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    Welcome, Final 16!

    I have some news; the groups have been dissolved!

    A new round is about to begin; soon your new hand will be dealt.
    The cards you did not manage to play last round carry over to this one.

    This round, two copies of each of these cards will be shuffled along with 8 copies of the regular 9 cards.

    Multi-Weapons always win a Weapon matchup, except against another Multi-Weapon.
    Pink Weapons always win a Colour matchup, except against another Pink Weapon.

    There are 16 of you; there will be up to 40 Battles.

    The player with the fewest cards and the most points will become the Soldier of Honour.
    The player with the fewest cards and the fewest points will become the Fool.

    The 5 players with the most cards and the fewest points will be up for elimination.
    The price for each additional elimination will be set at 10% of the total points added to the War History this round, rounded to the nearest integer.

    This round will last 48 hours from the moment the Round 2 thread is posted.
    If 5 people request an extension within the first 24 hours of the round, the round duration will be extended for an additional 24 hours.
    If that extension is requested within the last 24 hours of the round, the extension will be granted, but any battle taking place past the deadline will not grant any points or penalties.

    After the Casualty Count, a special Event will take place.
    Those who still have leftover cards will be up for elimination.
    Their leftover cards will be traded against up to 3 Gift Cards, and the rest will be discarded.

    The Nominated players will distribute their Gift Cards among the safe players.
    These Gift Cards are worth 5 points and 1 vote to evict each.

    Upon receiving a Gift Card, Safe players will have 1 hour to redeem it by casting a PRIVATE vote to evict one of the Nominees.
    The 2 Nominees with the most votes will be eliminated. In the event of a tie, all the nominees involved will be eliminated.
    If a Nominee has not distributed their Gift Cards by the end of the Event, they will receive a self-vote for each Gift Card they have left.
    If a safe player has not redeemed a Gift Card they received from a Nominee, the Gift Card will expire.
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