Welcome to the ultimate reality fantasy game.

Unlike other fantasy games this one will run for an entire year and include numerous different competition reality shows.

Series that are planned to be included are (if they are to air):
Big Brother US
Big Brother UK
Big Brother Canada
Celebrity Big Brother UK
The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race Canada
MTV's The Challenge
Top Chef
MasterChef US
MasterChef Junior
Hell's Kitchen
Bad Girl's All-Star Battle
RuPaul's Drag Race
Project Runway
Project Runway All-Stars
Project Runway Junior
Dancing With The Stars
Face Off

If you have others you can think of let me know
(I want to stay away from modeling shows since they are so numerous)

The scoring system for each series will be different, geared towards that specific show. The scoring system will be announced for each show before they air, but are subject to change due to format changes of the show that would have a great impact on the scoring system.

Once the cast for a show is officially released they will be added here for you to make your picks, team sizes will depend on the size of the cast. You can change your teams as much as you want, but they will become locked 24 hours before the premiere, which is also the deadline for a show.

Sign-ups will be ongoing, so even if you miss the first half you can still sign up for any shows after your sign-up.

Whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the year will be crowned the winner. As an incentive there will be in-game prizes for whoever scores the most points in a series, these prizes can help you further down the road.

I have decided to begin it now for any seasons beginning in December, and they will run well into 2016

Just PM me with your picks for these two shows, as both premiere December 2nd at 10 PM EST your teams are due no later than December 1st at 10 PM EST

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines


Your team will consist of THREE bloodline pairs, your team must have at least ONE female and ONE male


Aneesa Ferreira & Rianna Polin
Camila Nakagawa & Larissa Nakagawa
Cara Maria Sorbello & Jamie Banks
Christina LeBlanc & Emily Reese
Cohutta Grindstaff & Jill Tuttle
Cory Wharton & Mitch Reid
Dario Medrano & Raphy Medrano
Jenna Compono & Brianna Julig
Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio & Vinny Gliatta
KellyAnne Judd & Anthony Cuomo
Leroy Garrett & Candice Fowler
Nany Gonzalez & Nicole Ramos
Thomas Buell & Stephen Buell
Tony Raines & Shane Raines

NOTE: The Challenge is known for bringing in replacements. If a replacement is brought in they will will be added to the teams of anyone who chose who they replaced.

Win the Final Challenge: +25 Points
Complete the Final Challenge: +15 Points
Win the Mission: +5 Points
Win the Elimination: +5 Points
Cheer for winning team at the Elimination: +1 Point
Get into an argument: +1 point for each argument
Voted into the Elimination: -2 Points
Lose the Mission: -3 Points
Lose the Elimination: -7 Points
Removed for physical violence: -8 Points
Quit: -10 Points

More than likely this scoring system will change

Top Chef: California


Your team will consist of FIVE chefs, your team must have at least ONE female and ONE male


Amar Santana
Angelina Bastidas
Carl Dooley
Chad White
Frances Tariga-Weshnak
Garrett Fleming
Giselle Wellman
Grayson Schmitz
Isaac Toups
Jason Stratton
Jeremy Ford
Karen Akunowicz
Kwame Onwuachi
Marjorie Meek-Bradley
Phillip Frankland Lee
Renee Kelly
Wesley True

Crowned Top Chef: +25 Points
Compete in the finale: +15 Points
Win the Elimination Challenge: +10 Points
On top for the Elimination Challenge (excludes winner): +7 points
Return via Last Chance Kitchen: +5 Points
Win a Quickfire Challenge: +5 Points
Win the Sudden Death Quickfire duel: +3 Points
On top for the Quickfire Challenge: +2 Points
Win a Last Chance Kitchen duel: +2 Points
On bottom for the Quickfire Challenge: -1 Point
On the bottom for the Elimination Challenge: -2 Points
Lose the Sudden Death Quickfire Duel: -3 Points
Eliminated from Last Chance Kitchen: -3 Points
Asked to pack their knives and go: -8 Points
Quit: -10 Points