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Thread: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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    I think Kim really thinks she can sing; she can't, she's tone deaf.

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    Kim thinks she's perfect, she lies a lot also (30 years old...Pshh Yeah Right)

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    How can she think that? I refuse to believe that she doesn't know! Remember the time she sang with Dallas Austin?

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    That was embarassing/hillarious
    Kim: "There's a tightrope, between me and you"
    Dallas: Cut!!!!
    I hate the way she is with her kids though, she's teaching them to be goldiggers just like her. I know she loves them but still...

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    Omg @ Kim being a lesbian now.

    My mouth dropped when I read it. Can this bitch NOT pull a Lilo trying to get attention?

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    WTF Attention. Whore

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    It's so annoying when people do things just for attention, then again I would never put it past her to do something like that. I'm sure Nene will hop on that train soon.

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    She got a boob job.

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    I thought she already had like three of those...

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    ^ yah, seriously

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    Yeah I think she's had three boobs jobs now. Her boobs have always been gigantic.

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    Kim's face is so scary looking...

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    Isn't she back with Big Poppa now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLDN View Post
    Isn't she back with Big Poppa now?
    Who knows.
    She did say not too long ago that she was with Big Poppa.
    Now she's a lesbian.
    Next week she'll be dating RuPaul. Who knows with that bitch.

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    I wonder if there is a drinking game invented for how many times she said, "Damn I'm hot/good-looking/sexy" etc. Quick way to get wasted right there.

    I thought it was disgustingly hillarious when she called Nene a moose though. I think that was the same episode Nene said, "Kim...that's a dirty, low-down monkey with a wig on".

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    Her tits look sooooo airbrushed.

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    Who is that girl next to her?

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    DJ Tracy Young, her supposed girlfriend.

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