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Thread: Allstars 3 Only 2 Known Conestants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merry View Post
    Gia Gunn.

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    Season 8 will have AT LEAST 3 queens returning between Chi Chi, Thorgy, Derrick, Acid or even possibly Cynthia, Kim & Naomi. From earlier seasons i can see them finally casting Ongina and maybe Kennedy, and Trixie & Shangela if queens who were already brought back before are eligible.

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    do you need tape for all those labels?


    PLEASE GOD NO DERRICK. She shouldn't have been on drag race. She's barely a drag queen.

    Bring... back.... my Thorgeous!

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    do you need tape for all those labels?


    I read an article that had a list of possible new queens, Cynthia was on it. I'm all for her coming back if she steps her cucu up.

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    If there's another All-Star season, I think Kim, Thorgy and Cynthia are the most probable contestants of Season 8. Next would be Acid and Naomi IMO.

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    I will say the TOP PICK is CHICHI TBH.

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    1. Morgan McMichaels (S2)
    2. Mariah Balenciaga (S3)
    3. Shangela Laquifa Wadley (S3)
    4. Laganja Estranja (S6)
    5. Trinity K Bonet (S6)
    6. Trixie Mattel (S7)
    7. Kennedy Davenport (S7)
    8. Naomi Smalls (S8)
    9. ChiChi Devayne (S8)
    10. Thorgy Thor (S8)
    11. Valentina (S9)
    12. Aja (S9)
    Others: Courtney Act (S6), Acid Betty (S8), Trinity Taylor (S9)

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    My cast would be:

    1. Ongina / S1
    2. Shangela / S2-S3
    3. Willam / S4
    4. Laganja / S6
    5. Kennedy / S7
    6. Trixie / S7
    7. Chi Chi / S8
    8. Thorgy / S8
    9. Derrick / S8
    [spoiler]0. Nina / S9
    1. Valentina / S9
    2. Trinity / S9 if she doesn't win OR Acid Betty / S8

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    My Dream cast would be :

    And this would be my eliminations :

    16. Derrick Barry - She would fail the sewing challenge, even tho she once again stayed up all night.
    15. Trixie Mattel - Shocking boot, would be sent home by Serena Chacha because lol
    14. Miss Fame - She ****ed up the acting challenge again, and gets sent home by Pearl again
    13. Ongina - Gets eliminated and everyone screams "ROBBED" even tho she really wasn't because she ****ed up big time
    12. Valentina - Her smile is still beautiful but she was wearing a mask...again
    11. Laganja Estranja - After sending home both Ongina and Valentina, she gets sent home by Chi Chi DeVayne
    10. Akashia - Villain of the season, gets eliminated after saying that she still doesn't like Cher
    9. Serena Chacha - Gets her redemption and everyone end up liking her.
    8. Pearl - Gets sent home by Chi Chi Devayne after ****ing up the Snatch Game
    7. Chi Chi Devayne - After lip sync syncing her way to the top 7, she gets sent home by Aja
    6. Gia Gunn - Gets even more iconic and continues to feel her oats
    5. Stacey Layne Matthews - Save her way to the top 5 but eventually gets sent home by ... Kim Chi
    4. Kim Chi - Gets sent home after an emotional lip sync against Naomi
    3. Naomi Smalls - End up in the top 3 again after slaying most of the challenges.
    2. Farrah Moan - Get the biggest rudemption ever and end up being on the top for most of the competion
    1. Aja - Gets the rudemption that she deserves and win every challenges of the season lol

    i wanna watch this season now lol i got to involved while writing this lmao


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    Actual AS3 cast:
    Trinity K. Bonet
    Chi Chi
    Kim Chi
    Trinity Taylor
    [S10 queen]
    [S10 queen]
    [S10 queen]

    Boot order minus the S10 queens:
    9. Naomi
    8. The Tuck
    7. Chi Chi
    6. Nina Bo'Nina
    5. Kennedy
    4. Kim Chi
    F3: Trixie and TKB
    Winner: Valentina

    Assuming none of the S9 queens I selected win ofc.

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    I'm praying Shangela is actually on this season

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    Need to return and have something to offer:
    1. Laganja Estranga
    2. Gia Gunn
    3. Trixie Mattel
    4. Valentina
    6. Trinity Taylor/Trinity K. Bonet (Name problems)
    7. Shangela
    8. Thorgy
    9. Max/Milk
    10. Acid Betty
    11. William - if WoW wants to go mainstream.
    12. Aja

    Should return but don't have much else to offer:

    13. Stacey Lane Matthews
    14. Mariah
    15. Derrick Berry

    I don't want to see again/Passed on them/Might return anyway:
    16. ChiChi
    17. Kennedy
    18. KimChi
    18. Naomi
    20. Nina
    20. Pearl

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    What I can see happening for AS3:
    1. Bendela Creme (Could be a great rootable villain)
    2. Laganja Estranja (Redemption)
    3. Kennedy Davenport (Filler but lip sync killer)
    4. Jaidynn Diore Fierce (Rootable mid-season boot)
    5. Thorgy Thor (Redemption)
    6. Kim Chi (Rootable)
    7. Chi Chi Devayne (Redemption lip sync killer)
    8. Alexis Michelle (Early-season Villain)
    9. Nina Bonina Brown (Depending on her edit these next weeks, villain or rootable)
    10. Trinity Taylor (Humor)

    Which I could see going like this:
    1. Chi Chi
    2. Thorgy
    3. Trinity
    4. Laganja (vs. Chi Chi)
    5. Bendela (vs. Thorgy)
    6. Jaidynn (vs. Laganja)
    7. Nina (vs. Jaidynn)
    8. Kennedy (vs. Jaidynn)
    9. Kim (vs. Nina)
    10. Alexis (vs. Kennedy)

    What I wanna see for AS3:
    1. Morgan McMichaels (Humor)
    2. Jiggly Caliente (Improvement and humor)
    3. Bendela Creme (Villain edit)
    4. Courtney Act (Filler but slaying a challenge)
    5. Darienne Lake (Rootable villain)
    6. Kennedy Davenport (first out)
    7. Miss Fame (looks)
    8. Thorgy Thor (Slaying)
    9. Chi Chi (Win pls she deserves it)
    10. Trinity (humor)

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    If the rumors are true and they're filming this summer, I could see 5 or 6 contestants from Season8/9 and 4 or 5 from the first 7 seasons. And maybe one redemption from All Stars 1*.

    Dream Cast List
    Season 1-7
    Shangela 2/3
    Manila Luzon 3/AS1*
    Willam 4
    Laganja Estanja 6
    Milk 6
    Trixie Mattel 7
    Kennedy Davenport 7

    Season 8-9
    Chi Chi Devayne 8
    Kim Chi 8
    (3 out of 4: Nina Bonina, Shea Coulee, Trinity Taylor and/or Valentina)

    Season 9 would be stacked, which hurt AS2, so I think I'd prefer it be after Season 10 and be a full season with 14 contestants (or 10 if they allow them all to compete in every challenge and then rank at the end like an actual pageant)
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