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Thread: While You Were Out (TLC)

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    While You Were Out (TLC)

    While You Were Out is a show on TLC where one person secretly decorates a room for a loved one while that loved one is out of the house (and preferably out of town) during the transformation time of just two days. One designer, two carpenters, and a host work together to help give deserving people the surprise of a lifetime.
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    Another TLC favorite of mine!

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    I have no idea when this is on anymore. I know it used to be on Friday nights, but I can't find any new episodes. Mind you, I find some of they do is a bit too desperate.

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    I saw the very end of a rerun the other day. I checked the Show Board on their homepage and someone said that actually this SATURDAY (January 7th) the new season is starting, so check your local listings (not sure if it is different for you in Canada).

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    January 11-15
    25th Annual Miami Valley Home Improvement Show

    You?ve imagined the possibilites for your home, now the Miami Valley Home Improvement Show invites you to make them happen. The award-winning show returns with all the exhibits, seminars and special features that the Miami Valley has come to expect. Patrons can visit with home improvement specialists at over 140 displays, attend free seminars and do-it-yourself demonstrations. Two impressive landscaping features and one fantasy waterscape will give a preview of the blossoms and foliage to come. This year in addition to an emphasis on home remodeling, the show will feature the all-new Market Basket filled with artisans and crafters offering unique, one-of-a kind and signature pieces for the home. A "Mini Antiques Road Show" is also new this year, giving patrons a chance to get a free appraisal on Friday, January 13 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Patrons can also meet Michael Payne, popular designer from HGTV?s Designing for the Sexes, on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 12 noon and 5 p.m, and Andrew Dan Jumbo, the popular carpenter from TLC?s While You Were Out on Sunday, January 15 at 1 p.m. The show is sponsored by Bath Creations and Kroger. Show hours are Wednesday through Friday, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is only $6 for adults, free for kids under the age of 15. Parking is free.
    Sounds like a nice place to be on January 15 around 1 pm!!!!
    I would so like to see him in person (Andrew Dan-Jumbo) hubba-hubba

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    Oooh Andrew is cute I always wondered what heritage he was since he is so handsomely exotic with that beautiful accent. I found this on their website:

    Andrew Dan-Jumbo, Designer

    Named in May 2003 as one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People," Andrew Dan-Jumbo had no idea that he would become an overnight sex symbol by utilizing his exceptional carpentry skills on WHILE YOU WERE OUT.

    Born in Nigeria and raised in Shoreham, a coastal town near London, England, Andrew attended London's St. Martin's College of Art & Design, then moved to San Diego, California, where he honed his surfing skills. After a few years, Andrew returned to England where he began a career as a freelance graphic designer. In 1991, Andrew returned to the U.S. and, with his brother, co-founded Eurotek, a commercial and residential construction company that specializes in historic restorations and new home developments in Buffalo, New York. In addition to his extensive contracting projects, Andrew regularly volunteers his time modeling (for charity functions — cystic fibrosis, in particular) for upscale high-fashion agencies in upstate New York — a vocation he's been involved in since college. When he's not building and designing for WHILE YOU WERE OUT, Andrew enjoys cooking, surfing and anything else that's remotely athletic. Andrew is single and resides in Buffalo.

    He's appeared on Oprah, and has graced the pages of TV Guide several times.

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    Ewww... girl talk. *covers ears*

    I like Leslie, one of the carpenters. *blush*

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    (sigh) Another favorite show of mine. When they used to have "While You Were Out" and "What Not To Wear" back-to-back on Friday nights, my night was complete!

    I do miss the second host on WYWO though (if you watched WAAAAY back when, the first host was a blonde haired lady). The second host was Teresa Strasser and she was hilarious! But I've gotten to really like Evan Farmer as a host and not as a boy band member - if you remember WAAAAY back when, he played the main guy in 2GETHER (U + ME = Us )!

    I personally like the designs and designers more on WYWO than "Trading Spaces" because they seemed to be more for the person they were designing for other than what the designer wants to do. I don't remember anyone really getting mad or upset about their room. Do they still do the quizzes you had to take to win prizes for the room?
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    You liked Teresa Strasser? Ugh, I found her too annoying. Now, Evan is just obnoxious. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by manjalteng
    But I've gotten to really like Evan Farmer as a host and not as a boy band member - if you remember WAAAAY back when, he played the main guy in 2GETHER (U + ME = Us )!
    GASP!!!! Are you serious! I knew he looked familiar!

    Quote Originally Posted by manjalteng
    Do they still do the quizzes you had to take to win prizes for the room?
    The last time I watched yep. It's so sad when they get the quiz wrong and they can't have whatever it is they would have won, especially when it really would have made the room look better.

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    ^^^ Ok phew. I thought they took it out completely. Because it was 3 prizes and then it was only 2 prizes. I don't know if that included the grand prize or not, but yeah I didn't like it when they didn't win. Although those goofy prizes were hilarious!

    Yeah that is him. Can you believe it? I remember his first show on WYWO. Leslie had a 2GETHER shirt on and made him do the dance haha!!!

    Manny + glitter = mannyglitter !!!
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    Now, they make the prizes worth a lot more and they only do 2 a show. One time when they were doing a kitchen, the prize was getting all the cabinets.

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    ^^^ Haha, I wonder what would've been the booby prize if that person didn't win the cabinets! At least the prizes are bigger, but I guess the quiz has been "dumbed-down" so that it's a given they will win it?! Kind of like the grand prize quiz. Even I could tell what the homeowner's answer was... it was either the longest one or the one that was about love and family haha!
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    Oh, and there are no more booby prizes.

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