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Thread: Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by spellboundboy View Post
    Why? Do they beat 'em or something? I find the show rather enjoyable.
    Something how it's against child labor laws to have the children filmed for that long. They act as though, they would be doing something completely different if the cameras weren't there. The only work is when they say "on this episode of Jon and Kate plus 8."

    There will always be haters.

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    I swear that the law is under hot lights, but I could be wrong. But really, how is it work when they're just being filmed. They are not given directions, they aren't working.


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    an anti Gosselin blog made by the wankers twop called gosselins without pity


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    I smell a few nasty tights up in bunches.

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    The Sesame Place episode was so cute! Aaden's grover thing was just plain adorable. And watching the Crayola episode afterwards, I loved Alexis', "Is it magic?" question when talking about making crayons. Ugh. Pure cuteness.


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    Tonight's episode was pretty funny. Alexis was adorable with that pudding all over her. Aaden too When he was eating it off his body, I couldn't stop laughing. Kate is finally starting to annoy me though. The way she was talking to Jon when he was messing with the hose was just atrocious. I used to laugh at her personality, but she's starting to grate on my nerves. I only see her for 30 minutes a week, I can't even imagine what it'd be like to be married to her

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    The new season looks so promising. They moved into a humongous house and the kids are getting so much cuter.

    I love Alexis so much. "...but I like him, daddy!" when she saw a dead mouse.

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    I did not like this past episode too much since it didn't have a lot of the kids in it. However the previous one was one of my favorites.

    Aaden - "Remember, we're buddies"
    Aaden - "no chickens, or no sheep, or no anything!"

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    I love their new house. It looks really nice for the kids.

    I got a little behind on the new episodes the past few weeks because my DVR stopped recording when the Bachelor came on. I just watched the one where they moved into their new house though. I can't wait until this latest season comes out on DVD (I already have the first 2 seasons ).

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    Ohh my gosh. I'm seriously upset about all these divorce rumors and Jon's partying. This was the one reality TV family I thought would be together forever I also read some old rumors about why Aunt Jodi isn't on the show anymore. It's all so upsetting!

    Also, in the article in one of my magazines, it said their new house is worth 1.3 million They must be making a lot of money from this show.

    Some links and scans of articles:

    Jon Gosselin of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Allegedly Cheating on Wife

    Marriage Trouble? part 1 part 2

    'I Did Not Cheat on Kate'

    The old Aunt Jodi rumors

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    I think they are just going through a rough patch with Kate gone all the time. Jon went to a speaking engagement at a college and went out and had a few drinks. No biggie.

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    It said he was kissing girls' necks and mouths and dancing with them in a way his kids should never see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    It said he was kissing girls' necks and mouths and dancing with them in a way his kids should never see
    Unless they have actual pictures or video of this, I'd like to think it's just a rumor. Jon going to a event, drinking and taking pictures with pretty girls is perfectly fine IMO. They are mini-celebrities, it's expected. If he were going to cheat, I don't think he would be as dumb as to do it in public since he's been surrounded by cameras for a long time.

    Same thing if Kate went to like a fireman's convention or something and was surrounded by shirtless hunks
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    WTF @ the new rumor that supposedly Kate is cheating on Jon with one of theyre bodyguards?

    I don't believe it!

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    This episode was morbidly depressing to say the least and really, Jon just seemed a bit of a douche.

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    For the first time I watched some of the episodes in the marathon and geez, Kate seems like such an ass to be around.

    Is it true that she gave Jon permission to go with other women and that their relationship has been done for a long time? I know her brother and sister-in-law or something like that have talked bad about her interviews now.

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