I was so nervous for Alexis because she seems so goofy and bubbly. I was worried that Nick would think it was weird and would just like send her home right away. I think it was the right choice, because it was memorable, shows off her personality, and kind of added a real layer of intrigue as to what was underneath the costume. She really pulled it off and was such a great sport of other girls finding it weird.

    The girl owns a food truck and all, but I thought it was kind of tacky for Michelle to drive a truck up in the joint. She's an alright girl, I just wasn't extremely fond of her.

    I found Olivia to be really interesting and intriguing. She's from Alaska and I definitely can see her Inuit (at least, I presume) roots. She's one of the most gorgeous girls in my season, and she offered her fur to Nick - who wore it in true dapper fashion. She was sweet but definitely could have showed a little more spunk and oomph.

    Then there's Liz. I definitely thought that she'd have been saved for last. Not only did the already meet together at Jade and Tanner (who? I'm not familiar with this series yet )'s wedding - but the two ended up sleeping together. He asked for her number following, which she promptly declined. She didn't think he knew, but he recognized her from the moment she stepped out of the limo. I think he seemed taken aback and kind of upset with her showing up, almost like he'd been hurt by her. So she's going to cause drama for sure.

    Ida Marie is cute and all, but I want to see more depth to someone than their cute and bubbly personality sometimes. I think she just fell so flat coming right after Liz, which was a total shock to everything. She's not amazing, but definitely not terrible either.

    I kind of started off liking Kristina and from the moment she got out of the limo, she was fine. As the episode progessed, I came to dislike her a little bit so that's that. But her first impression on me was good as a whole. She's just a little bit whiny for my test (weird, I know.)

    Last but not least, Danielle L. I think being the last girl is a really lucky position to be in. Although Nick will eventually mingle with all the girls following before he eliminates a handful, Danielle L has the advantage of being the last first impression he made before true conversations spun. I don't remember a lot about her, but I liked her dress and she seemed okay.

    The episode continued on as I assume a normal Bachelor episode would go. I found a lot of the girls to be worried about red dresses, and I kind of just wanted to slap them for being so annoying about it. Some personal things were shared, girls interrupted Nick, yadda-yadda, and ultimately Corinne kissed Nick on the first night. This kind of showed her true colours to me and the way she spoke just made me feel like she was honestly there for his appearance and not for who he was as a person. It bothered me.

    Ultimately, Nick made eight cuts and left twenty-two girls in the competition.

    Before the rose ceremony, Rachel was given the first impression rose - which I was impressed and intrigued by. I was really happy to see the two connect well. I wonder if part of it is because Rachel is one of the oldest girls there and maybe he won't connect as well with some of the younger girls, but I was really happy that Rachel got the rose. She immediately was one of my faves and I hope she makes it far.

    My ranking of the girls prior to eliminations:
    01. Rachel
    02. Raven
    03. Vanessa
    04. Danielle M
    05. Brittany

    06. Astrid
    07. Alexis
    08. Olivia
    09. Jaimi
    10. Christen
    11. Danielle L

    12. Lauren
    13. Taylor
    14. Kristina
    15. Lacey
    16. Elizabeth
    17. Whitney
    18. Sarah
    19. Angela
    20. Hailey

    21. Ida Marie
    22. Michelle
    23. Briana
    24. Jasmine B
    25. Dominique
    26. Jasmine G

    27. Josefine
    28. Susannah
    29. Corinne
    30. Liz
    (don't ignore the guy when he asks for your number and not reach out for 9 months when you had the opportunity~)

    But ultimately Nick decided to eliminate:
    Angela, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B, Lauren, Michelle, Olivia and Susannah

    None of the boots were all that shocking to me, except Lauren and Olivia to an extent. I thought they were shown a little bit in the episode to have been given a possible storyline moving forward. I had a feeling that Olivia was going to be sent packing, but I had hopes for her anyway. I was more shocked with Lauren because when they talked it kind of seemed like they were getting a little bit of a connection. I'm not entirely sure what Nick's thought process was in keeping Liz, but I hope he sorts things out soon enough.

    Ultimately, I expect the season to be full of drama and preview only confirms that. Corinne is definitely the villainous role in the season and is an extremely sexual creature. She's already one of my least favourite reality show contestants of all time. At the end of the day, I really just hope Nick finds love because he's been trying for quite some time and it's about time he deserves it.

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    though i watch this show not to watch people find love but rather for potential trainwrecky drama.

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