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Thread: The Challenge Season 29 Speculation

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    So a couple more possible names popped up

    Ibis Nieves (RR: X-Treme)
    Britni Nicol (AYTO4)
    Coral Smith (Back to NY)
    Kayla Lusby (AYTO1)

    Still unknown:
    Darrell, Shane, Tina, Nia, CT, Kendal

    And I guess Veronica (RR: SAS) could still be a possibility

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    CORAL <3

    I want Casey Cooper to come back tbh

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    Coral <3 Tina <3 Veronica <3 Tyler <3 Ibis <3

    I am living if the theme is old school vs. new school so I have people to root for~

    And Casey Cooper If only she'd ever come back

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    Darrell have not been on any social media and have within the past few days people from the challenge have started following him on social media.

    I think he is on.

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    Basically, the inactivity of Darrell, Shane, and Tina is a pretty good indicator that they are all on, just not as definite as the others

    Casey <3 Would be interesting with a season of her and Bananas after they hooked up so long ago

    They should try to get Karamo back

    Vevmo is where I get everything from and people are thinking the old schoolers this season is just a precursor to more on season 30, plus I guess the new producer had been a fan of the show so this might be why we are getting them all back

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    So some tea on the's probably a Ruins-eque type theme

    A lot of champions (Cara/Bananas/etc) were spotted after the departure date in LA, so people believe the Champions will be flying out later (after a couple episodes)

    Basically the "challengers" would fight it out until only 8/10 remain, which is when the "champions" enter, whether it becomes a 2 team challenge at that point, or Champ/Challenger idea

    Challenger Women: Anika, Ashley M., Emilee, Jenna, Kailah, La Toya, Marie, Nicole, Sylvia (Tina?, Nia?)
    Champion Women: Ashley K., Camila, Cara Maria (Sam?, Ibis?, Coral?, Kendal?)

    Challenger Men: Anthony, Bruno, Cory, Dario, Dylan, Hunter, Theo, Tony (Shane?, Nelson?)
    Champion Men: Bananas, Derrick, Zach (CT?, Darrell?, Tyler?)

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    First Elimination: Bruno

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    Shane (RR: Campus Crawl) and Nelson (AYTO3) are now confirmed...kinda like flipping out right now with Shane's return

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    Darrell is confirmed

    And even better news...Zach may have dropped out before the champs flew out there

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    More elimination spoilers

    Bruno, Anika, Theo, and Marie are all out

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    rip and so the tragic elims begin.

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    Dylan and Emilee are out

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    Quote Originally Posted by buecey11 View Post
    Zach may have dropped out before the champs flew out there
    And Zach is back on the list, Derrick may not be

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    Are you kidding me at Shane <3

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    Emilee always flopping <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by wccats View Post
    Are you kidding me at Shane <3
    This is what makes me think our missing female(s) might be old schoolers since I feel it would be more than just him and Darrell

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    I hope so! The old-schoolers have always been my favourites in terms of this show. I haven't been able to get on board with the new contestants.

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    Krabi, Thailand is the location for the season

    Tony is out

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