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    Here's what Georgia had to say about her exit...

    How are you feeling about being eliminated from the competition?

    Obviously everyone's going to be gutted to leave but being eliminated at the same time as Megan kind of made me feel a little bit better because the judges were split in their decision.

    Do you think it was fair for the judges to do a double elimination?

    Megan was really angry - she didn't feel that it was fair. I was obviously really gutted because I wanted to win. I feel like the they should have made a decision; that would have been more fair. I kick myself thinking I still could have been in the competition.

    Was appearing on BNTM what you expected it to be?

    The competition was more than I expected. I really enjoyed every minute of it. It was really intense and there wasn't really one day that we had off. I was fortunate to make really good friendships as well. So many opportunities were given to me and I meet so many cool clients. It was a great experience to kickstart our careers.

    Tell us about your makeover...

    I had one of the most extreme makeovers. I had my hair cut into a mullet and dyed a rose gold, but it came out more pink than they expected. I was a bit shocked by the makeover. The next day we had the challenge of the Colgate advert and I was feeling really, really down in the dumps. I was a bit upset when I was getting my hair and make-up done. I thought it was quite a glamorous advert as they wanted us to take on the role of a Hollywood actress and I felt that all the girls could have theirs glamorously done but I felt quite masculine compared to all of them because there was nothing I could really do with my hair. But I was first up and I just gave it my all and went for it, and I actually won the challenge in the end, so it kind of proved me wrong that I was still able to do it.

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    Did you prepare yourself for a drastic makeover?

    Before I came into the competition I was kind of prepared for a drastic change but it's always going to be a bit of a shock. I was very brave and I didn't cry, it was only at the end when I was on my own. I'm now able to style it how I want and I feel a bit better about it. I know that it's going to be for the better in my modelling career so I'm willing to do that.

    What shoot did you find most difficult?

    The last shoot that I did was the Graham and Brown wallpaper shoot where we had to model paper dresses. I was really excited about it, and I'm not blaming the garment at all, but I found my dress really difficult to move in and do different shapes in. I was kicking myself when I came off set because I did all that I could but I felt like because some of the girls had shorter dresses they were able to show more variety in their poses. It's something that I had to work with and also something I'll have to work on because you're not always going to like what you're wearing.

    Was there a divide in the house with all the girls?

    I was really fortunate to make a really good friendship group with Lexi, Jenna and Bethan (aka Big Mix). There were cases where some girls got along better than others. People like Alex, Angel and Billie, they also got along really well, but I think some thought that caused a bit of separation among the girls. That wasn't the case at all. Big Mix would still mingle with the likes of Chloe, Jess and Megan. And there were times when they would just come into our room and talk to us, and that was great, we didn't mind at all because we didn't want to be seen to be causing any separation or divide.

    How did the arguments affect you?

    A lot of the arguments were about silly things. With the argument about the bedroom swapping, a few things were said from some of the girls which they now regret, but when Abbey Clancy came to the house, we all managed to sort things out. I had an up-and-down friendship with Billie and Angel, but towards the end things were smoothed over. Angel did apologise to me and I accepted it but actions speak louder than words as she's said sorry a few times. I'm not a very confrontational person but I'm just glad that by the end of the experience everything was fine between us and we were able to have a decent conversation.

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    Did you find it hard being away from home?

    I did find it hard being away from home. I'm quite a family-orientated person. When we had the phone call home I was really nervous. I was a blubbering mess on the end of the phone but I managed to speak to my mum and my sisters.

    Do you feel like the judges saw your full potential?

    I feel like I had more to give. Looking back I should have given my all, all the time. I think at the time I thought I did. But it's done now and everything happens for a reason and I know that all the girls will go on to do really well in the house because we all really want it. We're all capable of doing it and to get as far as we did out of all the girls in the country, I'm really proud of myself for that.

    Who was your favourite judge?

    My favourite judge was Abbey because she was a bit of a mother figure. She wouldn't hesitate to hug you and from when I first met her she was already calling me George as a nickname, like I had known her for ages. That was really comforting being away from home but still having someone to guide you and be caring. When I had my hair all cut off, she was the one cuddling me, telling me I looked great. She was the one who pushed me to have my headshot done, and so I did and gave it my all. That week I also won photo of the week for my shot. Had she not been there, I don't think that week I would have won photo of the week and the challenge. I think she was dead chuffed for me because she knew that I didn't feel great about myself. I could see in her eyes it was kind of like 'I told you so'!

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    Do you have any regrets?

    No, I feel like I did really well and my parents are really proud of me. I'm just really excited about what's to come from this. It's something I've wanted to do for such a long time. I'd be so silly to throw it all away. I deferred my uni place for this competition but I'm really glad I did because how often do you get a chance like Britain's Next Top Model? You can go to uni whenever you want. If I want to go to uni in the future then I'll do that but at the moment modelling is my priority.

    What was the best thing about your experience?

    The best thing about the experience is actually meeting Big Mix. It's crazy how after spending so much time with them I'm now able to call them some of my best friends. We literally told each other our life stories while we were there. It kind of takes a lot for me to like and trust someone but we just clicked. I've just got my fingers crossed for Bethan or Lexi to win now.

    *This interview took place in November 2015 soon after Georgia's exit. Keep up to date with Georgia on Twitter: @BNTMGeorgia.

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    So at least someone likes Abbey

    credit to Ejy

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