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Thread: Alexis Cohen has died! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!

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    I love you Alexis!!
    May you R.I.P.!

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    Swim already posted about it GIF:/

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    Oh god for a second I thought this was about GlitterxGold. I was so upset

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    Hit & Runs are always bad, but like I'd panic too.....but I don't think I'd go as far as to drive away, but I get why people do leave the scene. They're probably scarred for life and it would mess them up psychologically to see the person that they hit.

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    This is so sad.
    I remember when I first saw her on AI and I thought they should've at least let her go to Hollywood.
    I'll admit that when I just watched her audition over again, I totally LOL'd when she did the tongue thing.
    But this is so sad.
    And what her mom said was soo an Alexis thing to say "When I find him, I own him".


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    R.I.P bb

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    When I read this I was like ;O. I liked Alexis, and honestly didn't think her voice was that bad.


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