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Thread: The Surreal Life 6

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    The Surreal Life 6

    What happens if you mix a 70's sitcom star, a Music Video Vixen, a crazy 80's hair band guitarist, add in a Playboy bunny, and Mr. Smash Mouth, shake liberally with the ultimate TV mom/hypno-therapist and a dash of Transgender Hollywood Royalty?

    You get SURREAL LIFE 6!

    Season Six of THE SURREAL LIFE is a mix of bigger than life personalities and genuine American icons who will try to make room for each other as they live together under one roof. They will see if they can manage to gel into another Surreal Family, always in front of the ever-present cameras.

    SL6's Celebs include SHERMAN "GEORGE JEFFERSON" HEMSLEY, CC DEVILLE, lead guitarist of Poison, Video Vixen and TV Star, TAWNY KITAEN, Transgender actor-ess ALEXIS ARQUETTE, STEVE "SMASH MOUTH" HARWELL, Playboy sensation ANDREA LOWELL, and TV's favorite Mom, FLORENCE "CAROL BRADY" HENDERSON!

    This season's surreal adventures include a video shoot for Smash Mouth's new single, an outrageous Battle of the 80's Rock Hair Bands, hosting a live Action News Report in San Luis Obispo, competing to be the next Talk Show Superstar, and for the first time ever, the cast will be choosing their own final roommate from a pool of former reality show hunks. Who will win the "15 More Minutes of Fame Reality Hunk Pageant?" Mr. Survivor? Mr. Apprentice? Mr. Big Brother? It doesn't matter, the women in the house can't lose!!

    There's also the ultimate TV mom and American pop culture icon who will serve the cast as our first ever in-house and on-call therapist/advisor. And with this mixed bag of big personalities and personality conflicts, they are going to need it!

    SURREAL LIFE is not your average reality show any more than its celebrities are average people. Their incredible life stories, career baggage and strong points of view make for intense moments that take the viewer from laughing to crying, disappointment to hope, and anger to joy, all in the same episode.

    Reality has never been more Surreal.

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    Episode 1

    A smart-mouthed Bellhop, Jimmy Pardo, greets, insults and coerces our cast into carrying their own luggage as they check into a surreal motel for Season 6 of The Surreal Life. Sherman Helmsley enters first and snacks his way through the house, choosing the Honeymoon Suite for himself. He is followed next by ?ber-vixen, Tawny Kitean, who wants everyone to know she has been mislabeled as a sex kitten. Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille, who is fresh out of rehab, and Smash Mouth lead singer, Steve Harwell bring their hard rockin' attitudes, but leave the crazy rock n roll lifestyle at the door. Alexis Arquette, the former brother turned sister of the famous Hollywood Arquettes sets the house on edge with her entrance. Surprising everyone with her late arrival, the ultimate TV Mom, Florence Henderson offers her services as a much-needed in-house advisor. Later, the cast learns they will choose their final roommate from a pool of former reality hunks in the "Fifteen More Minutes of Fame Reality Hunk Pageant.
    You can watch the first episode online on VH1.

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    Spoiler on mystery reality hunk:

    They have Scott Long (Big Brother), Ace (RW), Some guy from survivor, Corey Clark (AI), and Maven (Tough Enough) compete for a spot.

    The guy from survivor is eliminated first, then Corey Clark, then Scott (for having skid marks on his speedos, and finally Ace meaning Maven is the newest houseguest.

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    I remember him and that show. I liked him. heheheh He's not AIW hotness, but he's got it going on.

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    Maven was in the WWF for awhile, he never made it, hence Surreal Life status
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    I found the first episode on zoost dot com this is a must watch, and its funny I thought it was new the mom from the Brady Bunch is here, and plus its interesting to see the Cosby dad on the show as well.

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