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Thread: The Real Housewives of New York

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMMAN View Post
    Oh! Now I remember her. She seems ok...maybe a bit too normal to be a regular on the show. So is Bethenny coming back for sure next season? Because I remember her saying something about going off to do that one show of hers, but all of the other housewives flipped their **** when they thought that Jill was trying to kick her out or something.
    Quote Originally Posted by TaylorMade View Post
    Kelly is probably gonna leave. She hinted to it in her blog.
    I actually agree with both of you guys. Idk how I overlooked it, but both Kelly and Bethenny leaving makes sense. Bethenny for obvious reasons and yeah I can't imagine Kelly wanting to sign on for another season.

    It would also bring the housewife count to six, which is much more probable.



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    For the question about who is leaving the show, the reunion didn't really answer it much. It seems like at least several girls just said "We'll see"

    Did anyone else feel really bad for Jill? Yeah she was a bit dense about the vacation thing, but to get rejected by a friend on tv would hurt anyone immensely. Alex needed to chill a bit, I felt like she just had a big **** you attitude towards Jill the entire episode. I was glad that Jill slammed her towards the end, "You were SPREAD EAGLE in the hallway, of your husband's hotel"

    When Jill was crying and hugging Bethenny at the end, Idk...I felt really bad for her. I hope they make up in the end.

    I loved the part about Kelly's contradictions as well, that was love.

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    ^Agreed. I thought it was definitely clear who would be staying/leaving, but the reunion just made everything muddled again



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    Its almost guaranteed that LuAnn, Sonja, Ramona, Alex, and Jill will be back.

    Bethenney, you never know. If she were to ever leave, now would be the perfect time.
    Kelly said in her blog something like "It's been fun while it lasted, but I wish all the girls success in their future endeavors." So I think she wants to leave, but she's crazy so...

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    I think Bethenny should leave just because she has her own life and it's all craziness. But I'd like her to stay 'cause I think she makes the show funny and not-so-serious.

    As much as I loathe Jill, Kelly should go. Jill should stay on 'cause she is catty drama, whereas Kelly is a genuinely messed-up individual. Kelly is too high and mighty and she thinks she's like Queen Elizabeth.

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    Gurl I am so glad yall are talking about this, and loving it. None of my friends watch this.
    Since every one was ranking, I want to rank them too.
    1. Team Jill4eva
    2. Countess Lulu
    3. Bethenny
    4. Kelly
    5. Alex
    6. Ramona
    7. Sonja

    But don't get me wrong, I like all of them. I don't want the original 5 to ever leave. I don't think it would feel the same. Also, if I am not mistaken, there were talks of Silex getting cut from the show too.
    You don't know me like that.

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    Damn, I wanna play.
    1. Kelly
    2. Jill
    3. Bethenny
    4. Luann
    5. Sonja
    6. Ramona
    7. Alex

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    This thread is soooo dead. Can we discuss this haute video?
    & also this stunning ass pic? So angelic.

    Countess_LuLu_is_luuuurve yes?
    You don't know me like that.

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    If we are gonna discuss videos please talk about this one, it had me and my friend in tears

    [youtube]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/youtube]

    Aafreen//Da Eun//Kyle//Bruna//Danika

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    OH @ the new season being delayed so they can show Miami first.

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    Ikr? I was so pissed when I read about it on ONTD! They've already been showing commercials and stuff, Miami def won't be as good as these fierce NY bitches.

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    I dunno, they have a lot of momentum from Atlanta and BH and maybe they don't think that NY can sustain that momentum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aga View Post
    I dunno, they have a lot of momentum from Atlanta and BH and maybe they don't think that NY can sustain that momentum.
    Ouch! You're probably right, I'm just not ready to admit it yet. I love me some NY housewives!

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    So with the news that Bravo was moving up the premiere of the "Real Housewives of Miami" into the "Real Housewives of New York's" timeslot, it sent us all into a tizzy about what the heck must have happened to have the most popular franchise pushed back?

    Well there are some clues out there...

    We saw the sneak peeks of Season 4 on Thursday, and they were a do you say...underwhelming...especially since Beverly Hills lit the fire in the ol' housewives belly for the fans, if you's not like they're following DC or a painfully long Orange County like last year.

    Kelly's been all sadsies on the Twitter today, while the other housewives went dark except for Simon and Alex, but it's all very shoulder shrugging on Alex's end. Not to mention Housewives use Twitter as an infomercial mostly, so grain of salt and all that. It's why I only follow a couple. But here's the thing...Kelly's never sad. I can't remember a time she's been publicly sad about anything. She lives in Candyland, so maybe something went DOWN before this announcement.

    Then there's the Bethenny factor. I have a feeling that has more to do with it than anything. I don't think Bravo wants to risk having a lackluster Season 4 without her, and have all the backlash from fans going on. Having RHONY and Bethenny Ever After Airing at the same time would just be bad juju for the RHONY franchise.

    So here's my educated (stop laughing) guess. People are fired up again over Beverly Hills, the new previews of RHONY didn't get the buzz Bravo wanted, they don't want the Bethenny love to torpedo season 4 and lose the momentum from Beverly back to the drawing board. I predict more shots with Bethenny on RHONY, since she'll be in our minds and hearts anyway... we're going to have to "Watch What Happens"...right?

    And congrats, get to reap the rewards of this madness.

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    Yall....YALL!!! The new trailer is so amazing, I kept on repeating it. Countess LuAnn is killing it this season omg!!

    IDK how to embed the clip here but you can watch it on ONTD:

    Forever the original HBICs of Bravo. The OC bishes can fade.
    You don't know me like that.

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    OMG! I can't wait!!!!!

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    OMG, I really laughed at this. OMG, when did this season start? I have so much catching up to do.

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    Bravo Considers Replacing Entire "Real Housewives of NYC" Cast

    The New York Post reported today that Bravo producers are currently looking to find replacements for the current ladies that make up The Real Housewives of New York City. A source confirmed with the paper that the network is searching for several women, meaning the entire group (which consists of Sonja, Alex, Jill, Cindy, Kelly, LuAnn and Ramona) is in danger of getting booted off the show. Apparently, producers are looking to reform the New York series and make it more like the one they've got going in Beverly Hills because the finale of the first season garnered the highest ratings the franchise had ever received. "They want an entirely new cast to replicate Beverly Hills. They want rich, rich women, like Adrianne Maloof and Camille Grammar, dripping in glamour and $10 million penthouses. And they don't want to fake it. They are discreetly reaching out to women who fit the bill," the source said. A Bravo representative confirmed they were exploring their options regarding the major swap, who said "We are always casting for new housewives in every city." But when asked if a complete changeover was likely, she said "We've never done it before." And while the idea of it is uncomfortable, The Real Housewives of New York City as a show hasn't been doing so well since Bethenny left (which was evidenced by this season's premiere earning lower ratings than Swamp People, America's Best Dance Crew, and Mounted in Alaska, AND the fact that the season was originally supposed to premiere on February 15th but was delayed because there wasn't anything exciting happening). All in all, I'd say I think Bravo is wise to consider implementing some changes to the series so it doesn't become a flop like The Real Housewives of DC was. But I am most definitely not in favor of anything that would take Simon Van Kempen away, because he did the impossible and made the attire for people who start their own internet companies consist of hush puppies.

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