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Thread: The Challenge Season 29 Speculation

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    YASSSS Latoya is now most likely on...can't wait for this reunion of her and Marie

    Also, people are speculating a theme close to Ruins, but not exactly the same

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    Oh and more good/bad news...

    Good: Katie (RR: The Quest) has been contacted, unsure on a final call
    Bad: Robin (San Diego 1) was contacted but didn't make the final cast...

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    So there's a lot more speculation going on about the theme and it seems to all come back to a champions vs challengers season...aka Ruins

    Champions: Bananas, Zach, Ashley K., Camila, Cara Maria, Laurel, Sam (Alt: Abram and Jamie)
    Challengers: Bruno, Dario, Devin, Hunter, Nate, Tony, Ashley M., Averey, Jenna C., Latoya, Marie, Sylvia (Alt: Emilee and Kailah)

    If the cast is the same size as last Ruins, 28, we are missing 6 men (5 champs, 1 challenger) and 3 women (2 champs, 1 challenger)

    There have been more names tossed around, whether they got a call or not...idk...and some are more heavily speculated than others
    Male Champs: CT (Paris), Derrick (RR: X-Treme), Tyler (Key West), Dunbar (Sydney), Nehemiah (Austin), Mark (RR: USA 1), Darrell (RR: Campus Crawl)
    Female Champs: Susie (RR: Down Under), Carley (FM2), Emily (DC), Coral? (Back to NY)

    The other rumor is old school vs new school (with old school being considered pre-Explosion)

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    So the cast has headed out to somewhere in Asia for the season...

    The cast so far is...

    Ashley Kelsey (San Diego 2), Ashley Mitchell (Explosion), Camila Nakagawa (SBC), Cara Maria Sorbello (FM2), Jenna Compano (Explosion), Kailah Casillas (Go Big), Latoya Jackson (St. Thomas), Marie Roda (St. Thomas), Sylvia Elsrode (Skeletons), Bruno Bettencourt (Skeletons), Dario Medrano (AYTO2), Darrel Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl), Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme), Hunter Barfield (AYTO3), Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio (Key West), Theo Bradley (Bad Blood), Tony Raines (Skeletons), Zach Nichols (San Diego 2)

    There's always the chance this isn't everyone

    I'm kinda loving this random return of Darrel and Derrick

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    Yessss at Derrick being back


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Where is queen Laurel?

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    where is my godness Laurel?

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    So I guess Darrell may have been a false was too good to be true

    Emilee Fitzpatrick (Cancun) and Cory Wharton (Explosion) have been added to the list

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    Some more possibilities (based off of social media absence and other things):

    Amanda Garcia (AYTO3)
    Anika Walker (Bad Blood)
    Dan Setzler (RR: Northern Trail)
    Derek Chavez (Cancun)
    Dean Bart-Plange (Go Big)
    Dylan Moore (Go Big)
    Michael Boise (Bloodlines)
    Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl)
    Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific)
    Vince Gliatta (Bloodlines)

    I will literally die if Tina and Shane are there

    Darrel is still a possibility, not not 100%

    Looks like this season will be the first one since Vegas 2 aired that no one from that season will be on

    Theme wise it's either Duel 3/Free Agents 2 or like Old School vs. New School
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    Amanda <3

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    So more tea...

    Quote Originally Posted by buecey11 View Post
    Amanda Garcia (AYTO3)
    Anika Rashaun (Bad Blood) - Confirmed
    Dan Setzler (RR: Northern Trail) - Unlikely
    Darrel Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl) - Likely
    Derek Chavez (Cancun)
    Dean Bart-Plange (Go Big)
    Dylan Moore (Go Big)
    Michael Boise (Bloodlines)
    Shane Landrum (RR: Campus Crawl) - Likely
    Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific)
    Vince Gliatta (Bloodlines)
    More names:
    Abram Boise (RR: South Pacific)
    Brian Williams (Explosion)
    Heather Cooke (Las Vegas 2)
    Jenny Delich (Explosion)
    Nia Moore (Portland)
    Nicole Zanatta (Skeletons)

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    NO LAUREL?!?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imamouseduhh View Post
    NO LAUREL?!?!?!

    I guess she dropped...idk why

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    Dylan is now confirmed, Vince is probably a no. Kendal Sheppard (RR: Campus Crawl) is now also a possibility but more unlikely than the others.

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    Okay I am so ****ing behind on this show so I've been catching up but if Tina is actually on this season, I will lose my **** <3

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    Nicole Z. (Skeletons) is on, like there is ACTUAL competition this season (other than Emilee )

    A few more possible names:
    CT Tamburello (Paris)
    Nelson Thomas (AYTO3)
    Tyler Duckworth (Key West)

    People are speculating that we are getting a cast of 28

    Right now there are 6 "old school" females and 6 "new school" females (hoping they are filled with Tina and Nia)
    There are 7 "new school" males and 3 old school males (hoping for Darrel, Shane, and CT)

    I also love how the Skeletons cast that isn't Tony are finally getting a shot

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    Anthony Bartolotte (AYTO2) is on

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    For anyone wondering...Shane, Tina, and Darrell aren't confirmed but are still basically absent from social media

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