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    And is anyone surprised? I think not. I'm so glad that I was able to sit next to two of my favorite people in this competition, and I would not have had it any other way. To those that voted for me to lose...

    And recognize you could never try it with a queen.


    I'm sorry if this comes off incoherent but thank you so much. Like seriously, this win was the most unexpected win ever and I never anticipated taking this win. I honestly thought I would scrounge up a vote or two with Tiana taking the win. I'm honestly so honored, and beyond grateful for those that voted for me. I have been having a really rough life IRL outside of this game, but this was something I put a lot of effort into and you can ask the guys from my podcast how much I was cheering when I made final 3. I can't wait to tell them I won.

    To Tiana - I really, absolutely, truly, deeply, adore you with everything in my spirit, body, and being. You are someone that I have been so thankful has taken me under your wing as a friend on the site, and as a friend in general. Like girl, texting you means that I care about you and you know I don't trust people either like that so I'm so glad you took second.

    Brandi - baby boo. I still wait for the day that we have lesbian secks and you admit you want my body, but until then I guess I'll just have to wait in anticipation. Working with you in this game + making it to the end (****ING FINALLY) was an honor and I am glad that if I won, it was next to you, whom I respect and know would respect my win in return.

    I had such a great time in this game, and thank you so much once again. I'm beyond thrilled to be the winner, and I hopefully will be back in the future.

    As always, thanks for the game Toochy bb and I'm so glad my redemption arc played out the way I prayed it did.

    Jenn out~*~

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