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Thread: (F/W 2012) Anthony Odeon

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    (F/W 2012) Anthony Odeon

    Lights goes on and people are taking their places

    While the girls are prepared backstage, our guest for this night who came all the way from Ukraine will have the honor to perform one of her songs. Please welcome her.


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    omg the backgrous

    cant wait for the collection

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    Thank you for watching

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    One of my favorite shows ever. Those designs. Now I want to create a girl just to have her wear one of those outfits in the semis of a game. I started writing which pieces I loved most, but there are too many. Thank you for booking and letting Nadia open this extraordinary show. Excellent all-around show, Rashu.

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    OMG one of the best elouai shows ever!!

    I love every single piece, the styling, the runway!!!! Thank you so much for booking Ala!!!! I cant believe she got to be part of something beautiful like this! And I am in love with the piece shes wearing! I cant get over hers, Nadias, Jennys, Kyras and Rues looks! I just wish I could buy them somewhere

    ps.: I love Jennys bumpy walk Does anyone else see it?^^

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    I would wear this IRL.

    Awesome show! Such expensive styling and design work!

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    Wow these are very well-made bb. The collection is so unique.
    I really love Ala's and Rue's.

    Thanks for booking my model, Celine and Sida. (and I'm not sure is that Utopia? LOL)




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    such a grogeous mix of paterns but I see how you picked the dolls with the most striking eyes, gorgeous collection

    omg wurk Teddy representing for the plussies,thanks for casting her

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    Gorgeous! Thanks for booking Kyra!

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    wow such a stunning and intricate collection...
    love all the pieces rashu
    and thanks a lot for booking stina

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    Great show! Thanks for booking Jenny!

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    [spoiler5]Ala Adanna
    Celine Liang
    Charlie Van Brussel
    Ipo Kaluhiokalani
    Jenny Song
    Kyra Hevekk
    Lais Del Sarto (C)
    Nadia Ganidou (O)
    Naomi Oxborough
    Nivaeh Rousseau
    Pia Mccarden
    Rue Ubaale
    Sida Devi
    Stina Ballano
    Theodora Alrman
    Utopia Mayan
    Yao Huang
    Yordana Kanaan
    Zani Smajli
    Zola Kenyatta

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    Double OMG for the background

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    This is seriously stunning and deserves much more comments. The whole collection flows so beautifully with the background and music. Seriously talented bb and you should be designing more collections because we're def missing out

    Thanks so much for making Lais close the show, she looks stunning

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    Yes, praise the lord because this was a show. I love every outfit, and I love that Naomi, Kyra, Nadia, Charlie & Sida all walked in the show. I love the designs, and I felt like I was at a show for like Chanel.

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    Thank you so much guys for the kind words . I am going to start the campaign and I am keeping the girls as a secret

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