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Thread: VEMA 10: Portfolio Battle

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    VEMA 10: Portfolio Battle


    Supermodel Valezca Petrova is back for another cycle where 8 beautiful girls will compete into becoming the next star of Valezca Elouai modelling agency. They will battle it out for the following prizes:


    - A campaign and runway gig with fashion house Theron by Thais Elyse
    -A campaign and runway gig with fashion house Bateren
    -A campaign and runway gig with fashion house CALLAINA
    -A campaign and runway gig with fashion house Alvari
    -A campaign for Carías eyewear collection
    - a double cover for L magazine
    -A campaign and runway gig with fashion house Anthony Odeon
    -Quarter of all the money gained on the competition(half for each doll)-A spread, interview and Cover with prestigious magazine Prestige

    and many many more prizes to come

    Nigel Kippling~ fashion tutor
    Valezca Patrova ~ Supermodel of all eras
    Ashton ~ Fashion Correspondent
    Lavignia Tucillo ~ Aspiring model
    Chloe Duval ~ Supermodel


    TBH ,top secret



    Name: Alyona Sereda
    Age: 22
    Height: 179 cm
    Country: America (born in Ukrania)
    Profession: Laboratory technician
    Biography: Alyona was born in Ukrania and moved to the States with her parents when she was young. She is a girl with ambition, and finished her education at a top university, soon finding a job as a lab technician, where she studied genetically modified honeybees. One day she was stung by a radioactive bee that had escaped, which gave her the permanent bee-stung lips. After that incident, Alyona quit her job at the laboratory, because she had found a new goal; to become a top model.
    Why you should win VEMA10? Because I have both beauty AND brains, and I don't give up until I reach my goal. Unlike people that are born with the goods, I have worked hard to get my education, my job and even my model look!


    Name: Aryne Griese
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'0
    Bio: Weird but eccentric girl, Aryne struggles in finding the right opportunity that is right for her.She is confuse on what she wants to be.So she tried go and make her debut in the fashion industry but she is nervous on how the industry will percieve her.She stopped and lose hope.Now she got a call from some stranger and asks her to join on the next season of VEMA.She tried and will try to work it out to make her debut in the fashion world.

    Why do you want to be in VEMA?
    I want this show to be the jumpstart of my career.I want to walk in famous designers like Thais or Rutta.I also want to become a role model for young ladies that struggles in bullying.


    name: Ashlee Parks
    age: 17
    country: moldova
    profession: soup kitchen volunteer
    height: 6'2.25"
    bio: ashlee was born in moldova and she moved to the usa when she was 5. ashlee was bullied growing up and no 1 helped her so she has issues with self esteem and confedence and stuff like that because of it. she joined this show cuz her theripist said that she should boost her confedence and she thought this would be good to help.
    why you should win VEMA10?: ashlee should win cuz she can prove that she can overcome so much from her past where she had problems and so that her confedence can get better and so that she can be a super model like she always wanted to


    Name: Janine Walters
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'9.5"
    Country: Alaska, USA
    Profession: Sales Assistant
    Biography:Janine is from a cold state, Alaksa. Her whole life, all she's wanted is to feel the heat of fame, and now she's getting her chance.
    Why should you win vema 10 ? :
    "I should win this season of VEMA because I bring something interesting to the show. I mean, who else is from Alaska? The rest of the folk there don't even know car's exist. We don't have magazines of electricity in Alaska, but I still know a lot about fashion!"


    Name : Kidan Abebe
    Age : 21
    Country : Ethiopia ( live in France )
    Height : 6'2

    Bio : Kidan was born in Addis Abeba in Ethiopia To a An ethiopian Noble family , Her great grand parents were the emperors Yohannis Abebe IV , So basically that make her a half princess , Money was never a problem for kidan so for that she decided to have her own unique sense of style and buy all the couture clothes she want to , She felt in Love with the modeling and fashion world , She decided to pursue that as a career , So she took her dad private jet and decided to go the fashion capital france to study fashion and to some modeling test shots , but that wasn't enough for her , After hearing some buzz about vema new castings call , she jumped on to sign up since she is a massive fan of the show and decided to give it a shot !

    Why should you win vema 10 ? :
    Take a good look at me , I'm so tall , my bone structure are to die for , and i'm stylish i have the whole package , what else ?


    Name: Leila Smith
    Age: 20
    Height: 5"10
    Country: New York, USA
    Profession: Singer/Songwriter
    Does not remember her past as
    she had amnesia
    5 months ago
    Why you should win VEMA10 ?
    Umm....wat. what.wait oh *Sings random Sh*t*


    Name: Shah Nankali
    Age: 19
    Height: 6’
    Country: America (Persian ethnicity)
    Profession: Recovering Psychiatric Hospital Patient/Aspiring Model
    I physically assaulted another contestant, and had an emotional breakdown where I quit VEMA3 at the Final 4. I was then admitted to a psych ward for two years; 6 of those months in a strait jacket. Since then I’ve had a ~spiritual awakening~: I shaved all my hair off, embraced my inner chi and relinquished my newfound physical and emotional being to the men of Jamaica. I’ve been a guest on various modeling shows within the past year but it’s not enough. I worry that I will become a has-been when I’ve always dreamed of being one of the icons of the industry.
    Why you should win VEMA10?:
    I’ve become a calmer and saner person since VEMA3. I’m also older, taller and I got a nose-job! I’m here because I want to redeem myself and prove that I am worthy of winning the competition. Also because Bahar, my little sister, is now trying to become a model and I will not let that little c*** upstage me. I’m here for a comeback bitches!


    Name: Stevie Dreamer
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'11''
    Country: Greece
    Profession: Bathroom Attendant, Shower Singer Every Day
    Bio: Nobody knows exactly what Stevie is. Is it a boy or a girl? You sure as hell won't find out from Stevie because Stevie believes that "I can tell a lot by somebody by how soon they ask me if I'm a guy or a girl." All that is known is that Stevie was born in Greece and currently lives in an apartment with an ex (whose gender Stevie also refused to reveal). The 21-year-old bathroom attendant says that Stevie Dreamer will become a household name "People keep trying to box me in and the only box of theirs I agree to be in is their TV screen."
    Why I Should Win: I'm Stevie Dreamer.

    Name: Denisa Kellans
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'10"
    Country: England
    Profession: Student

    Biography: Denisa was born into a not-so-great family. Her parents were divorced and everything was a mess, she moved with her mom because her dad was an alcoholic asshole, and she doesn't want to see him ever again. She has a twin older sister, and she's currently in Fablinska's NTM, she loves her sister very much. Denisa is very lovable, nice, but if you mess with her, she will mess with you too.

    Why you should win VEMA10? I think I should win because I have a great face, great height, and I've always wanted this since I was little, this has been my dream. Walking down the runway, posing, being interviewed, etc. It's just.... oh my god *cries*


    Please vote for the best 5 applications
    Mentor can vote,judges cant
    You may self vote or double vote
    Please dont be biased

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    Amazing girls
    Who are the all-stars?

    Alyona, Janine, Kidani x2
    Shah, Leila x1
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    Actually its only Shah from VEMA3 only

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    Alyona , Janine , Kidani , Leila , Shah x2

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    Alyona, Aryne, Kidani, Shah, Stevie x2

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    Alyona , Aryne , Kidan (Luis ) , Leila , Shah x2
    Stevie x1

    AustNTM : Linnea . Sabine . Aleyna . Jordan . Vitoria . Daisy . Jessie
    RPDR ~ All stars : Alaska . Tatianna . Katya . Detox . Alyssa . Roxxy
    HNTM: Emma . Denise . Noortje . Colette . Anne

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    Alyona, Janine, Leila, Shah,Aryne x2

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    Sardinia, Italy
    Chloe x1000

    Alyona, Ashele, Kidani, Shah, Stevie x2
    instagram: @giacomomannu
    fashion lover
    kitschy and trashy

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    I tought you were a judge. ^ Judges can't vote

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    Now, I don't speak portuguese
    But I can only assume that "crackuda" means
    "gorgeous, beautiful, young woman"

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    Alyona, Janine, Kidan, Shah, Stevie x2

    Pulju is my spirit animal

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    Alyona, Janine, Kidan, Shah x2
    Leila, Stevie x1

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    btw guys you may roleplay,it givs you extra points to win ! it worked for Aiyara!

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    Then make way for the king/queen.

    Janine (in confessional): I'm standing their on the stage waiting for them to the shot and suddenly I noticed her. Shah is back! In Alaska, we don't have television or electricity or fancy breadknives, but I still somehow manage to be on the same stage as Shah! And in this competition! I think that says a lot about my drive.

    Ranking All 211 Models Who Graced The Show

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    * A Girl walks in , Carried with gazillion Luggages *

    Kidan :

    AustNTM : Linnea . Sabine . Aleyna . Jordan . Vitoria . Daisy . Jessie
    RPDR ~ All stars : Alaska . Tatianna . Katya . Detox . Alyssa . Roxxy
    HNTM: Emma . Denise . Noortje . Colette . Anne

    " See, there is a difference between me and you. When you hear Céline you think of Dion. I think of the brand ... "

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    I never thought I'd see the day that Shah will be in action again. In tears right now

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    Kidan,Janine and Sha ftw!!!this cycle is going to be amazing

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    Alyona: Soo, hello girls..

    *in confessional*

    Alyona: These girls are such trainwrecks. I mean, unemployed bathroom girl, mental patient and some sheltered hick?
    They better not mess with me and my MIT
    Philipp Plein to the NTMs of 2016:

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