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Thread: Celebrity Fit Club 7

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    Celebrity Fit Club 7

    I am so so so excited to see this show is coming back!

    Kevin Federline - YAYZ.
    Shar Jackson - Both of them together, OMG.
    Sebastian Bach - I didnt know he was fat...
    Jay McCarroll - PR1 winner. He's fabulous.
    Bobby Brown - He'll bring the lulz.
    Nicole Eggert - Baywatch girl.
    Kaycee Stroh - Highschool Musical fame...who is she?
    Tanisha Thomas - Bad Girls Club. This is freakin awesome. She's the best!

    Dr. Ian and Harvey will return, along with a new life coach Rhonda Britten. Filming is underway and it will premiere early next year. Probably January.

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    They always get new life coaches... lol.

    Tanisha!? But wow @ this cast. Hmm...

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    I never really watched Celebrity Fit Club. I'm seriously have to watch this season!
    K Fed & Shar together!!!, I can already see some" Baby Momma Drama" between those two.

    Bobby Brown, a hot mess to watch lol
    And Tanisha!!, She's so funny to watch. Lets see if she comes up with a new catch phrase on this show. "Pop Off!, Pop Off" LOL

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    and the rest of the cast is amazing...
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    Watching it right now!!!!

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    It started today?! I'll have to record it and watch tonight :D

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    So great to have Jay McCarol back on TV. I absolute love him

    I really like the HSM girl, she is really fun and good-spirrited. Tanisha is fxing hilarious Great cast this time around.
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    Lol I'm only watching for Tanishaaaaa

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    Tanisha, Jay, and Kevin are the only reasons Im watching.

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    Can't wait for her and Harvey to clash

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    I love this new season of CFC:BC.....vh1 definitely picked a great cast to bring the ratings...I mean before the cast was announced, we were already hearing about how Bobby Brown & Kevin Federline were being gaining a lot of pounds so putting them on the show was KEY! Shar Jackson there was just a plus to Bobby & Kevin since it will bring baby mama, ex marriage drama. And Tanisha was just the icing on that cake...she is DRAMA! LOL

    I recognized mainly everyone on the cast....Love It!!! The first episode was good....I see some of them fighting with eachother but towards the end, they'll all become friends and help eachother out. So excited for the rest of this season! LOL

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    TBH, Kaycee Stroh is my baby mama IRL
    Havent seen this season cause I hate this show but I hate that shes on the show!! Honestly, I feel like her body right now is PERFECT. Not a pound to heavy or a pound too light. I'm sure she'll still be beautiful after the show but ... I feel like my attraction to her will die



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    I love Kaycee! I was excited she was on this show because she's on TV again since High School Musical is shooting part 4 with a whole new cast(minus the 3 newbies from HSM3:Senior Year) but she isnt really needing of this show I mean I think she looks gorgeous and their have been people who've done this show and have needed it then she does.....she's in the realm of Countess Vaughn and Tempestt Bledsoe since I was shocked they did season 3 when they didnt really need it...they looked good but hey....she'll be even much more beautiful after it all.

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    Yeah I agree, Kaycee doesn't need it at all Oh well, maybe she'll be happier afterwards so I can't really complain. I just like her the way she is



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    I thought the premiere was pretty good. Idk who Shar Jackson thinks she was before Kevin got with Britney but gurl needs a reality check, stat! Yeah, she was great on Moesha, but that by no means made her a star; bitch is delusional.

    I love Kaycee! I think she's super cute and it seems like she's the only one who puts any kind of effort into her appearance, I think she'll kick butt.

    Jay! He seems really serious about this and he totally kicked ass on that obstacle course! He was the only boy to reach the top.

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    what @ Nicole Eggert and Kaycee Stroh

    Nicole is 130-ish pounds? And Kaycee looks amazing as she already is but it's commendable that she wants to lose more. I love her in HSM~

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    ^ If I remember correctly, Kaycee was actually one of the ones with the highest body fat percentage. I love her attitude, she is so stunningly beautiful, and I think if she becomes healthier her career will definitely take off, beyond HSM.
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    This cast is....interesting.....Bobby Brown, K-Fed, Shar Jackson, Tanisha....

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