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    WAGs stands for Wives and Girlfriends of sports. It's a new reality show about the lives of certain WAGs in LA.


    Nicole Williams (Girlfriend of Larry English)

    Autumn Ajirotutu (Wife of Seyi Ajirotutu)

    Ashley North (FiancÚ of Dashon Goldson)

    Natalie Halcro (Girlfriend of Shaun Phillips)

    Barbie Blank (Former WWE Diva and FiancÚ of Sheldon Souray)

    Sasha Gates (Wife of Antonio Gates)

    Olivia Pierson (Natalie's cousin, Single but looking)

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    Oh god this show...

    I'm probably gonna check it out for Kelly Kelly aka: Barbie though

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    I only watched the premier for Barbie. Not the greatest show, but I'll watch a couple more episodes. These girls wear so much makeup

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    since sually the girls who have a relative with them on a reality show are more relevant than the rest, im going to assume natalie will be great

    barbie. <333

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    I think most are just here to watch Barbie aka Kelly

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    I thought Maryse was initially going to be here too. Or maybe a cameo with Barbie.

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    YAY! It was renewed for a second season, hopefully they recast some of the girls (ie. Autumn, Sasha, and Ashley) I loved that Barbie started hanging with Nicole, Natalie, and Olivia.
    I kinda what Olivia gone too, but we all know Natalie probably wouldn't do the show without her their like joint at the hip. Reason being I want those three gone, Autumn is way too judgmental and just boring like I understand she's all about her fam, god, and representing her man but its old and boring. Sasha, idk why she's even there half the time she just walks out of the dinners or meetings. Ashley, poor girl is being humiliated by her fiancÚ on television. 11 years and no date, no wedding, nothing. That should definitely be a warning sign to MOVE ON.

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    Season 2 premiered last night, and it was super good! Sophia (Olivia's littler sister/ Natalie's cousin) is probably going to be the best addition! Ashley is gone (YAY) and we didn't get to see that much of the other newbie Tia. Overall this season looks like its going to be great! Hopefully it doesn't drag mid-season, but as of now I'm here for it!

    Season 2 Cast:

    L to R: Sophia Pierson, Natalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson, Sasha Gates, Autum Ajirotutu, Nicole Williams, Barbie Blank, Tia Shipman

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    Season 3 is currently filming (according to Nicole's livestream on Instagram last night) Olivia and Natalie came out. She mentioned they were waiting for Barbie and Autumn.
    No news on who else is apart of the cast. They were also in San Diego last night.

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