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Thread: Jade's Jumpsuit dress ID?

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    Jade's Jumpsuit dress ID?

    hi all,

    my girlfriend wants a jumpsuit style dress like the one that Jade wore in the elimination room on tuesday (episode 5).
    does anyone know the make of it or where to get one or something similar?

    its the beige floral backless one that grace commented on if thats any help.

    thanks in advance!
    mumble mumble mumble...

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    Ask Grace on Twitter. She might know, she often told me where stuff from X Factor were from at Christmas, I know she was the stylist on that and shes a judge here but you never know

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    cheers, will give it a shot...
    mumble mumble mumble...

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    She said on twitter it's from Topshop.

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    Jumpsuit 4

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