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Thread: Jade Albany Pietrantonio

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    pre-show works and test shots
    Jade is a stunner

    I'll post more of them later :D

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    Pre-show work
    look-book for wedding dresses
    she looks gorgeous in these

    more to come

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    another pre-show work (she did in Milan)
    ph: M. Giberti

    special thanks to meex for asking jade her permission
    more to come

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    some really nice catalogue work for Naj Oleari

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    Jade was really kind to answer some of our questions about her future projects. She is with an agency in Turin (where she lives in Italy) - it's the same agency Carlotta and the twins are but Jade is not on its website yet - and one in Milan. She's also with an acting agency in Rome. She said she is getting work and is pursuing acting, in fact she'll appear in a small role in a movie in December. She is also going back to Australia for 2 weeks within the same month but she'll return to Italy to work.
    all her photos come from her fb page. There's a public profile here if you want to support her! :D

    some more catalogue work - I don't know the brand though

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    she was so sweet

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    She could reach the final.
    I didin't like her so much, but her military photo was amazing.

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    more from the naj-oleari catalogue

    a couple of shots from her portfolio, she has a great smile

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    She's the Italian version of Marilyn Monroe. Beautiful and vulnerable.

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    I think she could be a wonderful commercial model. She knows how to model. Btw she left for Australia months ago and I think she has come back to Italy or is about to come back.

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    Hache f/w 09.10 lookbook

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    Borsalino eyewear f/w 10.11

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    If she hadn't quit..

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    Quote Originally Posted by chippos View Post
    some more catalogue work - I don't know the brand though
    St. Diego f/w 09.10

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    Hache s/s 2011 lookbook

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    she's my favorite contestant in the history of INTM <3 also with Bruna (intm4) and Michela (intm2)
    she's amazing <3

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    She really was the best of her cycle imo.

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