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Lilac- Do you think this vote will turn out to be a huge mess just like Asem's first Tribal Council, or do you think this tribe is more organized in terms of gameplay? How much do you miss your tumblr followers?

Lilac | Oh em gee Petro you are SO caring! You are like totally heart eyes~*~ <3
I am SO sad that there's no tumblr out here!!1! I am totally on a meme withdrawal l o l
But like I will have sOoOo much to share with my followers when I get home! Hello I got stabbed today l o l

As for the vote I totally hope it's a huge mess! I need something to blog about l o l

But like there were plans set into motion last round, so I think everyone will finally see what would've happened last round if that girl hadn't been eaten by a shark l o l