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Thread: Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC)

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    Uggggggh, I haven't watched the episode yet. I'm so upset about all the cheating allegations and everything else going on with them. It's all over every magazine I truly thought they were the perfect little family at one point, and now they've crumbled into nothing. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, guess I'll go watch

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    I didn't see the episode yesterday, but I have a feeling this show is coming to an end. With everything bad going on, maybe this is the last season

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    They announced their divorce in tonight's episode.

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    LOL @ Jon's earings! He's trying to be young and party. I wouldn't doubt the idea of him already sleeping with someone, jk.

    I feel like they just... gave up. Kate kind of added to it, by not talking to him. But they just sort of ruined their own marriage... and the press too, though. They should've stopped the show.

    But life moves on, I hope Jon gets a lot of gold diggers lmao.

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    I seriously hope neither of them get remarried cause it's gonna get really complicated. Poor kids

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    I've been watching the show lately just to see what all the fuss is about and UGH, I can't stand Kate. I know being the mother to that many screaming children has to be stressful but does she always need to be such a massive bitch to Jon? God it's like he can do nothing right in her eyes. On the rare occasion she actually says something positive about him it has to be backhanded and borderline sarcastic.

    I mean even after he spent all day painting a room and assembling beds she was still snarky and demanding.

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    So sad. Part of me was hoping the announcement would be that this was the last season instead. Even though I enjoyed the show in the past, if their marriage was being affected so much and the kids weren't happy, I would rather them just stop and go try to live a normal life than keep filming just so we can watch them.

    I couldn't watch anymore after the season premiere. It was just so sad. I watched last night because of the announcement, but I won't be watching anymore......probably not anyway. It would be amazing if maybe they took time off or stopped filming the show, and then they realized boom pow we can save this family and everyone is happy again.
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    Uuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh He is disgusting.

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    And whos left with the kids!?

    I saw an episode just there where they had a long flight and it was delayed and stuff, I felt so bad for them, the kids were outta control!

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    They alternate every other days or something to that effect. I doubt it works fluidly though...

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    My mom and I used to watch the show until Kate became a super b*tch. Now we're done with it, all this "celebrity" (I use that term loosely) thats gotten to their heads Im surprised anyones watching.
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    Jon has lost his damn mind. He was always "it's about the kids, it's about the kids" and now he's saying he despises Kate and running her into the ground. I'm not a huge fan of Kate but I can respect her a lot more for refusing to comment on it and for not parading around a bunch of man hoes, holding hands and stuff when you aren't even divorced yet.

    I know he sat back and took a lot of verbal abuse, but still, there's no reason to do what he's doing. It just makes him look like more of an a-hole than a victim.
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    Both parents are awful .. Think about the kids u stupid people ... the kids are just an accessory for them . .. Hate them soo much .... Poor kids ....

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    I used to watch this but I stopped because I was tired of Kate's.. pretty much... lies...

    She says "I'm doing this for the kids. It is for the kids", yet I saw an episode of her wearing $1200 louis vuitton shoes and a $500 coach purse.



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    Anyone watching "Kate plus 8"? I think there are only 3 episodes left and they are stopping making tv shows with the Goslins after that.

    I never felt sorry for the kids because they always seemed so well taken care of.
    I guess now that they are in school Kate can go back to working outside the home. She will probably have to adjust her spending budget significantly though.

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    Such an odd show

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