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Thread: ELIMINATION| Beautiful's Final Top Model

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    Quote Originally Posted by antm101 View Post
    Who made Casey?
    Looks like MSB to me?
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    Casey ! She look like a Hollywood star !

    Michal is also stunning


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    Both girls are beautiful. This has to be the best crop of girls yet even though not all of them have been shown.
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    Eroh: Hey. I'm Eroh.
    Steff: Hi Eroh! I'm digging the purple hair by the way.
    Eroh: Oh thanks. I like your hair too.
    Steff: Aw. So tell us a bit about yourself.
    Eroh: Well.... I'm tall.
    B. Ryan:
    Eroh: And I play basketball. I'm actually the captain of my team right now.
    Celine: Do you tower over all the other girls on your basketball team?
    Eroh: Oh yeah. I'm probably the tallest person in my school period.
    Steff: Is your height inherited?
    Eroh: My dad's like 6'3 and my mom's 5'9 so both of them are above average height. I'm still the tallest person in my family though.
    Celine: Well I do want to let you know that 6'4 is incredibly tall, even for the fashion industry.
    Eroh: Yeah that's why I was a little skeptical about trying out. But I think I owe it to myself to at least try.
    Steff: Absolutely. So let's have a look at your beauty shot from earlier today.

    Celine: Looking at this photo it's obvious that you've done your homework prior to entering this competition, so good job. The pose is very interesting and you still have plenty of neck. But I am concerned that you photograph looking older than you truly are.
    Steff: I love the way you photograph, Eroh. You have a look that I've never seen before.... and I've seen a lot. Everything about you is potentially groundbreaking.

    Steff: You may now return to the holding room, Eroh. Thank you!
    Eroh: Thank you so much.

    B. Ryan: This girl is high fashion as hell! She's like a fierce amazon creature who's just showed up to whoop some ass.
    Steff: A lot of the time, the "awkward" girls who come into this competition wind up taking good photos because of luck. This girl doesn't need luck. She clearly can pose her ass off.
    Celine: She's insanely tall and for me, she photographs very old looking. If she's going to make it in this industry, she needs to completely obliterate everyone else in the photo shoots. It's going to be hard to get a designer to book a girl who is 6'4. That's male model height.
    Steff: Yes her height is an issue. However with the right photographers and designers, this girl could sky rocket into the fashion industry and make a huge splash. But do we give her a chance to do so?

    Ivylott: Hey you guys! I am Ivylott and it's such a pleasure to meet you all.
    B. Ryan: That's a fierce ass name. Ivylott.
    Ivylott: Thank you very much! No one ever has trouble remembering my name.
    Celine: So it says here that you're a bartender. Do you drink a lot?
    Ivylott: I have an occasional drink of course but I'm not an alcoholic.
    Steff: When you drink too much, what happens?
    Ivylott: I get pretty cray cray! I have a little trouble keeping my hands off the guys.... and girls.
    B. Ryan: You're bi?
    Ivylott: I don't like to label myself as something but yes, I have had relationships with men and women. I just consider myself to be a very sexual person who loves who she loves regardless if they're male, female or transgendered.
    Steff: Now let's take a look at your photo that you took earlier today.

    B. Ryan: Ooh girl's got face! Even with your eyes close it's still fabulous.
    Steff: This was a blink shot, correct?
    Ivylott: Yeah I think I blinked here.
    Steff: Regardless of that, this is a gorgeous shot. Your other photos to choose from weren't as strong though.
    Ivylott: Ok.
    Celine: Yes the face is good but we've already established that it's because of a mistake. I just don't think that you look expensive in this photo. To me, you look like an 80's punk rocker.

    Steff: Ivylott, thanks so much. You can rejoin the others now.
    Ivylott: Thank you. Please don't forget about me guys!

    Celine: I don't get her look at all. I didn't see a model when she was standing in front of us and I don't particularly see a model in her photo. Basically she got lucky and took a decent picture.
    B. Ryan: Honey this is more than decent. Her face is undeniably fierce in this shot. I'm getting diamond in the rough vibes from her.
    Steff: I love her beauty shot. I really do. But it does concern me that she only got this shot because she blinked and the photographer captured it. The rest of her film was just ok.

    JULY 4, 2009

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    I think this update is my least fave thus far. Eroh has an interesting look, but I agree that she photographs old. And Ivylott is cute enough, but I hate the dangly pixel on her chin. Regardless, this is still one of the strongest casts to date imo.

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    Florida! Disney World! Yass!


    Eroh is going to whoop some ass.


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    Really like Ivylott (But dat pixel on the chin though .. )

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    Dang I knew everyone will hate the extra pixel on her chiny-chin.
    Well, I hope Ivylott makes it.

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    The girls are talking in the holding room.

    Ivylott: The judges asked me about my sexuality and I was like "Hey, I date who I like. Man or woman."

    Sam: So you're bisexual?

    Ivylott: I hate that term but yes, I am.

    Sam: Phew, I was starting to think I was the only gay girl here.

    Sam: Being a lesbian in a house full of gorgeous women is tough. I'm single and ready to mingle but as far as I know, Ivylott is the only other girl in the house who dates women. Maybe I can bring some of them over to my side.

    Trinee: Good evening. I am Trinee Oskana and you can stop searching because you've already found Beautiful's Next Top Model.
    B. Ryan: Ooh, somebody's confident.
    Celine: You're awfully cocky. What do you think gives you the right to be so arrogant?
    Trinee: Celine, I'm obviously the best looking girl here. It can't be denied. No one else has a look as striking as mine.
    Steff: Speaking of your striking look, what is your ethnic background?
    Trinee: My father is Japanese and my mother is Kenyan. I was born in Kenya but my mother got a job as a maid for a wealthy family in Japan, so we moved there when I was very young.
    Steff: So you moved to New York a few years ago. Why is that?
    Trinee: I moved to New York so I could attend law school. Basically my mother made some bad choices in Japan and because of that, people started treating me very differently there.
    B. Ryan: What did she do if you don't mind me asking?
    Trinee: Um, she had an affair with the father of the family she was working for.
    Celine: Wow.
    Trinee: Everyone called her a home wrecker and blamed her for breaking up a family, and because my mother had that reputation, no one wanted to be around me. So I had to get away and make a better life for myself.
    Steff: Well let's have a look at your beauty photo from earlier today.

    Celine: I do have to admit, I'm impressed with this picture.
    Celine: You are in charge of this photo and you have a very strong presence. I can see this as an ad for sure.
    Trinee: Yes it would make a lovely ad.
    B. Ryan: I freaking love how confident you are.
    Steff: Hm, I have to disagree with Celine a bit.
    Steff: I feel like you're resting too much on pretty in this picture. I don't feel the passion flowing out of you like I do in some of the other girls' photos.

    Steff: Alright Trinee, you may now return to the holding room.
    Trinee: See you all later tonight.

    B. Ryan: When she walked into the room, my jaw dropped. She is ****ing beautiful! And she knows it.
    Steff: Her arrogance kind of annoyed me. It's great to be confident but I feel like she thinks that she's already won this competition and doesn't need to even try.
    Celine: I'm surprised that you didn't love her beauty shot because for me it's nearly perfection. She looks like an up and coming star.
    Steff: I think she's a strong model. I really do. But there's definitely a few girls ahead of her in this race right now. She doesn't have it in the bag like she thinks she does.

    Sam: Hey everybody! I am Sam, Sam I am.
    B. Ryan:
    Steff: Loving the androgyny, Sam!
    Sam: Thanks! This is who I am.
    B. Ryan: So do you have a girlfriend?
    Sam: Ugh, not right now. That's why I'm hoping there's some single girls in the house but so far it seems like I'm barking up the wrong tree with most of them.
    Steff: So you attend a fashion school?
    Sam: I do. My whole family has always been into art and fashion design. My mom actually used to own a clothing shop and design custom gowns.
    Celine: I'm reading here that you said that you were bullied as a teenager. Why is that?
    Sam: That's when my bodied started changing and I started to get taller. People would call me a giant a things like that. Then in the 7th grade, I came out as a lesbian and I lost a lot of friends because of it.
    Steff: Those weren't true friends then.
    Sam: Oh definitely not. They completely turned on me and started making fun of me, calling me a lesbo and queer. And after a while I got sick of it and was just like "Yeah, I am a queer. **** off."
    B. Ryan: That's the attitude to have, boo.
    Steff: Sam, let's take a look at your photo from today.

    B. Ryan: I like it. You photograph much more femininely than I was expecting.
    Sam: That's good.... I guess.
    Steff: I love how you've placed your hand in this shot. You have a wonderful face but I think the expression could've been a little bit stronger.
    Sam: Yeah, definitely.
    Celine: You do have something special, Sam. Your face is a mixture of classically beautiful and other worldly. But you're going to have to learn to master it and use it to its full potential. You haven't done that in this photo.

    Steff: Thank you very much, Sam. You can now join the others.
    Sam: I was great meeting you guys. Thanks.

    Steff: There's something about this girl that makes her very interesting to me. We've seen the androgynous thing before but somehow she brings something new to it.
    Celine: I do believe that she can have a strong career but she's going to have to be pushed. As with Eroh, she's taller than what most designers prefer.
    B. Ryan: I love her freckles, I love her androgyny, I love her physique. This bitch can rule the fashion scene if she truly wants to.
    Steff: She has a rather large chin so she's going to have to watch her angles. Not every angle is going to be magic for her.

    JULY 4, 2009

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    Finally !! , I hope Sammy Can get in !!

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    Sammmm i looove her

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    Nanette: Oh my gosh! I can't believe this is real!
    Celine: We're very real, dear.
    Steff: What's your name sweetie?
    Nanette: My name's Nanette. Sorry I'm just so excited to be here!!
    Steff: I can see that. So who is your biggest idol?
    Nanette: Taylor Swift. I just love her! I want to be like her but in the version of a model, you know?
    Celine: I'm not sure I do.
    Nanette: She's such a great role model for young girls and that's what I aspire to be!
    B. Ryan: I'm reading here that your parents are not supportive of your dreams to become a model? Why is that?
    Nanette: My mom and dad are very religious. I wasn't allowed to watch anything with curse words in it as a child and we never got to go to the beach because my parents didn't want me seeing women and men in their bathing suits. So you can imagine that they almost had a coronary when I told them I wanted to be a model.
    Steff: Do your parents know you're here right now?
    Nanette: Um.... no.
    Steff: Where do they think you are?
    Nanette: Uh..... they think I'm at a Christian Convention for youths in Brazil.
    B. Ryan:
    Celine: You naughty little thing.
    Steff: Well I'm sure they'll be in for a big surprise soon. Now let's take a look at your photo from earlier today.

    Celine: You look rather mean in this photograph. I'm surprised because I pictured you to be the sweet, commercial girl. I just don't see anything special in this shot I'm afraid.
    Steff: In most of your frames, Nanette it seemed like you were kind of just standing there. I would study my poses if I were you. But I do think you have a very striking face that photographs well.
    Nanette: I know I have work to do but I promise I'll get better if you guys give me a chance!

    Steff: Ok Nanette, you're free to rejoin the others in the holding room.
    Nanette: Thank you so, so much!

    B. Ryan: I love that this girl has a wild side. She seemed so wholesome and cute and then she's like "Oh yeah, my parents think I'm in another country at a Christian Convention."
    Steff: I feel like Nanette is a girl who has everything going for her. The face, the height, the body.... but the sum of the parts aren't giving me a wow factor.
    Celine: This is another girl who expects us to teach everything to her. We don't have time for that. Know your **** before you enter this contest, thank you.

    Vivian: Good evening. I'm Vivian, I'm from New York and I'm a mommy.
    Steff: Hi Vivian! So you've done this all before. Tell us why it didn't work out for you in Cycle 1.
    Vivian: I completely wasn't ready for the pressure of this competition. I had never been away from my children so having to leave them to be on the show was hard for me.
    Celine: Why have you decided to come back after all this time? I mean, that was 31 cycles ago.
    Vivian: My children are at the age now that they don't constantly need me around. Both of them are in school, they're more independent and I feel like I can finally follow my passion without having to feel guilty about it.
    B. Ryan: Hunty I am all for following your dreams at any age but you're 27 now. That's going to be a huge obstacle to overcome in this industry.
    Vivian: And I understand that. But I've worked hard, I've done my homework and I'm asking you guys for a 2nd chance. This means everything to me.
    Steff: Well you're the last girl of the day. Let's see how you did at the photo shoot.

    B. Ryan: Vivian, this is freaking phenomenal! You are turning it out in this photo! You've made me a believer, that's for sure.
    Steff: I don't see a 27 year old mother in this photo. I see someone who could very well be a world supermodel. I see so much improvement in your modelling already.
    Celine: Today we've seen so many girls who look like models but don't know how to model. For me, you're the opposite. I don't see a model when I look at you but this picture proves that you know what you're doing.
    Vivian: I'm telling you, I've worked my ass off since my last time in this competition. Please give me a chance to show you that.

    Steff: Thanks Vivian. You can now return to the holding room. And soon, I'll be in to break the news to you all.
    Vivian: Ok, thank you all very much.

    Steff: This chick wants it the most out of anyone, I'm telling you. She was so crushed after her elimination in Cycle 1 and I don't think she'll take no for an answer.
    B. Ryan: She's 27 years old but who gives a damn? Look at this photo!! This is a model!
    Celine: But when she walked into the room, I knew she was 27. A designer isn't going to book a girl off of 1 picture. This could be a fluke for all we know.
    B. Ryan: This is not a fluke! You said it yourself-- this woman knows what's she doing.
    Steff: Well we're going to have to decide on her fate.... and the fate of 17 other girls. Who will make it into the Final 13?
    Celine: This is going to be tough.

    JULY 4, 2009

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    Vivian definitely worked the shoot, such a transfermation! I have no idea which 5 will be eliminated but I hope not Georgie!
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    I love the two news,nannete can be perfect but in blonde and vivian have a fierce face

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    The cast will be revealed later today. Until then.... who are your favorites? Who has the best personality? Who took the best photo? Who can be the Final Top Model?

    JULY 4, 2009

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