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Thread: Laura Kirkpatrick

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    Her look is so unique, I have a feeling she is going to be a knockout photographically.

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    She looks amazing in the US Weekly shot, I love the fact she looks so tall. Her face photographs so well and I think she will give Nicole a run for her money when it comes to overall best portfolio at the end of the season. I think she will suprise people .

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    she looks so like cate blanchet in her photo, shes gonna be standout for sure

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    She's how C.9's Milla was SUPPOSED to look

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    I think she's so stunning. I love her face, it's great for the industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockerTannz View Post
    Let's get her thread to 100.
    Bumping for Laura.

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    Bump Bump Bump. :D

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    I'm sure once people realise her amazingness when the show starts, we'll get to 100 no problem

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    Laura love! I can't wait to see her interview on the site.

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    I had a feeling you'd like her.

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    I like her somewhat; I just hope she doesn't appear dead in all of her photos.

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    Her personality is really cute and I love her voice. She looks beautiful in person but photographs like that awkward girl who lands great photographs. She's top 5 material so you better like her.


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    I'm joining Laura's Lot!

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