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Thread: Rashu's Elouai Gallery

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    So as you guys can see, Rashu's ass only works when its pressured by me. You r all welcome, bishes.

    That collection is truly amazing. One of my favorites from you. The final result is amazing.

    Plus, that cover wasn't inspired by that look u posted. It was inspired by Natalia's, Kate's and Lara's cover for W magazine.
    well yeah, if it wasn't for you that collection wouldn't really happen.

    Oh now I remember, sorry for the confusion but the styling on those covers is literally what Issa London did that season

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    So we're going back to 2014. The industry cycle 4 was happening at that time, one of the best games on these boards. I wasn't participating but Gui during week 5 had some problems and couldn't work on the photoshoot that week so I volunteered to help him. The theme for this photoshoot was a look book for Bellabenett, so a very simple pose and sell the look. Each contestant was assigned a certain look, Valentina got one too, a sexy tuxedo with a very springy skirt. What I wanted to do with her was more of a calm pose and focus on working on her angle which I created for her. Another thing required for that week was doing a look for judging panel, I think this was themed as well. If I am not wrong it was jeans and a white top which I was inspired by that Balenciaga SS2013 bralette. I think Valentina did ok, I mean there were far better photos that week so she was kinda in the middle of the pack during the voting.

    Let's move on with Vogue Turkey June 2014. I had this idea for quite a while but wanted to use it at the right time. So I was inspired by an editorial (which I can't find it to link it) with a dark model (I think it was Achok) in a field of grain. That model was wearing weary saturated colored clothes and had a very bold background as well. As soon as I saw it, I knew which model to use, found the right pose and started working with it. Kajma is one of my favorite dolls of all time so it was a great pleasure to finally get a chance to work on her. The only problem I had with her was making her looking at the camera which I failed miserably so I let it as it was. The cover went through voting that month and this cover went on to be voted the most together with 3 other covers. I think it was the first time that we had a tie between 4 magazines.

    After this I left out elouai and rtvg for two years only to come back in 2016 with a cover for VT with Lemon fronting it which I am going to talk about in the next post.

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    Yeeeeeeeeess Valentina, so sexy!

    Werk at Vogue Tukey always getting it RIGHT and voted best cover again Kajma is a gem.

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    Iconic Kajma cover is iconic
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