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    MK1 (Groups)


    Mentored by Louis Walsh

    1st Audition - "Written In the Stars" / "Read All About It" (Tinie Tempah / Professor Green)

    Judges' Houses - "Dub Be Good to Me" (Beats International)

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    I like them, mainly cos I love sang hooks & rap verses. I doubt they'll go far though - they'll be among the first few acts out.

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    The girl is probably THE BEST vocalist of the season.

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    I don't get it.

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    Everyone on DS absolutely hated their performance, but I thought they were great! Hope they last a few more weeks.

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    Not the most vocally impressive act in the competition, but I really enjoyed their performance. Hopefully they'll go far.


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    Charlie has been stronger in the past vocally but I did really enjoy their performance tonight, it was definitely entertaining.

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    i enjoyed their performance..

    but they should've changed their name too. how is MK1 any better than GMD3?

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    I like Charlie's vocal. They're good.

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    I fell in love with Charlie's voice from their first audition , they're my favourite same as Ella&Melanie ,but yeah there's something that tells me they'll be kicked out soon ;(

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    Louis was useless this week. First that cheesy boyband track for District 3 (not that I care about them but I need evidence to back up my point!!!!) and then I Want You Back for MK1? What in dated cheeseball hell was Louis thinking? Go away and think of some current songs PLEASE.

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    Best band was sent home.


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