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Thread: NEXT XI w. Naomi Campbell | AND THE WINNER IS...

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    NEXT XI w. Naomi Campbell | AND THE WINNER IS...

    MOTW Challenge will consist of runway shots and editorials for a chance to gain immunity from elimination. bonus points - +8, +5, +2
    Editorial Challenge will be differently themed that the models must complete or else she will be disqualified. bonus points - +8, +5, +2
    MOTW & Editorial Score + Judges Score + Bonus Points = Weekly Score. The model with the lowest overall score will be eliminated from the competition.
    All models participating in the game are required to vote each week for both MOTW & Editorial Challenges. If you do not vote -5 points will be deducted.
    Deadlines will be 24HR. No extensions this season, it is your responsibility to find a sub if you cannot participate for the week. Bonus points for subs:+6

    imamouseduhh ▪ StefanSalvatore ▪ ziduga ▪ andrewantm

    Nyan CupidStunt aziiza

    Angerebelle OoSleePLesSsoO basicusername ANTN-NYC pitinsgtcb

    betinez Mr.NickiMinaj chantallelovery Jun

    Who will be NEXT

    Edita ▪ Anja ▪ Catherine ▪ Frida ▪ Magdalena ▪ Karen ▪ Najda ▪ Ava ▪ Melodie ▪ Joan
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