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Thread: The Soup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devin View Post
    While I think Joel's humor is kind of lame he's super hot so its ok
    Quote Originally Posted by Chantal_Is_Love View Post
    He tries so hard to be funny but fails. I guess some people like his humor...

    I personally love his humor. It's half of what makes him so adorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spellboundboy View Post
    He is FUNNY AND HOT!

    I never knew that he had that hot body

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    best show on E!!

    kind of funny that this thread is mainly about Joel's looks

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    I don't get any of his jokes.
    The show's just not funny to me, it's kind of annoying actually.

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    RTVG Idol SpadeX's Avatar
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    I love the show! It's definitely not for everyone, you need to have a dry and sarcastic/mean sense of humor to get a kick out of the jokes. Most of the time it depends a lot on the clips, though.

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    This is probably the only show I will actually watch weekly.
    Joel McHale is my idol .

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    I love Joel McHale in Community, Hes Hilarious! Never actually watched The Soup thogh, but from what Ive seen here I might give it a Try.............

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    The only good part of this show is when they highlighted My V jay jay is painin that is all

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