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Game The Nerve 8
Creator Sundae Morning
Network Reality TV Games
Date started June 30, 2010
Number of contestants 15

The Nerve 8 is, as apparent by the title, the seventh season of The Nerve. Following the tradition of past Nerve sequels, Sundae Morning hosted as Wholahay Brown, the Nerve Queen from The Nerve 7. This Nerve is a hybrid of Survivor, Big Brother and Chain Reaction.

The Format

The Nerve 8 will consist of rounds. These rounds will consist of the RANKING, LEADER COMPETITION, ASSISTANT COMPETITION and WHOLAHATING CEREMONY. Everyone is eligible to compete and participate in this competitions and ceremonies.

To explain this further, I’ll explain each round through the 3 aspects of the game which is Survivor, Big Brother and Chain Reaction.

RANKING In all aspects of the game, before each round, I will ask you to rank the 15 players from your closest to your least closest friend. This will be necessary especially for the WHOLAHATING CEREMONY.

LEADER COMPETITION This is the first part of the round. The winner of the Leader Competition is called the LEADER.

If you win this competition and you are a… SUVIVOR player, you will have Immunity for that round. You will not receive any votes for the Wholahating Ceremony and therefore, you may not be WHOLAHATED. In this game, if you are wholahated, you’re out of the game since each of you are supposed to be friends.

If you win this competition and you are a… BIG BROTHER player, you will have to nominate 2 contestants to be WHOLAHATED in the game.

If you win this competition and you are a… CHAIN REACTION player, you will start a chain by saving one player from being WHOLAHATED and that player will also choose another player to be saved until there only one left off the chain.

ASSISTANT COMPETITION Anyone may win this, even the LEADER of the round. The winner of this is called the ASSISTANT. Your identity won’t matter for this competition. Instead, if you are the ASSISTANT, your power will depend on the identity of the LEADER.

If you are the ASSISTANT and the LEADER is a… SURVIVOR player, you will not have Immunity but you will have the eligibility to null one of the contestants’ vote in the Wholahating Ceremony and others won’t have to know it unless you tell them.

If you are the ASSISTANT and the LEADER is a… BIG BROTHER player, you will be able to remove one of the nominees for Wholahating Ceremony and the LEADER will have to replace the nominee with a new nominee excluding you.

If you are the ASSISTANT and the LEADER is a… CHAIN REACTION player, you will be able to start another chain after the LEADER where you can save one of the other contestants from being Wholahated where that contestant will also save another contestant until there is one left off the chain.

WHOLAHATING CEREMONY The Wholahating Ceremony is where all the players in the game will evict, vote out or left out a contestant in the game. Once again, the process of Wholahating Ceremony depends on the Leader of that round.

If the Leader is a… SURVIVOR player, each contestant will have to vote out one of the contestants excluding the Leader through sending it to Sundae Morning privately. The Assistant will have to include in her vote the player’s vote that she’s going to null. In case of a tie, the Leader has to decide which one will be Wholahated.

If the Leader is a… BIG BROTHER player, every contestant except for the Leader and the Nominees will evict one of the Nominees by sending their votes through PM to Sundae Morning. The Nominee with the most number of votes will be Wholahated. In case of a tie, the Leader has to decide which one from the nominees will be Wholahated.

If the Leader is a… CHAIN REACTION player, the Leader will save a player of her choice, and then the Assistant will also save a player of her choice. They will take their turns vice versa until one is left out off the chain. If the Leader is also the Assistant, there will only be 1 chain.

Now, the RANKINGS purpose is that in case you are not able to attend the WHOLAHATING CEREMONY… …the lowest person in your ranking will be your vote for SURVIVOR round. …the lowest person in your ranking between the Nominees will be your vote for BIG BROTHER round. …the highest person in your ranking that is not yet chosen in the chain will be the player that you will save in the chain for CHAIN REACTION round.

If you are not able to rank that week and you’re not able to vote in the WHOLAHATING CEREMONY, I will refer to your latest rankings.

This process will continue until there is only 2 left in the game. Starting Final 9, the Wholahated contestants will be part of the jury where they have to decide who will be the next Nerve Queen.

NOTE: If one of the aspects of the game a.k.a. Survivor, Big Brother, Chain Reaction are swept off or there are no players left in one aspect, there will be a shuffle in the identities. This is only effective until Final 5. So consider this in voting someone out and in your strategy.

Challenge Chart

R Type Name Winner
1 Leader I've Seen That Face Before Angelea
1 Assistant 5 Minutes To Save The World Angelea
2 Leader RTVG Members Angelea
2 Assistant America's Next Top Who Laura
3 Leader Restaurant City Laura
3 Assistant Different Diffrent Gina
4 Leader Time to Scramble Raina
4 Assistant Popularity Contest Isabella and Raina
5 Leader Letter Quantity Angelea
5 Assistant The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore Alasia
6 Leader The Least and the Most Isabella >>> Teyona
6 Assistant Game Wise Teyona
7 Leader I Haunt You Back Alasia
7 Assistant Lucky Boxes Raina
8 Leader Fluctuation Gina
8 Assistant Fail After FailGina
9 Leader Telephone Operator Gina
9 Assistant Wholahay Brown Jennifer
10 Leader That's Odd Marvita
10 Assistant Race to the Movies Raina
11 Leader The Leader Candy Whitney
11 Assistant My Boy Lollipop Whitney
12 Leader Avatards Whitney
12 Assistant I Have A Confessional Gina
13 Leader The Nerve Raina

Voting & Chain Chart

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Finale
Gina LauraAlasiaHeatherRenLast ChainRainaIsabellaLeaderLeaderLast Chain MarvitaAllisonNOMINATEDNerve Queen
Raina GinaAllisonHeatherLeader & AssistantAllisonNOMINATEDIsabellaAlasiaTeyonaWhitney MarvitaAllisonWhitneyRunner-Up
Whitney JenniferGinaHeatherRenRainaRainaIsabellaAlasiaTeyonaLast Chain MarvitaRainaNOMINATED Gina
Allison TeyonaTeyonaHeatherRenGinaRainaIsabellaAlasiaTeyonaGina MarvitaGina WHOLAHATED Raina
Marvita RainaJenniferHeatherRenLast ChainAngeleaGinaJenniferNOMINATEDAllison Gina WHOLAHATED Gina
Jennifer HeatherLast ChainIsabellaRenMarvitaAngeleaWhitneyNOMINATEDMarvita Left Off Chain WHOLAHATED Gina
Teyona IsabellaMarvitaRainaNOMINATEDJenniferLeader & AssistantWhitneyJenniferNOMINATED WHOLAHATED Gina
Alasia Last ChainIsabellaRainaRenIsabellaAngeleaWhitneyNOMINATED WHOLAHATED Gina
Isabella Alasia HeatherRainaRen TeyonaAngeleaWhitney WHOLAHATED Gina
Angelea WhitneyWhitneyHeatherRenWhitneyNOMINATED WHOLAHATED
Laura AllisonRainaHeatherRenLeft Off Chain WHOLAHATED
Heather GabrielleRenRaina WHOLAHATED
Gabrielle RenLeft Off Chain WHOLAHATED
Nnenna Left Off Chain WHOLAHATED
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