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Thread: Survivor II: Thomcantins

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    Seriously I want to go to bad But I want to see results even more

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    ^ Results for Exile Island will be up tomorrow with the episode four thread! I was being sneaky with the white text

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    Bad= Bed But thanks, now I can at least go sleep

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    Jerri: oh im anxious for the Exile results too!

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    Charlie: Byeee Shane! Won't really miss you too much
    lol irl @ you waiting to post exile til tomorrow, you troll...


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    Neleh; Is it day 24 yet?

    RIP </3

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    Danielle; Bye, Rob. Can't wait to know what happens at Exile.

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    Is it 'tomorrow' already?

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    [EP04] "Time To Slit Some Throats!" «

    EPISODE 04. «
    Last time on Survivor II: Thomcantins;

    The tribes again started the episode at the Reward Challenge, competing for the power to send someone to Exile Island and an advantage at the Immunity Challenge. Timbira ended up winning the challenge in a close match of 2-1. Before the tribe leader, Natalie, would send anyone to Exile Island, Probst announced that there would be a twist. In this twist, it was revealed that Natalie would have to choose two members of the opposite tribe to send to Exile Island, and each of them would choose someone. The four would spend the week at Exile Island, missing out on the Immunity Challenge and their Tribal Councils. It was also announced that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council and losing a member. Natalie chose Matt and Sonja, with them both chopsing to take Ken and Natalie respectively. Just about as they were about to leave, it was announced that only three of them would be returning from Exile Island. After the shock of this twist, the tribes competed individually in a challenge called "Jumble Trouble," which involved unscrambling fifteen jumbled names of Survivor players, then putting them in the order they came on the show. With two Individual Immunity Necklaces up for grabs, the best performer from each tribe won immunity. This ended up being Brenda on Jacaré, and Jerri on Timbira. Both tribes then went to Tribal Council. Both of the votes were extremely lopsided; at Jacaré, it was Rob who left in a vote of 6-1, after receiving a self-vote, and over at Timbira it was Shane who got his torch snuffed in another vote of 6-1.

    Now, only sixteen remain. Who will be voted out next? Stay tuned.

    Brenda » Sundae Morning
    Candice » Gemma
    Danielle » OoSleePlesSsoO
    Jonathan » Iron Muffin
    Leif » eagle2ch
    Matt » Aandres
    Parvati » Aly
    Sonja » Estquer

    Charlie » BottleItUp
    Fabio » JonToxic
    Jerri » Lumina
    Jim » VanityEgo
    Ken » Simon
    Natalie » Shattered
    Neleh » xymandopex
    Whitney » Malicious

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    @ this not being the results post

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    Creating the results post now!

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    Neleh; Oh my heck! Where is everyone? It feels so . . . empty

    Oh my heck meter; 10

    RIP </3

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    Exile Island Elimination. «

    Jeff Probst | Alright tribes, I have gathered you all here on the beach today to reunite you with the other tribemates who spent the past few days on Exile Island. As I announced to you before, only three of them will be returning, meaning one of Ken, Matt, Natalie and Sonja will not be returning to the game. You will find out the three who are returning right now - here comes the speedboat which is bringing the three victorious players back.

    *cut scene to a view of the speedboat running across the waves, with the windows blacked out so it is impossible to tell who is inside*

    So while the speedboat is making its journey, I will explain to you how it was decided who would be returning to the game and who wouldn't. The four on Exile Island competed in a challenge this week at the same time as you, in fact the very same challenge that you completed for the Individual Immunity Challenge. However this challenge was a lot more vital for these four than for you. The player who did the worst on the challenge was eliminated from the game. They all scored 100% on the challenge, so in the end it came down to time, and the slowest player was eliminated. Well, I can certainly tell that you are all shaking in anticipation to see who is returning and who is not, and now it will be revealed.

    *speedboat pulls up to the shore, and the door opens*

    One by one, the three players will emerge from the boat in the order of how well they did in the challenge. So let's bring out the person who did the best on the challenge at Exile Island. Come on out!




    Sonja » 3 mins.

    Jeff Probst | Welcome back to the game, Sonja! Please go over there and stand by your tribe. Who else survived the challenge?




    Natalie » 9 mins.

    Jeff Probst | Congratulations and welcome back to you too, Natalie! You may rejoin your tribe. The two tribe leaders are back, which means either Ken or Matt failed the challenge and was consequently left behind by the other three. The last person safe is...




    *a male figure emerges from the boat*

    Ken » 12 mins.

    Jeff Probst | Well done, Ken! You managed to beat off Matt in the challenge and you have returned to the game. You weren't too far behind Natalie either. Congratulations, you may also join your tribe. However, this unfortunately means one person was left behind.

    Matt » 22 mins.

    OOC | Aandres, I'm really sorry to see you go like this on a challenge - you did better than some of the people who didn't go to Exile so you were the unfortunate victim of my evil twist. Thanks for signing up, and good luck in the future!

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    . I thought I had been slower than that . Congrats to everyone who made it!

    Sorry to see you go, Aandres . That was a rude twist...

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