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Thread: Episode 1 "Here We Go Again"

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    Episode 1 "Here We Go Again"

    - Invincibility challenge: This is what you want in this game, you have invincibility you can't be voted off. you will play as teams until a pre determined point where then you will play as individuals.
    - 24 hour deadlines for this

    - Zap Zipping Zone: This is where the losing team will go and have to cast someone off their team.
    - once voted off you will be Zapped Away.
    - In case of a tie, the player who had the most previous votes will go home. If this is still tied, the star player will get to make the final decision.
    - 24 hours deadline for this.


    - there are HII that can be somehow found in the game. you find it and you feel in danger you can play it if your team is at the Quick Draw Shoot Out and if you had the most votes the person with the next highest amount of votes will be voted off.
    - There may or may not be team switches so be on your toes.

    - yes you will be given a character, but for the sake of the show, I don't want anyone telling anybody who they are and you only vote off based on the characters and not the players playing them. However you can role play as whoever you would like in the thread, you don't have to roleplay off your true character. It's up to you how you want to go about doing this!

    - So this means sorry guys alliances are out the window because you are not allowed to tell anyone who you are. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if anyone does this.


    - This season the final 2 players will compete in one final challenge to help determine who wins.
    - However those voted out at a pre determined time, will cast their vote for someone they would like to help advantage in the final challenge. If the person you pick is out, their vote will count as double and so fourth.


    This season, like last you will send me a ranking of characters. However I have already picked out the players competing in this season. Please rank them from 1 being who you want most to 16 being least. I will do my best to give everyone someone in their top 5.
    Your PM counts as your sign up. You will not be signing up in the thread.


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    Still need a couple more sign ups!


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Episode 1 "I Here We Go Again"


    Chris: We are on to season 4, who would of thought we would stay on air this long! First we went to a haunted graveyard where Lindsay proved victorious. Then we made our way to the infamous Atlantis where Heather beat out the other competitors and last season we went down to the wild west where Sugar claimed the prize. Now we find ourselves where not many have gone at all. Outer Space! Who will be able to take out the other 15 competitors and claim the prize. What rivilarys will form and what relationships will crumble. Who will become friends or lovers. Find out this and so much more on this season of Total Drama Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep Space.

    The Contestants are shown stepping off the spaceship, into the space station

    Kitty: Omg this is so beautiful, I can't believe I'm actually here. *Takes a selfie*

    Dwayne: Junior, another adventure for us to enjoy together!

    Junior: Yeah Dad. I just hope you listen to me more this season.

    Tom: I'm going to get sooooooooo many new followers on my blog now. This is for you Jen!

    Eva: Who exactly are you idiots, I don't remember seeing you on the island...

    Bridgette: That's because they never were on the island Eva, they raced around the world or something.

    Gwen: *yawn* Been there done that, they need a new hobbie.

    Josee: You are such a funny little girl. We are Olympians!

    Ennui: Yeah, more like evil villains.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacques
    Josee and I get a very bad rap. We are just winners and winners do whatever necessary to get on top. Now that we are in a game where it's primary individuals, I have to make sure I'm seen as the nicer part of Josee and I.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette
    After losing last season I don't even know why I'm back. After getting home and Geoff watching, he was very disappointed in my behavior and how I acted, so that's why he dragged me on this adventure to mend our broken relationship. As if, once you get a taste of the bad side you don't want to go back!
    Ella: I hope there are lots of pretty birds and animals here.

    Shawn: Well I can tell you for sure we don't have to worry about Zombies! That's all that I care about.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson
    Ennui and I are even closer now. Loki came with us to have some fun. He's great.
    Ella: OMG Crimson that is such a cute little rabbit. *starts singing*

    Ennui: He doesn't like that.

    Ella: Oh my, I didn't mean to upset the poor thing!

    Geoff: Oh man, I never thought I would see you guys again! I loved racing around the world with you guys. I had such a blast, I had my bro last time with me, this time I have my girl, Bridgette. I hope you guys dig her as much as you dug him.

    Kitty: Aw I've read so much about you and Bridgette, you guys are so adorable together. It's so dreamy. *snaps a selfie*

    Dawn: There is some very bad juju here, mother earth wants all that back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn
    I haven't done so well in this game, I don't know if it's always being around the bad Juju or what, but this season I brought a good luck charm. *shows the camera her four leaf necklace* this right here was picked from ireland, so it's a real clover that will bring all the luck in the world to me.
    Chris: Well I see you all are starting to get acquainted, I should of got to know the names of the new people, but I honestly didn't care enough.

    Dwayne: now Chris, you need to respect your elders. Remember this moment Junior.

    Junior: Yeah dad, I will.

    Chris: I see we have a know it all father and his little side kick, how amusing. I see we have a couple of goths and that's what I will be referring to you as from now on.

    Crison: Whatever.

    Ennui: Whatever.


    Josee: Oh man Chris you are already better then our last host, you know talent when you see it.

    Jacques: Oui Oui that is us.

    Chris: Man I will have to compose myself we have never had such amazing people on this show.

    Gwen: are you seriously playing favorites already chris?

    Chris: Gwen why wouldn't I

    Trent: Don't worry Gwen, You will prove chris wrong.

    Chris: Who are you again? I haven't seen you in ages.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trent
    I know I haven't been around for a while, I've been writing songs and trying to win Gwen back, I've seen her struggle over the course of the three seasons and I'm heartbroken she hasn't won. It's my mission not only to win her back but to see her go far. I will stop and do anything it takes to make that happen.

    Chris: Eva Calm down we don't want a repeat of your incident now do we...


    Quote Originally Posted by Josee
    I see who we can manipulate to our advantage already. *evilly laughs*
    Chris: Well we need to put you guys into your two competing teams for this season. The two teams competing this season are the Killer Comets and the Screaming Satellites

    Shawn: No Chris, please not Satellites, the Zombies will easily be able to find us with those!

    Chris: Well Shawn to make you feel more comfortable, I'll be putting you on the Screaming Satellites.

    Shawn: No Chris, Nooooo.

    Chris: Now I thought what fun we could have if we split you guys up Total drama vs Ridonculous race. So that means...

    Bridgette: That we are EASILY going to cream those losers all the way until the end.

    Geoff: Babe, calm down remember what we talked about. They are good people too.

    Chris: The Screaming Satellites are

    and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone uhhhh

    Trent: It's Trent, Chris come on.

    Chris: Oh yeah that's the one.

    Which means the Killer Comets are

    The Goths (Crimson and Ennui)
    Annoying know it all and his sidekick (Dwayne and Junior)
    The Girl who won't stop using her phone (Kitty)
    The guy who goes on and on and on about his blog (Tom)
    And the loveable, amazing, talented, professional, beautiful Josee and Jacques

    Chris: Honestly I wish I could eliminate you all and crown them the victors, but that wouldn't be fun now would it.
    See you guys later for your first challenge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Junior
    I don't get the hype about Josee and Jacques, I know I'm suppose to bond with my dad here, but I want to prove I'm smart and wise. Josee and Jacques have another thing coming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ella
    I'm so happy to be here. My last experience was so wonderful. *breaks out into song* I can't wait to play with that cute bunny Loki. He and are are going to be best friends.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgette
    Geoff thinks he can control me, well Geoff, I'm going to bring you to the dark side and you are going to like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Josee
    One by one all these fools will be eating out of our hands, give me the money already. Even Jacques can go for all I care.I got myself Bun Bun Jr, This lucky rabbits foot will make them all vanish! *evilly laughs*


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    Challenge: You guys will be completing a Majority Rules challenge. For every time you are in the majority you gain a point for your team.
    Winning: The team with the most points wins, in case of a tie comes down to time, in case of another tie comes down to the amount of TB's answered (if tie in that whichever person was closest to answer wins)
    Deadline: 24 hours


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    Episode 1 "I Here We Go Again" Challenge Results


    Gwen and Trent are shown

    Trent: Gwen, I'm glad we are together once again. I know we left off on a bad note, but I've seen you struggle with love and I want to make it all better.

    Gwen: I'm seriously done with guys Trent. They never seem to treat me right and I'm a lone woman.

    Trent: I will prove to you that I'm worth your time again

    Josee and Jacques are shown

    Josee: Now listen here Jacques, I have a plan that will get us all the way to the final 2!

    Jacques: You think we can really make the impossible, possible?

    Josee: yes you dud, that's what I said. Now we have to act as if we hate each other, you will get half the people on your side and I will get the other and then we can control who goes each round.

    Jacques: Oui Oui, that's going to be brilliant.

    Geoff and Bridgette are shown

    Geoff: You gotta let lose get rid of all the hatred you had last season. Everyone loved the old Bridgette.

    Bridgette: The old Bridgette was a push over, who did whatever anyone wanted and we saw how far that got me, being bad got me all the ways until the finals!

    Geoff: Babe, but that's not how we run things.

    Bridgette: Just leave me alone, I didn't even want to come on this show again. I was humiliated last time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn
    I sense a couple of bad auras on our tribe, I need to find them and rid them, so I can prove my worth to my team.
    The Goths are shown

    Crimson: Wow, it's so peaceful.

    Ennui: yeah. It's nice.

    The Screaming Satellites are shown

    Ella: Oh my goodness gracious, guys I have a good feeling. starts to sing

    Eva: Shut up Ella I'm annoyed with you already.

    Geoff: Eva give Ella a break, we need to all come together as one and show Bridgette the true meaning of friendship.

    Bridgette: Geoff, seriously leave me alone, I'm not here for this happiness crap. Lets just win.

    Gwen: you got one thing right, it's to peppy in here and I like winning!

    Quote Originally Posted by Junior
    My dad still is being the same and babying me, I can't believe people call me squirt and little man. This just isn't right. I want to prove that I'm a TEENAGER and that I'm my own person.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty
    Like I really love my team, Minus Josee and Jacques, I loved running around the world with them and to spend time with them in space is even greater. I have taken so many selfies it's crazy. Snaps another selfie
    Chris: Welcome you guys to the first challenge. We are about to find out which side rules all.

    Bridgette: Come on chris, lets face it we are use to this so we are easily going to win.

    Josee: Oh you little girl you don't know a thing about us.

    Eva: Exactly, so you are nobodies.

    Josee: Coming from the girl who hasn't been in a season since the first one. how pathetic.

    Chris: I like this fighting and I can't wait to see it all crushed, it's time to find out which team is better this first time around. You guys are going to compete in your first challenge. The team who is able to find the most noddles wins.

    Dwayne: now why exactly are we finding noddles. That isn't very educational.

    Chris: Know it all, we can do whatever we want. so we are finding NODDLES. You guys have 5 minutes. and begin!

    The teams are shown racing around the space station finding noddles

    Chris: Well time is up and we are about to find out which team has won but first Gwen, Ennui what were you doing....

    Gwen: I needed to scope out the competition chris!

    Ennui: Loki was sick.

    Chris: well you guys let down your team.... by a score of 45-35 the winning team of the first invincibility is...

    Chris: The screaming satellites!


    Kitty: This is lame, but I still had loads of fun! *takes a selfie*

    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson
    Loki was sick. If Ennui goes for that people are heartless.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dwayne
    Those goths are seriously holding us back, but I need to teach my son that villains never win. So see you later Ice Dancers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jacques
    I guess it's time to put Josee's plan into motion, I really hope if we are targetted it's Josee and not me going home.

    Challenge Results: SS scored 45 Points ; KC scored 35 Points

    Winners: Screaming Satellites

    Stars of Screaming Satellites: Geoff
    Semi Stars of Screaming Satellites: Dawn|Ella|Shawn
    Average Stars of Screaming Satellites: Bridgette|Eva|Trent
    Weakest Stars of Screaming Satellites: Gwen

    Losers: Killer Comets

    Stars of Killer Comets: Kitty
    Semi Stars of Killer Comets: Crimson|Dwayne|Junior|Tom
    Average Stars of Killer Comets: Jacques|Josee
    Weakest Stars of Killer Comets: Ennui

    Killer Comets Please send me the name of the person on your team that you want to vote off. You may send a reasoning in with your vote and I will do my best to include it in the vote off.

    You have 24 hours to send me your vote.

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    Kitty: This is lame, but I still had loads of fun! *takes a selfie*

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    Trent: I've got dick cheese stuck in my pubes. *Burps*

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanityEgo View Post
    Trent: I've got dick cheese stuck in my pubes. *Burps*
    Geoff: That's totally rad bro

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    Episode 1 "Here We Go Again" Elimination


    Josee, Jacques, Kitty and Tom are shown

    Kitty: Man guys, tough game out there. *takes a selfie*

    Tom: Like OMG I know. I can't believe we are going first, it's all Ennuis fault!

    Josee: Exactly! Remember that when we go to vote. I may be mean but I want to win.

    Tom: Like girl me too, I can't be going back home a loser!

    Jacques: Us four vote Ennui and just hope that one of us was the star.

    Josee: Of course one of us was the star. Hellllo don't you realize I'm in this alliance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josee
    I didn't want to have to team up with the loser Kitty and Tom, but they are the easiest to manipulate, for some reason stupid Dwayne and his side kick Junior want to team up with the goths. So be it, No way any of those losers can take me out anyways.
    Ennui, Crimson, Dwayne and Junior are shown

    Ennui: Loki is better.

    Crimson: I'm happy. *with no smile on her face*

    Dwayne: Now I believe in that Rabbits power, he will keep us all safe.

    Junior: Well it's obvious that Josee and jacques are trying to control things again we need to vote them out.

    Ennui: Who do we vote?

    Crimson: yeah, I'm stuck.

    Dwayne: It's obvious Josee thinks she can run things around here. We need to show her to respect her elders.

    Goths: Fine by us.

    Junior: Ugh that's what I said guys, why didn't you listen.

    Dwayne: Oh Junior, quiet down now the grown ups are talking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Junior
    I HATE being treated like a little kid, I came up with that plan and then my dad came in and took all the glory. I'm so annoyed, this isn't how I pictured things turning out for us. I want to take control into my own hands
    Junior is seen approaching the Ice Dancers

    Junior: Hey guys, so what's the plan this round?

    Josee: Now why would we tell you squirt you will just run off and tell Daddy.

    Junior: NO I WON'T! I'm my own boss, I hate that everyone thinks Im invisible.

    jacques: Poor little boy. Let the Ice dancers guide your way. Vote out...

    Josee: Ennui and you will stay around longer. Simple as that.

    Junior: I agree he held us back, I have a lot to think about.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josee
    We can only hope Bun-Bun jr brought us luck this round...
    Chris: welcome you guys to the zap zipping zone, this is the area you will come and cast your vote for a loser! IN order to lock in your vote you will take the laser pointer and burn a whole through the photo Let's find out who will stay.

    Flashback to the voting confessional

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacques
    You held us back and holding back the team. is shown zapping the photo of Ennui
    Quote Originally Posted by Ennui
    You are evil. Zaps the photo of Josee
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty
    Peace out buddy *takes selfie with the parchment* Zaps the photo of Ennui
    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson
    Strength is everything right now, and you weren't very strong Zaps photo of Josee
    Quote Originally Posted by Junior
    because I want to Zaps someones photo
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom
    the emo trend is soooo outdated. like eons outdated. i can't look at you any longer. Zaps the photo of Ennui
    Chris: When you get this moonshard you are safe. Annoying selfie girl, Obnoxious blogger, Know it all's son, Female goth these are for you.

    Tom: OMG this thing is so gorg, Chris I so want one of these after the game for a necklace.

    Chris: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh k. These next moonshard goes to none other then the amazing Jacques.

    Jacques: Yessss.

    Chris: Sadly Know it all gets this moonshard, Maybe you should learn not to self vote next time.

    Dwayne: I was making sure Junior packed everything he needed!

    Junior: Daddddddddddddddddd

    Chris: Which means it comes down to male goth and I can't believe this Josee.

    Josee: Oh Chris don't you worry, with the know it all not voting, this goth freak will be out of here.

    Ennui: Why.

    Chris: The final moonshard belongs to....

    Chris: Josee.... What were you doing during voting.

    Josee: Voting Chris....

    Chris: Well it seems like you failed to vote, which can only mean one thing..


    Chris: It breaks my heart but Josee you are eliminated.


    Chris reluctently shoves Josee in the Suction tube which sends her back to earth

    Chris: Man one amazing player already eliminated, this team really sucks! With 15 remaining and a lot left in store for these players, what will happen next time. Find out on Total Drama Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Space.


    Vote Count: 4-3-1

    Voted off: Josee

    Bottom 2: Ennui

    Player Eliminated: Buecey11

    A voting chart will be made shortly and put here


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    Ennui : Bye Felicia.


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