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    auditions [4/5]

    Two more girls are sitting by themselves in the bleak hallway, and you can almost feel the impatience in the air as everyoneís anxious to wrap up. A dark-skinned girl in purple, with big lips and a heavy Indian accent, is trying to make conversation with a tan, curvy woman in cobalt blue to her right.

    Indian: Hello, are you one of the contestants?

    I was just going to introduce myself--

    Tan: Look.
    Iím not going to mince words here - Iím here to win this competition.
    Youíre also here to win this competition, of course, but there can only be one winner. Unfortunately, that is gonna be me, much to your despair.
    So, if I know that Iím going to win, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in talking to the rest of these losers who will try to pester me throughout my journey to the top.

    one of them, so I canít really be bothered to talk to you in the slightest.
    And that, as they say, is just

    Iím sorry, why are you so sure youíre gonna--

    Tan: Easy. I deserve it most.
    More than anyone here, I can
    guarantee it.

    How can you be so--

    Tan: Trust me, I know.

    ...can I just ask you one question?

    Tan: ...well, since Iím engaging you anyway, you might as well.

    Indian: Why, exactly, did you have to speak all that crock of bullsh*t and utterly waste your saliva when you couldíve just as easily say that youíd rather not talk at all and leave it at that?

    Iíll just say that--


    The panel, meanwhile, reconvenes for another evaluation.

    Katherine: Damn, that was good.

    Olga: Just so you know, youíre supposed to be blowing the smoke up my ass.

    ...that was supposed to be funny, or smart, or snarky?

    Olga: Absolutely--

    Katherine: It failed.


    Daniel: Girls, can we stop bickering for a moment?

    Katherine: Donít worry, thereís room for you too, landing-strip-forehead!

    Also, the next girl is upon us.
    That's what I wanted to say.

    Daniel: Flawless.

    Olga: Gorgeous.

    Katherine: Little large on the hips.


    Katherine: No, but I agree. Sheís pretty much immaculate.

    Daniel: Letís just hope her personality is tolerable, tooÖ

    Katherine: Youíre still not over blondie?

    Daniel: She was absolute perfection until she opened her mouth!

    Katherine: Oh, stop your bitching, Daniel.
    First of all, she was at least genuinely nice.

    And second, youíve hired some pretty awful people in the past, too--

    Dana hid a recorder in her bra backstage to expose people to the tabloids!

    Kierney used to tie the other girlsí shoelaces so theyíd trip all over the place!

    Olga: ...uh, guys?

    Daniel: I was never warned about this!
    I mean, you couldíve said something!

    Katherine: And you think I didnít?
    I was constantly telling you about all this sh*t and your only concern back then was whether your hairline looked forward enough--


    Olga: GUYS!

    The judges stop screaming for a moment and look foward, where, much to their surprise, the girl in the picture stands, with a look of mild puzzlement on her face.

    Katherine: Well done, Daniel, weíve both managed to make complete fools of ourselves.

    Daniel: ...weíre sorry for the show we caused, miss.

    Donít worry, itís okay!

    Olga: Please do forgive us, honey.
    Can you introduce yourself?

    Indian: My name is Neha Dutta, Iím 24 years old, and I currently live in San Diego, but Iím originally from a small Indian territory called Andaman and Nicobar.

    Olga: Wow, Iíve never heard of it!

    Neha: Itís just south of Burma. Very beautiful place.

    Daniel: Interesting.
    And why did you leave this beautiful place?

    Neha: WellÖ when I was twelveÖ you might remember the tsunami that hit Asia, right?
    So we were pretty affected by it - not nearly as wrecked as other cities, but for example, my familyís shop was pretty much ruined.

    I helped as much as I could in the city, trying to rebuild everything, but the economy was pretty ruined then, so we were out of a steady income, and my father and I moved to the mainland with my older brother to try and make a living for ourselves.

    Olga: How many siblings do you have?

    Neha: Iím the 2nd of 5.
    We arrived at the suburbs of Bombay, so my father opened a convenience store there.

    My brother worked in carpentry, and I worked in telemarketing, and we both made turns at Fatherís shop whenever we could.
    It went on this way for quite a while - I was doing my job, and I was pretty good at it, and I was climbing the ranks of the company, and then when I was 19, they made an offer to me.
    ďNeha, weíre expanding our company overseas, and youíve been here since the beginning, youíre the best we have on board, do you want to come with us?Ē
    AndÖ I did!

    Daniel: Your father was okay with that?

    I consulted him first, of course, but he was always very supportive.
    ďDear, your happiness is all the riches I could ever have!Ē
    ...thatís what he always said to me.


    Daniel:, you were working at telemarketing up until now?

    Neha: Yes.
    The company I was working for disbanded a few months ago, and I was out of a job, so I thought about something really novel that I wanted to try, and modeling justÖ I donít know, it just
    I consulted with my father first, of course, but everything seems to be fine now, finally, and I know heíd never stop me from following a dream.
    So, after a couple test shots, here I am!

    Daniel: Very interesting.

    Katherine: I have a question, though - how do you think your telemarketing skills will help you in modeling?

    Neha: Well, for one, I used to work all day with girls - gossip girls, no less - so I know the deal with living in a house full of young women.
    Second, I know how to communicate, which is essential for pretty much any job, right?
    And third, I might as well just smooth talk my way to the prize

    Katherine: I wouldnít doubt that in the slightest.

    Katherine: DAMN IT, I thought I had my winner already.
    Now Iím forced to reconsider all over again.

    Olga: I love how eloquent she is!
    I want to listen to her all day


    I never thought an Indian accent could
    sound this good.
    I seriously want her to read me to sleep every day.

    Daniel: Sheís actually really lovely.


    Daniel: Look, itís justÖ sheís not exactly a spring chickenÖ

    So what? Sheís got the maturity, a striking face, she needs a little work on the body but thatís easily fixable.

    Olga: A lot of really successful models nowadays peaked when they were a little older than your regular model.
    See, Saskia de Brauw was 30 when she peaked, Bhumika Arora was 28, Kati Nescher was 27, Arizona Muse was 22Ö and I could go on, really.

    Katherine: At the end of the day, what matters the most is what youíre presenting in front of us.
    And for me, she hit all the right notes.

    You know what?
    I think youíre right.

    I have no further complaints.

    Nehaís awesome.

    Katherine: ...did I finally shut him up?

    Itís the end of the world, guys.
    Itís gonna rain cats and dogs--

    Olga: ...and aspiring models too, evidently.

    Olga: I like the poseÖ

    Daniel: Yes, itís good, but I donít see much else of interest.

    Now Iím the one whoís got nothing to say.
    This girl is literally nothing.
    Old and harsh looking, mediocre body, and she looks completely stiff.

    Daniel: Nice bottom, though.

    Katherine: Well, sheís gonna need one if she wants this whole modeling thing to work out for her.

    Tan girl enters the room.

    Tan: Hello, everyone.

    Olga: Hello, honey!
    What is your name?

    Tan: Theodora.

    Olga: Ö

    Theodora: Ö

    Olga: last name?

    Theodora: None needed.
    Olga: that so?

    Theodora: Absolutely.
    I am sure that my first name will be easily recognized as the first winner of this competition.


    Olga: ...what makes you think youíre going to win?
    Theodora: First of all, I donít think Iím going to win, Iím sure of it.
    And Iím going to win because I deserve it the most.

    Katherine: Well, letís hear it, then!
    Why do you deserve to win this?

    Well, you might not know of my struggle.
    I have been trying to get into an agency for 6 years, now.
    All of them have rejected me so far, plainly refusing to recognize my talent.

    However, Iím still holding out hope that a true fashion powerhouse will see the light and recognize me for the winner that I am.
    This competition is it.

    ...thatís it?

    Theodora: Does it need anything else?

    Daniel: Okay, first of all: no girl deserves it more or less than any other.

    But let's assume they do, for a second.
    Youíre aware that there are girls here that came from their homelands and fought against tsunamis and poverty and adversity, right?
    Yet you deserve it more because no scout wanted your sorry ass?

    Theodora: I am perfectly aware of that.
    But none of these girls had the rejection that I had to face.

    None of them know what itís like to get a modeling contract and have it taken away from them.

    I am so done with this girl.

    Can someone please take her away?

    Theodora: Donít worry, Iíll leave.
    No one is going to escort me out of anywhere.
    Iím leaving with the certainty of my victory, and you will soon be forced to recognize that.
    W A T C H M E .


    Katherine: Who let this girl in here?
    Didnít anybody tell her the psych ward is down the hall?

    Daniel: SheísÖ kind of a trainwreck, isnít she?

    Olga: Iím scared sh*tless.

    Is there anything positive to say about this girl?

    Daniel: Well, she does have a healthy-looking glow--

    Katherine: Thatís because sheís pregnant from the ANTICHRIST.

    Olga: Oh goodness, please donít joke about that!
    ...itís too much of a possibility to be funnyÖ

    Daniel: But seriously, she has gorgeous skin and hair.

    Katherine: Iím gonna pretend I didnít just hear that.

    Daniel: What?
    Her entitlement is more funny to me than anything elseÖ

    Katherine: Itís maddening to me, because itís so real.
    She truly
    believes what sheís saying.Itís infuriating.
    I feelÖ unclean.
    You know what would get me through this?

    Daniel: DONíT.

    Katherine: What, like youíre Daddy now?

    Daniel: DONíT AND DONíT.
    Seriously, production, donít give her not one more of the stuff!

    Sheís gonna go ballistic on me!

    Katherine: I swear Iím gonna snatch your implants off.

    ...I seriously need to take up smokingÖ

    ...and a raise.

    I seriously need a raise.

    Sound off below!
    Who is your favorite girl?
    What do you think about the panel?
    Did you enjoy reading it?
    Coments are always appreciated.
    Only two more girls and one bit of roleplay left!
    Thank you so much for the support

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    wow these last 2 girls are absolutely stunning!
    neha the indian gawdesk...i wish she goes farrrr...lurvvee her!
    theo is also striking! love her entitled bitch persona, dont change her persona pls...i wanna see a self entitled bitchy winner

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    Loving Neha! Can't wait for that last girl
    for BrNTM here

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    Your anus <3


    I found the winner just here right now like now.

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    All of the photoshoots are now in I can't wait for you guys to check out this season! The photoshoots get FIERCER each week (and the editing is cleaner and more visually appealing because I have to make less photographs ) and I CANNOT wait for you guys to see the LAST PHOTOSHOOT, which is a cover shoot for a big magazine, and I have to say that the covers are BY FAR my favorite eLouai photographs I have ever created. I can't wait!

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    THE HYPE!!111

    just give us the first shoot already, I cant wait anymore!!1one

    Leila Goldkuhl for Dior S/S 18
    Prada gate no more
    *September 21st 2017*
    the day rtv will never forget.


    BNTM 1.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keau View Post
    All of the photoshoots are now in I can't wait for you guys to check out this season! The photoshoots get FIERCER each week (and the editing is cleaner and more visually appealing because I have to make less photographs ) and I CANNOT wait for you guys to see the LAST PHOTOSHOOT, which is a cover shoot for a big magazine, and I have to say that the covers are BY FAR my favorite eLouai photographs I have ever created. I can't wait!

    I know ashanti you spend so much time on the RP which is amazing but damn give us the last two dolls, we need to see the first photoshoot The Hype is real~

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    Your anus <3



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    Just catched up on everything ! AMAZING i'm so excited to see you back at your best !


    " See, there is a difference between me and you. When you hear Cťline you think of Dion. I think of the brand ... "

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    Quote Originally Posted by gui1004paulo View Post
    THE HYPE!!111

    just give us the first shoot already, I cant wait anymore!!1one

    Quote Originally Posted by rashutaarbl View Post

    I know ashanti you spend so much time on the RP which is amazing but damn give us the last two dolls, we need to see the first photoshoot The Hype is real~
    Quote Originally Posted by Cleopatra2011 View Post

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    auditions [5/5]

    The final two girls sit, right next to each other, in the now-familiar waiting-room-like hallway, which looks as large as it’s ever looked. Perhaps it feels the end of its usefulness nearing, as it unfolds a bleak, grandiose charm just to be to be captured on camera; perhaps it’s an informed trait, as the atmosphere of end-of-filming day looms in the air; perhaps these two girls are just
    that bland. Either way, they still stand there, looking smaller than any of these people have ever looked. The girl on the right, in red, with striking purple eyes and light-brown mom hair, is staring intently, almost entranced, at a small picture in her hands, while the girl on her left, a tall girl with a black bowl cut, in cyan, is peeking over the other one’s shoulder, also looking at the photo.



    Bowl: OH!
    Sorry about that.
    I just couldn’t help but stare… that, um… a relative of yours?

    Mom: Don’t worry about it so much!
    Yeah, he’s my son…

    Bowl: Aw, that’s so lovely!
    He’s such a cutie patootie!

    How old is he?

    Mom: He’s turning six in January!

    Bowl: How’s your relationship with him?

    Mom: Well, he’s my only child… and I’m a single mother… so I really hang onto him most of the time

    Bowl: ...ohhhh.
    I understand.
    I was raised by a single mother, too…
    I remember how hard it was on my mom.

    Mom: Oh, yeah, it’s tough even in modern times like these… I just… I can’t imagine what I would do if I was in a situation like this back in the ‘70s or so--

    Bowl: ...bitch, how old do you think I am?

    Mom: OH!
    Oh no!
    I’m so sorry!
    I didn’t mean like th--

    Bowl: Relax, relax, I’m just kidding.
    No, but I really admire you, all things considered.

    Being a single mom must be, like, extremely daunting… I mean, to me, even from what I’ve seen my mother do, it sounds completely mortifying.

    How do you manage?

    Mom: I honestly barely even have time to really consider it.
    Motherhood is something that’s really hard to describe because it’s very, um, like… it’s a lot of sides, you know?

    Bowl: I… guess so.

    Mom: How can I put it?
    It’s kind-of-like… um… tell me something, what do you work with?

    Bowl: I recently graduated in Fashion Design.

    Edison: Then imagine your dresses and shows and stuff.
    Imagine that there are a lot of people who are really passionate about it, like, they really look up to you, they see you as something completely new and different and revolutionary.
    You have a message to the world, and you tell it with collections and clothes, and these people, they wanna hear you, they wanna take that message for themselves, you know?
    On one hand, you’re thinking, “wow, all those people really see me as something to aspire to”, and on the other hand, you’re thinking, “wow, all those people really see me as something to aspire to”.
    You know?

    So, you have to be extra careful with every move you make, because someone’s gonna be watching that and seeing it as something good and worth doing.

    You’re a role model now.

    Bowl: That seems pretty… exhausting.

    Mom: It really, really is.
    But at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter much, ‘cuz like… do you know the thrill you get from getting positive feedback on your designs?

    Bowl: Totally!

    Mom: It’s like that, but tenfold.
    You’re at the top of you game, so there’s lots of people, and they’re all giving you so much
    love, you know?
    You can feel it within your reach, that love, and it just multiplies in you, and you take all that love in so you can give back to them, because it’s the only way to thank them for that love.

    You keep giving and taking love, you stress over how are people gonna really feel what I’m saying, how is your message getting through, how the world around is changing and how you need to adapt to that, but at the end of the day, it’s always so
    great - it’s truly consuming, but you can barely feel it, because you’re dealing with love.
    So much
    of it. know?

    I think that’s the most comprehensive description of motherhood I’ve heard.

    Mom: Well, maybe you just haven’t heard many descriptions of motherhood, then

    Bowl: Nonsense, you really made yourself clear back there....I mean, wow, being a mother must be a period of huge growth for a person.

    Mom: I can’t say that for everyone, but for me it certainly was.

    Bowl: I can see that!
    Your maturity really shows--

    Mom: ...bitch, how old do you think I am?


    The panel, meanwhile, gathers up one last time (for now, anyway, but don’t let them know about it).

    Olga: Can you believe we’re down to the last two girls?

    I know!
    If only I’d started puffing earlier....

    Daniel: ...I’m very glad you didn’t. Let’s just… get down to business, shall we?

    Daniel: ...okay.

    Katherine: That kind of broken doll posing is so late ‘00s. :eyeroll

    I bet she’s the type who cuts her own hair.

    Katherine: Yeah, if I were paying for my hair to look like this, I’d have a refund.

    Olga: You guys are really ripping her a new one, aren’t you?

    Daniel: What can I say? We’re rude bitches.

    Katherine: Let it not be said that I didn’t give her any credit… she clearly knows what to do with her body.
    She’s no stranger to the camera, I believe.

    Daniel: Beautiful legs, too.

    Olga: I agree!
    It’s just her face isn’t making much of an impression on me…

    Daniel: Well, let’s see if her personality will make us change our minds, right?

    Bowl-cut girl enters the room.

    Daniel: Professional.

    Olga: Hello, dear!
    Introduction, please?

    Bowl: My name is Calla Young.
    I’m 23, and I hail from Tampa.

    Olga: You don’t seem to have much of a Floridian accent…

    Calla: Well, I went through a lot of back-and-forth, actually.
    I was born in Tampa, which is my father’s homeland, and then I went to England shortly after with my mum.

    We lived there until I was 10, and then we moved Stateside again, and four years ago I went back to England for a course at CSM, and now I’m back here in LA.

    Olga: That’s… a lot of stuff to take in.

    Katherine: So you’re a fashion designer?

    Calla: Yeah!

    Katherine: I assume that you’re aware of how this industry works, then?

    Daniel: You know what?
    I’d really like to see your stuff.

    Calla: Oh, I always bring a portfolio with me!
    Here, let me show you…

    Calla leans into the panel table and opens her portfolio, which consists of this single page:


    It’s very, um… avant-garde, isn’t it, Katherine?

    Katherine: Yeah… um… you said you graduated recently?

    Calla: Yeah!
    A lot of people in my class found sponsorships on their presentations and stuff, and I wasn’t so lucky just yet…
    But I’m not giving up!

    Um… what made you choose fashion design?

    Calla: Well, my mom liked sewing a lot, so that’s what I used as a kid to get closer to her, and then I ended up loving it!
    We’d create such bizarre concoctions

    Katherine: ...right.
    And what made you choose fashion
    Calla: Well, people used to all say “oh, look at you, you pretty little thing! You really could model your own clothes, you know? You have just the look for them”, so I decided to try!

    Katherine: ....are you sure people meant it as a compliment?

    Calla: I’m sorry, what?

    Katherine: ...nevermind.


    Daniel: I cannot believe she actually graduated from CSM.
    As in, someone actually let her walk away from university with that skill.
    I honestly think she’s more delusional than the other one.

    I detest to agree with you on this, but I think you’re right.
    Goodness… I just really hope that she’s a better model than she is a designer.

    Olga: I honestly can’t knock on her too much, ‘cause it seems like sewing is such an important part of her being and her relationship with her mother and all--

    Katherine: Okay, it’s nice that she has passion, I get that.
    But she should know how much she sucks, you know?

    Sometimes you just have to accept that you have no talent and move on.

    Olga: Well, maybe she just needs some guidance?
    Besides, this is all tangential anyway… we’re here to judge her as a model, not as a designer.

    Daniel: I’d argue that she isn’t much of a model, either… but fair enough.

    Olga: Do we have the last girl ready?

    Random producer: YEP!

    Oh, thank goodness!
    I hope she’s a real great one…


    Katherine: YIKES!
    That is
    not a good look for her.

    Daniel: I can’t believe that this is the last girl we’re dealing with.
    What kind of production is this?


    You’re just being dramatic again, Daniel.

    She is not that bad… except for that ridiculous expression.

    Daniel: Is anyone on my side here?

    Olga: Nope.
    Can’t do it, won’t do it.


    I’m sorry, but she has purple eyes!
    I can’t hate anyone for having purple eyes.

    Daniel: You can’t hate anyone period, can you?

    Katherine: What a drama queen!
    I mean, come on, if you look past the hideous eyebrow furrowing, and the awkwardly intense stare, and the awkward body positioning that makes her look as if she’s standing on something that was edited out in PS, and that hair that’s completely wrong for her....

    Daniel: ...yes?

    Katherine: .... I... forgot… what I was going to say.

    Mom enters the room.

    Daniel: Oh, boy.

    Mom: Hello, guys!
    What’s hangin’?

    Lovely to see you all in here

    What’s your name, honey?

    My name is Edison Haynes.
    I’m 25, and I’m from Minneapolis.

    Daniel: ...twenty-five?

    Olga: Can I just ask you, are your purple eyes real?

    Edison: ...yeah!
    I mean, I guess so!

    I can’t guarantee it, y’know, but I’m pretty sure they’re real


    Katherine: So, what brings you here, I mean, into the modeling business?

    Edison: Well… I’m doing it for my son, actually.

    Olga: Your son?

    Edison: Yeah, I have a picture here! This is little Rylen, you guys!

    Edison brings the picture over to the panel for the judges to ooh and aah over.

    Aw, he’s really adorable!

    That is a terribly cute little kid.

    You just wanna pinch those little cheekbones of his!

    Edison: Yeah, he’s the sweetest little thang

    Olga: So, you’re doing this for him?

    Edison: Absolutely!
    You see, he’s a little… erm…

    Olga: Is he sick? :O

    Edison: No!
    ...I don’t think so, at least.
    He’s just a little… sicklier than most kids tend to be, I guess.

    Olga: Poor thing!

    Katherine: What do you mean by sicklier, exactly?

    Edison: I don’t know, he’s just a little… frail, you know?
    He comes down with something more often than he should, so he requires constant care and upkeep, and that’s why I need to bring in the bucks...

    Katherine: And I assume his father’s taking care of him now?

    Rylen’s staying with my mother and grandmother for now.

    Olga: Awh :’(

    Katherine:’re aware that modelling’s not really the place for the big bucks, right?

    ...sort of?
    I mean, you see all those women in the magazines and in the red carpet, and you’re thinking like, “maybe I could be as big as them”, you know?

    Katherine: I’m aware.
    But it’s a one in a million chance, I’m not gonna lie to you.

    Edison: Yeah, well, any money is money.
    I’m willing to do what it takes, you know?

    I’m gonna go commercial, anyway, so anything is game.
    I'm a roll with the punches kinda girl, I can spin around anything :D

    Let’s hope nobody takes you out of context on that one…

    Daniel: I seriously cannot believe that she was the last girl.
    Come on, guys, rearrangements!

    Katherine: Daniel, please.
    She’s really not that bad.

    Olga: I agree!
    I think she’s actually really striking.
    Not beautiful, per se, just really.... she makes you want to know more.

    That’s more than I can say for the last couple of girls, you know?

    Katherine: Totally!

    Daniel: At least she has a lovely personality, I guess.
    But her son’s the model of the family, if you ask me.

    Katherine: And who’s the designer in your family, Daniel?


    Katherine: Ugh, whatever, at least we’ve reached the end.

    Olga: So what do we think of this group of girls?

    Katherine: I mean, they’re perfect… for an asylum.


    Katherine: All jokes aside, I really believe that this is a very versatile group of girls.
    It’s a huge variety of looks, and I think that can only work in our favor.
    I mean, they’re certainly distinctive, bar a few exceptions… which will make our job interesting.

    Daniel: I agree.
    There are a lot of gems on the rough here.

    We just have to see which ones are worth polishing.

    Olga: Precisely.
    This, right here, is where our work begins, guys.

    Katherine: WHEW.
    Can we go have lunch now?

    Daniel: Katherine, please!
    We’re involved with fashion!

    We can’t have lunch!

    What are people gonna say?

    Katherine: What--

    I mean, we have an image to maintain!
    What about that, huh?

    Are you trying to put everything we've built to crumble apart?


    something's coming
    in the next post

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    For this promo shot, the girls were supposed to showcase the best of their modeling abilities, their potential, and their personalities.
    All the shots are below, in alphabetical order:










    .XIAO WU.

    We heard from the girls - now we want to hear from YOU.

    Click here to rank
    and sound off below!

    Who is your favorite girl?
    Who is your least favorite girl?
    What do you think about the panel?
    Did you enjoy reading it?
    What do you expect from future installments?
    Comments are always appreciated.
    I have to say, I wasn't planning on teasing you guys for so long, but hey, stuff happens I'd been struggling with some issues for a while, and I hope to be back to speed soon. Plus, I love teasing you guys <3
    Thank you so much for the support, always Watch out for a bigger and better re:GENERATION!

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    Probably McDonalds
    Calla <3!!
    for BrNTM here

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    Amazing clothes and lovely girls voted



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    Thanks for all the votes so far! The results have been... polarizing, to say the least. I'm gonna leave this open until Thursday or so, so there's plenty of time to vote if you haven't already!

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    Love Drew & Kaiiri so much.

    snatching the fan favourite title.

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    Drew, Neha, and Theodora!!! Love the simplified shading and features used on these girls. They all have unique looks without having to go over the top with highlights and shadows on their faces, which is so fresh and unique and makes Elouai seem much more attainable than it had gotten to at its peak. I really like this more simplified style!

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