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    When's part 2 coming out?

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    auditions [2/5]

    Back in the hallway, two entirely different girls sit, waiting for the production’s call.

    The girl on the left, in a bright green suit, with a huge mop of wavy, light brown hair, is staring intently at the girl to her right, a Miley-Cyrus-lookalike in bright yellow who’s trying (and failing) to not acknowledge the other’s gaze.






    Miley: alright you’ve been staring at me for the past ten minutes what is wrong with you

    Oh… nothing I just thought--

    Well, you certainly thought a lot about it, huh?

    Seriously, what is it? Is there something in my face?

    Mop: Well… yeah.

    Miley: about you
    tell me what it is, instead of just staring at me like some idiot?

    Mop: No, it’s nothing wrong… it’s just that…I’m just... passed at how much we look alike.

    Miley:’re what?

    Mop: I mean, it’s like looking in a mirror!

    Miley: ...I wouldn’t say so. And I can’t say I’m entirely flattered by the comparison.

    Mop: Why not?

    Miley: Don’t you see it?
    From here on, everyone in the competition is going to compare us.


    They’re all gonna be like “oh Lily, you did good this week, but this other girl who looks like you did much better, see,
    this is what you should be doing!”

    “I can’t even tell you guys apart anymore!”

    “see, since you look similar, you have to be doing different things”
    “it’s such a shame the other girl went in front of us before you, now you pale in comparison”

    and all that bullsh*t.

    Mop: ...are you... mad at me?

    Lily: I could certainly kill you with my bare hands for interfering with my chances of getting the title… but I’ll refrain.
    For now

    But... it isn’t my fault, right?

    Lily: Well, it’s someone’s fault.
    Might as well be yours.

    Mop: But then, what do you suggest we do now?
    What, do we just bicker about it and try to ruin each other’s lives until one of us gets tired of it and gets eliminated from being distracted by an outside rivalry?

    Lily:’s like looking in a mirror.

    Meanwhile, at panel…

    Olga: Alright.
    After lots of deep breathing and a huge gulp of water, I think the next girl should be ready, right?

    Katherine: Yes! Look at the picture fading in…


    Daniel: ...oh. Well, that clears out the “desperately-in-need-of-a-makeover” quota.

    Olga: She’s got a nice body, though.

    Katherine: Little thick in the midsection, though?

    Olga: Well, it’s not that noticeable…

    Katherine: It’s high fashion.
    Everything is noticeable.

    Mop girl enters the room.

    I’m so excited to meet you all! WHEW
    Let’s all come of love and happiness, thanks to God

    Olga: ....let’s all what of what?

    Daniel: She’s certainly excitable, this one.

    Katherine: Less vaguely sexual expressions of happiness and more facts, please. Name?

    Mop: I’m Alexsandra. Alexsandra Costa.

    Olga: And, where are you from?

    Alexsandra: I was born in Brazil, but I moved to Canada at a very early age.

    Olga: Oh, Brazil! Interesting.

    Daniel: *to Katherine* ...that might explain the excitable-ness and vaguely sexual expressions of happiness, come to think of it.


    Olga: I visited Brazil once for a photoshoot, it’s a really beautiful place.
    Don’t you ever think about, you know, coming back?

    Alexsandra: I think I just might, if this whole modeling thing doesn’t work out.

    Olga: Really? Why?

    Alexsandra: Well… the thing is, I’m trying desperately to make some sort of money.
    My family and I are having some… erm… difficulties.

    I understand.

    Katherine: And if it doesn’t work out…

    Alexsandra: Yeah, we’re gonna have to move out and stay with our family in Brazil.

    Katherine: ...I see.

    Daniel: And why don’t you wanna go back?

    Alexsandra: It’s, well… we’re gonna be the fracassed ones of the family if we do… and have you seen the news? The whole country is in flames.... And this is my homeland… I grew up here and I love it so much, and I don’t wanna leave… I know my parents don’t want to either, I’ve seen the look on their faces… *sob* when they talk about leaving… if I hadn’t completely tanked my studies maybe this all wouldn’t have happened and I feel like it’s all my fault you know I have to do something

    oh, honey. I wish there was more we could do to help…

    Daniel: and she seemed so lively before, too…

    Alexsandra: Well, I can’t get sad, right? Because then I stop.
    And I can’t stop.


    Katherine: Congratulations, Daniel, you just made yourself look like a humongous jack*ss.

    I could
    not see that coming.

    Katherine: jack*sses never see anything coming

    Daniel: Can we just be very real for a second and analyze this girl’s chances?
    ‘Cause, I mean, she’s the epitome of bland to me.

    Katherine: seconded.

    Olga: ...half-seconded.
    I mean, yeah, she looks bland now, but I think a makeover could help her pop--

    Daniel: I seriously wanna yank that ridiculous hair out of her scalp so I can actually see her.

    Olga: You would do that to the girl?
    After you’ve seen her cry so much?
    For actual reasons?

    Katherine: Let’s not forget he was the one who prodded her to that sorry state.

    Daniel: um… well…uh...guys, you see… you have to understand...

    Katherine: jack*ss.

    Daniel: oh, look, another picture’s fadi--

    Olga: CAN WE ACTUALLY STOP WITH THIS “picture fading in” “picture fading out” BULL?

    Katherine: oh thank goodness.
    I was
    saying it and it was driving me crazy!

    Daniel: ...oh...kay?

    Olga: ...interesting.

    Katherine: she looks like Disney-era Miley Cyrus.

    Daniel: I see more of a... Gemma Ward thing.

    Katherine: and that’s before or after Gemma Ward got forehead extensions?

    Olga: At least we can all agree she’s beautiful.

    Katherine: ...who said that?

    Olga: You just said that she looks like Disney-era Mi--

    Katherine: I know! And I hate Miley. In any era.


    Lily enters the room.

    Lily: HEY judges!
    How are you this morning?
    Miss Olga, it’s such a pleasure to meet you!
    I remember watching you in VEMA, you were seriously part of why I wanted to become a model in the first place!
    You have such charisma!

    Wow, thank you, honey! It’s been a pleasure

    Lily: And Daniel-- I mean, Mr. Freemont!
    I have a poster of your ads with the incomparable Lais Del Sarto!
    I’m actually trying to collect your pieces now.
    Absolutely inspiring!


    Lily: And Miss Katherine Smalls!
    I mean, I remember watching the Freemont shows and marveling at the whole presentation!
    Not to mention, what a style icon you are yourself!
    So honored to be in your presence


    Lily: Sooooo… ask me anything! I’m here to serve you guys!

    Olga: Awww, honey!
    Let me ask you, where are you from?

    Lily: I’m from Boston, MA!

    Daniel: Nice!
    And what’re you doing right now?

    Lily: I just finished my graduation at Harvard!

    Olga: Lovely!
    And how’s it going for you?
    I’m sure you were an exemplary student!

    Lily: I... don’t wanna brag… but yeah, I’m a Straght-A student.


    Daniel: And why are you here, of all places?

    Lily: Well… I’ve already mastered the academic field, what with Harvard-grad and all, I was also track champion at high school, so that beats down the physical field, and then… being a successful model would mean my conquest of both the professional and social fields. :D

    Daniel: Oh wow!

    Olga: Talk about an overachiever!

    Lily: Yeah, I mean… if they’re gonna call me an overachiever, I might as well overachieve, right? :D


    Daniel: Well, that was a surprise.
    Out of all the girls we interviewed, she's the most polite and professional yet.

    Olga: She’s just the sweetest litt--

    Katherine: please tell me you guys didn’t fall for that.

    Daniel: ...what?

    Katherine: I mean, she even has the gall to tell me she’s ~watched all of my shows ohmigod~


    Olga: And what does that mean, Kath?

    Katherine: … it means, bitch is

    Olga: ...fake?

    Katherine: Fake. Faker than a three-dollar bill. Faker than Daniel’s hairlin--


    Katherine: Really, Daniel, you’re gonna have the audacity to deny it?
    ...after I was the only one who visited you at post?
    ...after I was the only one buying falafels for you when you complained about the hospital food?
    ...are you gonna deny all the times we’ve had together?

    Are you?

    Daniel: ...I… don’t know what you’re talking about…? :unsure

    Katherine: I can easily blackmail you for this.

    Daniel: so?

    Katherine: Well, I think you’d be happy to relive a few pictures of your father I have here with me… and look, just when he was about your age--

    Daniel: FINE THEY’RE FAKE.
    Are you happy now?

    Katherine: ...very.


    Sound off below!
    Who is your favorite revealed girl?
    Who is your favorite spoiled girl?
    What do you think about the panel?
    Did you enjoy reading it?
    Coments are always appreciated.
    Thank you so much for the support

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    i'm not really feeling alexandra, but i think with the right mo she'll transform
    lily is something special..her eye shape is love..
    great panel as usual

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    One of them needs to go red and the other one bleached blonde. Then we'll talk business

    Anyway I'm rooting for the black girl in the spoilers, she is the best one

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    Yeah, they are both bland. Idk if mos can really change much, but I like their personalities. I mean, Alexsandra (mop :rolf) is soooo Ins Brasil irl love her~
    and I do see the Miley comparison on Lily, and I love Miley, sooo...

    Looking forward to the next girls!
    Leila Goldkuhl for Dior S/S 18
    Prada gate no more
    *September 21st 2017*
    the day rtv will never forget.

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    can't wait for the next batch of girls

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    ^apparently I have some kind of knack for posting exactly when people ask about, 'cuz it's coming right up

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    auditions [3/5]

    The hallway, yet again, is filled up (or at least as much as two people can fill up an empty hallway) with another two girls - a dark-skinned girl with a blunt burgundy bob, on the left, wearing light blue, is trying to make conversation with the girl to her right, a tall, doe-eyed girl with skunk hair in orange who’s shifting awkwardly in her seat.

    BBBB: Hello, sweetie! How are you today?
    Doe Eyes:
    Um… hi… hi.

    Is everything alright?

    Doe Eyes:… yeah.
    Um… yeah.
    I’m just… just a little… um… erm… little nervous.
    That’s all.

    BBBB: You call that a little nervous, sweetie?
    You’re a bundle of nerves right now!

    Doe Eyes:
    I… uh… I’m so sorry… really…

    BBBB: I didn’t mean to offend you, sweetie, I’m so sorry!
    Is there anything I can do?

    Can I give you a hug?

    Doe Eyes:
    Sure!… sure.

    BBBB: There we go…

    Doe Eyes:

    BBBB: ...there we go.
    By the way, what’s your name, sweetie?
    I’m Drew.

    Doe Eyes: ...hi Drew… I’m… um… erm… Francesca.

    Drew: Alright!
    Nice to meet you, Francesca

    Francesca: um… Drew… can I… ask you something?

    Drew: Sure! Anytime

    Francesca: ...are hugs always… um… are they supposed to be... that low… on the hips?
    ...I… um… maybe… sometimes, I mean… it
    is socially acceptable… somewhat... I think… yeah… um…


    After a rather large break, the panel reconvenes once again.

    Katherine: thank goodness for these panel breaks

    Olga: You know, we were originally supposed to do it all at once, no breaks, just the 10 girls in quick sucession.

    Daniel: What happened that made you change your mind?

    Olga: ...Kaiiri.


    Daniel: Thank goodness for Kaiiri… never thought I’d say

    Olga: Anyway, seems like the next girls is ready for us!

    I’m interested.

    Daniel: The hair needs to go…

    Olga: But it’s not that bad.
    I mean, it makes sense for her.

    Katherine: Can I just say how much she reminds me of the models we used to work with in the ‘90s?

    Daniel: Oh, yeah… I see it.

    Katherine: If I’m allowed to be very specific, she actually resembles a lot that one girl we worked with… I think her name was Khed--

    Daniel: KHEDIJAH!

    Katherine: YES EXACTLY.

    Daniel: Totally see it. I wonder where Khedijah is now, by the way?


    Katherine: Irrelevant.
    What I’m saying is, you see how much you’re missing out on when you focus on trivial things like
    hair, Daniel?

    Daniel: Well, hair is important.

    Katherine: You would know.

    Olga: Oh, look, here she comes!

    Drew enters the room.

    Drew: …’sup.

    Olga: Hi, dear!
    Can you introduce yourself for us?
    Drew: My name is Drew Baxter, I’m 20 and I’m from Jackson, MI.

    Olga: Cool!
    Tell us, Drew, what brings you here into our chambers?

    Drew: Well… I wanna be a model--

    means, what made you want to model in the first place?

    Drew: I was about to get into that!
    The story is, my girlfriend used to work in fashion--

    Olga: she doesn’t work in fashion anymore?

    Drew: no, um… she’s just not my girlfriend anymore.

    Go on.

    Drew: As I was saying, my girl always used to try and push me into modeling, like
    “Oh you’re gonna be perfect for it, love! Just try it!”
    And then I did, y’know.
    She arranged a few gigs for me, and all, and I ended up enjoying it a lot, so I thought I’d come in a show like this and try out the big fish league, right?

    Katherine: ...right.
    So, what is it that you enjoy so much about the job, anyway?

    Drew: Well, I haven’t a lot of experience with it yet… but I’d say it’s the feeling of freedom, ya dig?

    I… really don’t. Please explain?

    Drew: It’s like… I can’t describe it right… I just lived a very uneventful life before all of this happened, y’know?
    Then, when I started doing modeling… idk I just remember staring at the camera lens and feeling so
    Like, in that moment, I could portray anything that anyone could ever want me to portray.
    I could portray anything I could ever want myself to portray. know?

    That’s a really beautiful way of putting it.


    Daniel: If you don’t mind me prying, dear, why did you and your girlfriend break up?
    It seems like she did a lot for you...

    Drew: Yeah, as the profession got into me, she sorta started trying to be more of an agent than my actual agent was, so she was like “you shouldn’t book this”, “you should be focusing there”, and she was honestly standing in the way of what I’ve been building for myself.
    I was tired, and we just decided it’d be better to end it.

    Olga: ...interesting.


    Katherine: I mean, she’s obviously gorgeous.

    Olga: She really is!
    And she has so much presence.

    Daniel: But I’m really worried about how actually prepared she is to face the industry.

    Olga: ...why?
    Katherine: Were you not listening?
    That diarrhea of the mouth she gave us?
    “I feel so free in front of the camera whee~”

    Olga: Well, doesn’t that mean she’s passionate?
    And, I mean, she has a load of experience already--

    Katherine: Yes, a lot of experience in blue chip bookings on one of the fashion capitals of the world - Jackson, Mississippi.

    Olga: I honestly don’t get the hate!
    She knows what she’s doing, and she seems pretty chill.
    I bet she’ll adapt pretty easy.

    Katherine: I can adapt pretty easy, too, with that amount of weed.

    Olga: ...huh?

    Katherine: Come on, can’t you still smell it?

    Olga: Oh! Oh no, that’s someone in the production back there, see?

    Random producer:

    Katherine: Can you please put that down?
    ...and save one for me when we get out of here?


    And don’t tell me that she doesn’t strike you as the smoker type.

    Daniel: Well, Kath, be that as it may, she can both spew nonsense and discard people like an used tissue when they get in her way.
    I have no reason to believe she’s not going to be successful.

    Katherine: …you’ve got a point.
    Olga: I do have one question…How can someone from Mississippi sound so English?
    It’s not even any accent, it’s just the words she uses... and then she alternates to this weird New York sounding thing ever so often and--

    Daniel: ...some questions really don’t need answers, Olgie.

    Katherine: Especially because we’re out of time. There’s another freak for us to evaluate now.

    They really went for that makeover quota, didn’t they?

    For once, I agree with you.
    skunk… thing... is truly atrocious.

    Olga: But I see a lot of potential in her.

    She does have that deer-in-the-headlights looks fashion seems to love now.

    Daniel: The body’s really good, I like the slouchy-slash-stiff look, but she looks really, really tense.
    See the mouth, how uncomfortable it looks?

    Olga: Very piercing stare, though.
    She’s got very beautiful eyes; I wonder if they’re just as striking in person…

    Katherine: Well, wonder no more, ‘cuz here she comes.

    Francesca enters the room.

    Um… hi… hi guys…

    Olga: Hello, dear! What’s your name?

    Um… I’m Francesca… Francesca Holloway.
    I’m, um… 18… and I’m from… Little Rock.

    Daniel: Nice to meet you, Fran!
    Tell me something, girlie… what’s the deal with the hair?

    Francesca:, I did that… erm… on my way here…

    Katherine: You dyed your hair blue on your way to a modeling competition?
    And you thought that’d
    impress us?

    Francesca:… don’t like it?

    It’s just not really what we’re looking for--



    No need to be so affected, we know you tried and we appreciate the thought

    Francesca:… thank you… thanks…


    Olga: So, tell me honey, what brings you to modeling in the first place?

    Francesca:… I don’t really, erm… I don’t have… other qualifications… so my family… they were like… “oh you should try modeling”... and stuff.

    Daniel: That’s a little odd, having no other qualifications. I'm sure there's something else you're good at, or that you like to do?

    Francesca: Um... I like... painting, I guess?
    But... that doesn't... it doesn't really bring, um... it doesn't bring much money, you know, in...

    Olga: Okay, so your family thinks it’s a good decision for you. But do you like it?

    ...yeah… um... of course.

    I, um… really do wanna be, erm, here.
    Yeah... absolutely... yeah.



    Katherine: That’s a great impression of her!

    Olga: ...I wasn’t trying to imitate her…

    Katherine: THAT’S EVEN BETTER!
    Olga, you’re a comedic genius.


    Daniel: What I’d like to know is why are the good, modelesque girls the biggest freaks?

    Olga: Come on, guys, she’s just a little timid--

    Katherine: That’s like saying a tsunami is just a little wave.
    She’s basically short-circuiting at this point.

    Olga: That’s pretty normal for a first time - natural, even!
    You know who she reminds me of?

    A trainwreck?
    She reminds me
    so much of myself, actually, when I was that age--

    Katherine: Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

    As I was saying
    , when I was 18 and I first went on The modeL Agency, I was a bumbling mess just like this girl!
    I was crying all over the place and I was super shy and intimidated by everyone, I had a HUGE crush on this other model guy and I could barely stand upright.

    I remember that, Olgie.
    You sure did change.

    Even on the show!

    Olga: Exactly!
    I was lucky that I had both the judges and the other contestants in my side, so I felt comfortable around them.

    As judges, what we have to do is create a secure environment for girls like her to blossom, and we can only hope that the girls in the house will do the same.

    Katherine: I buy none of this.
    You have girls who’re much younger than her and are able to interact with the customer, for Pete’s sake!

    As a client, what you wanna see is a girl that, even if she can’t socialize - and many can’t, because they can barely speak English - she has to at least feel, and make us feel, like she belongs there, with us, in our image.

    This girl couldn’t belong in a crumbling building.

    Well, we’re here to coach these girls, so we’re just gonna need a little patience.

    Yes, I do need patience.
    And a
    lot of it.
    Preferrably rolled up with a variety of herbs. it break time yet?

    Olga: ...well, it could be--

    Katherine: WONDERFUL.
    Hey, you there, in the back!

    Don’t think I forgot about that blunt you owe me!

    Random producer:

    Sound off below!
    Who is your favorite girl?
    What do you think about the panel?
    Did you enjoy reading it?
    Coments are always appreciated.
    Sorry I was a little late this week, it was kind of a mess, but I'm working to pick up the slack
    Thank you so much for the support

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    I think these are my favorite two girls.

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    Stunning new girls
    the panel is hillarious
    pls just post all the girls already

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    Quote Originally Posted by jercy View Post
    Stunning new girls
    the panel is hillarious
    pls just post all the girls already
    Leila Goldkuhl for Dior S/S 18
    Prada gate no more
    *September 21st 2017*
    the day rtv will never forget.

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    and where's the ~suspense~ in that, guys?~

    The fourth installment should be up by tonight

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    The moon ...


    gorgeous girls !!


    " See, there is a difference between me and you. When you hear Cline you think of Dion. I think of the brand ... "

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    bumpitty bumpy bump

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    bumpiitty bumpty bumpy bump

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