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Thread: Picture Perfect ■ WEEK SEVEN ■ #RIPintheUSA

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    Aamito, Alek, Ataui, Effy, Liya, Mari, Nykhor, Riley x2

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    Ajak Alek Ataui Grace Naomi Nykhor Reley Senait



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    Ajak, Alek, Ataui, Effy, Mari, Melodie, Nykhor, Riley y2

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    Aamito, Ataui, Effy, Mari, Melodie, Nala, Ovo, Riley X2

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    Aamito, Alek, Ataui, Effy, Liya, Mari, Nykhor, Riley x2

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    Alek ; Ataui ; Effy ; Gracey ; Joan ; Mari ; Melodie ; Ovo x 2

    Pied Piper

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    Ajak - Ataui - Melodie - Nala - Naomi - Nykhor - Ovo - Riley // x2

    Butler x Eidem x Kafka x Pozzi x Schneyder

    eat. sleep. rave. repeat.

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    aamito ataui effy gracey liya melodie nykhor riley x2

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    Aamito Alek Ataui Effy Joan Mari Nykhor Riley X2

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    Ataui, Joan, Melodie, Nala, Naomi, Nykhor, Riley, Senait x2

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    Aamito, Ataui, Effy, Mari, Nala, Nikhor, Ovo, Riley x 2

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    Aamito, Alek, Ataui, Gracey, Joan, Mari, Nala, Riley x2
    S/S 2018

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    Ajak, Ataui, Efey, Lineisy, Mari, Nala, Ovo, Senait x2

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    Aamito, Ajak, Effy, Grace, Mari, Melodie, Naomi, Riley ​x2

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    ATAUI - 44
    RILEY - 44

    MARI - 36
    NYKHOR - 35
    EFFY - 34
    AAMITO - 31
    ALEK - 31
    GRACE - 30
    NALA - 22
    MELODI - 20
    OVO - 20
    AJAK - 17
    JOAN - 17
    LIYA - 17
    NAOMI - 14
    SENAI - 13
    LINEISY - 2

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    WEEK ONE ; Black Lives Matter

    Welcome to your first week of judging. This week you guys had to find a picture that showed how beautiful women of color are. I hope you all had fun this week! You guys already kicking it into high gear. Now let me please introduce the judes for you..

    Donatella Versace ■ Maybe

    Ellen Von Unwerth ■ MNM
    Krislian Kardashian ■ Remcolovescookies.
    Grace Coddington ■ Stevenacious
    Willy Vanderperre ■ Poseidon



    ELLEN | I get that its suppose to be cute and quirky but I am not digging it to be honest. Her skin looks great but that hand placement in front of the smile really kills this shot for me. I think its awkward and I would have much rather see her full smile.
    KRISLIAN | You look really cute in this picture and like a warm and approachable person.
    GRACE | This right here is the money. If this isn't the poster girl for African beauty, I don't know what is. Gorgeous. The little hidden smile is cheeky, draws interest from the viewer. Simple and quite nice. Well done.


    ELLEN | This is very sensual and seductive. But my issue is im not really impressed with this photo. I just think it falls to the background compared to the other photos. And there isnt anything that makes this photo a stand out photo.
    KRISLIAN | Really interesting picture. It's simple but also intriguing.
    GRACE | I liked it originally, but if I'm being honest, I think it's one of the least memorable of the beauty shots. While the studded outline is cool, I think it would've been better if it was just the model showing off her amazing skin with that same sensual pose. There can be beauty in simplicity. This isn't a bad start, I hope to see you improve.


    ELLEN | I commend you on trying to go with a different kind of pose and taking a risk. Its just a little too awkward for me personally. I dont really like the hands area.
    KRISLIAN | This photo is pretty good. The pose is unique. The face looks great and you look really good in it. Well done.
    GRACE | Yes, yes and yes. This is the perfect example of a great photo that emanates beauty and is not your classic beauty shot. I see a whole story through the pose, the facial expression, the clothes. The pose is to die for. It's exquisitely angular, it keeps me coming back. The only thing I really don't like is the little keyhole ruching thing going on on the left part of the dress. I feel like it interrupts the angular flow, but that's not entirely your fault and it's such a minor detail. Fantastic job.


    ELLEN | I am speechless. This is just beautiful. Something about this photo just speaks of what this movement has gone through. This photo shows both a community coming together and the stress people have to go through. Great job!
    KRISLIAN | This picture is really nice. You look warm and motherly and it shows a soft side of you.
    GRACE | Wow. Just wow. This is so beautiful and touching. It's a photo that's rich in spirituality. It puts my mind at peace. I get a sense of togetherness which is beautiful. It speaks volumes without having to say too much, if that makes sense. Great job.


    ELLEN | Legs for dayyyyzzzzz. Yas mama. I think this photo is beautiful. You know how much of a sucker I am for the contrast with colors from there skin to the clothing. I think it just enhances there beauty.
    KRISLIAN | I love the legs in this picture and the girls look strong and the pose is really nice.
    GRACE | I'm not really sure who's who. I think Melodie is the one on the right? Anyway, this photo is fierce. Cheekbones are stunning, legs for DAYS, I get obvious rich African beauty! The feathers on the heel are a really cool touch to add to the theme. I love that it's black and white-looking. The contrast is really cool. Nice job!
    WILLY |


    ELLEN | Im always switching from liking it to thinking it was just a little too much. There is just so much going on that my eyes are searching the entire photo rather than just being connect to the model.
    KRISLIAN | I don't really get this picture to be honest. There is a lot going on and my eyes don't go straight to you.
    GRACE | This photo is literally an explosion. When I look at it, I'm at first disappointed because it's so different from what everyone else submitted, which is your more typical beauty shot. Joan is a gorgeous girl, but I think she's being overshadowed by the background, the styling, the wheelchair,... I almost look at her last. I see a story here, it just takes a while for me to be able to acknowledge the beauty in this shot. Everyone has their own definition of what makes someone beautiful. I like that you submitted something a bit different, I'm all for it. Maybe next time be a little more to the point.


    ELLEN | Im actually not a fan of this at all. Its to costumey for my liking. I think if you had this styling in a studio or did different styling in this background it would have looked a lot better. But she does look great.
    KRISLIAN | You look strong and proud which I really like. The dress is not that great though.
    GRACE | his is great, it looks straight out of a movie, 3-dimensional almost. Everything is working so well together. I love the depth of the photo, the lines of it are captivating. The sky provides drama, the story that the model is queen of her town and is gonna be the fiercest ruler ever boots the house down SLAYS!!!! This is memorable, the styling is perfect. Everything is great. BRAVA!


    ELLEN | Wow just wow. I dont know what to say to this photo. She just is so powerful and strong. This photo is just iconic. I am in love with how androgynous this was but the amount of sex appeal this photo has. Just beautiful.
    KRISLIAN | This picture is different than the others. You look like a strong, proud, independent black woman and to me this is a great picture.
    GRACE | know this photo of Grace, it's truly a beaut. It's classic, timeless, androgynous, striking. This photograph isn't your obvious typical beauty shot kind of beauty. There's beauty in her masculinity, her bone structure, her lips. All the elements combine to form a photo that people will remember.


    ELLEN | What a really great photo. One of my favorites of the week. You look exquisite and you are working through everything that is happening in this photo. You are not letting it over power you. Which I am loving.
    KRISLIAN | Really good photo. I love the stuff that is dripping on your body on your skin and it looks really nice together.
    GRACE | This might be my favorite photo of the round. It's so moving. The blood-like substance on her body is raw, real, and to me, this is a photo that resembles something painful. To me, this raises awareness to never forget about the horrible things some of the countries in Africa have had to endure. But there's beauty in that pain. It's almost like she's embracing that and it makes her stronger or something. This kind of photo allows the viewer to connect and relate. This is an incredibly strong start, I can't wait to see more from you.


    ELLEN | Slaying the game already. I just live for everything about this photo. There is a luxurious confidence that she is portraying and I cant get enough of it. She looks phenomenal.
    KRISLIAN | Really nice picture and I love the jewelry that you have on.
    GRACE | I love the choice of pose here, very mysterious which again, stirs up interest with the viewer. I want to know more about this woman, what's her story? It's a very vivid photograph. Perhaps too many necklaces for my liking. I am quite taken by the rings and the nails, the focus of the photo is the eye and the hands, so everything else is a little distracting. Good start, I anticipate what else you can do.


    ELLEN | Im not a big fan of this. There is just to much of an effect on this photo that hides the model. The flower does not help with that issue either. You almost had it. This has potential which is something good to see!
    KRISLIAN | I like this picture. The skin looks great and the flower looks cute too.
    GRACE | This is a very visually attractive photograph. Her neck goes on for days! There's aaaaaalmost a moment going on here. That's what I look for when I view photos. It's very rare that a photo has a true "moment" and can be timeless and forever enjoyable. This does seem timeless, and I love that about it. It's classic beauty, which was the objective, so congratulations to you.


    ELLEN | Im just not a big fan of this photo. There isnt much about this photo to make it memorable. I actually forgot about this photo.
    KRISLIAN | This photo looks really cheap and something that I could have done in my town. I like the face of the girl on the right though.
    GRACE | Good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news. My focus is COMPLETELY on the model to the right. Her pose is far more intriguing. Good news: this isn't just a modeling competition. That said, model selection and their pose is a hugely important aspect to a photo. I kind of hate the styling. It's a little more bearable on the other model. I think there's a disconnect between the styling and the background of the shot. I just don't get this. I'm confused. I'm let down because I truly love Lineisy. Her face is so unique and interesting. You picked a fantastic model, but you could've done so much better. You have to be mindful of all aspects of a photo and think about whether or not it will leave a lasting good impression on the judges and audience's minds.


    ELLEN | Im on the fence with this. One side I am in love with her body it looks great but on the other hand I think this photo is lacking something. I feel the pose maybe a little to basic.
    KRISLIAN | BANGING body and overall I like the feel of this picture. You look gorgeous.
    GRACE | This is one of my least favorite photos of this round. Sorry I suppose it's part personal taste. I tend to gravitate towards the less overtly sexier models. I only like a handful of models that do Victoria's Secret work because they're at least versatile in their portfolio and can pull off high fashion (Jeisa Chiminazzo, for example). The good things I can say about the photo is that I like the scenery and the model has a good body. I don't mind any photos showing skin as long as its tasteful. The styling is just pure hooker to me. It's a good example of how bad styling can really negatively alter the viewers perspective. Overall, this is too sexy and it doesn't say anything or take my mind on a journey. Whereas in Naomi's photo, she is showing some skin, but at least it fit in with the whole theme of her picture and actually had a message. This is just one note for me. I hope you can do better.


    ELLEN | You look like a African goddess here. I am so here for this. This is the perfect example of having alot going on and slaying it. You dont even need to show your eyes and I can still feel the emotion coming through this photo.
    KRISLIAN | You look strong in this picture and I really like that
    GRACE | I can't get over how possessed she looks with the eyes. It looks silly. This is one of my least favorite photos. Her skin looks great, but I think the hair is distracting and I don't know what kind of story this is portraying. I like the accessories that give off a very obvious African queen vibe. There's a lot going on in this photo. I'm curious to see, if you move on, how you will fit the theme in future rounds. You seem to have an... interesting eye (pun intended). Always be mindful of styling. Bad styling can break a photo. Unfortunately that's what's going on here.


    ELLEN | Wow. I was not expecting something like this at all honestly.... With that being said I think I kind of love this. There is just something so captivating about it. It looks like you are giving this guy the pay back he deserves. Although I dont know if that was what the Black Live Matter movement is all about, I still dig it.
    KRISLIAN | This is black lives matter meets kinky porn and I am living for it.
    GRACE | This photo is so gritty, grungy and dirty but through all of that, there's a message of power and superiority. Naomi in this photo is divine. The bustier type top works perfectly here and adds drama to the whole fierce warrior bitch thing she has going on. I like it and I'm excited to see what else you can bring in this competition.


    ELLEN | Simple, minimal and beautiful. This is exactly what I wanted. You let the model beauty do all the work. SHe looks absolutely beautiful. My only issue is that I wish she was looking at the camera rather than away from the camera.
    KRISLIAN | I like this picture, because it shows off your gorgeous dark skin which fits the brief.
    GRACE | This photo has a very arresting air to it. It makes you stop and really look at the photo. The rawness of it is perfect for the seriousness of a black lives matter challenge. Between the model being topless (a nice tasteful touch) and her strong yet sensitive stare, I think these elements contribute to a photo that fits the challenge well. Superb, one of my favorites this round.

    ELLEN | This is an alright photo. I think the bright colors are just a bit overpowering for this shot. I just wish your model was doing just a little bit more. Then this shot could have been taken to another level.
    KRISLIAN | I like this picture, because you have a great profile. I am not sure what is going on with your boobs though.
    GRACE | YES! I get culture, I get rich jumping-off-the-page color. There's interest, there's a mood, there's regality. This is undeniably African, and it's beautiful in its own way. The side profile is just the perfect touch and adds to the queenliness. Love it.


    Now I'll calculate the judges scores and when I call you back I will announce the winner of this week and also the person who will be leaving us tonight.
    Stay tuned.

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