Questionnaire: Episode 5 - Avant Garde
(c/p template, delete point values and extra information, and post your prediction in the thread)

Post your call-out order. These are the additional points that can be earned based off of accuracy in your choices:

1. Tatiana
2. India
3. Marissa
4. Paige
5. Cory Anne
6. Cody
7. Binta
8. Krislian
9. Courtney
10. Kyle
11. Giah

First Confessional of Episode: Krislian
Most Confessionals of Episode: Kyle
# of Total Confessionals: 56

*If there is a break in a single confessional to show something visually happening, this will count as ONE confessional, not two.

Challenge Winner: Tatiana
First Girl Photographed: Cody
Last Girl Photographed: Cory Anne
First Girl Critiqued by Judges: India
Last Girl Critiqued by Judges: Courtney
First Judge to Critique: Rita
Last Judge to Critique: Rita