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Thread: Basketball Wives

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    Basketball Wives


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    The next RH franchise~

    Work at vh1 coming out with one in each city now. The drama is more prevalent on BW than on RH, too.

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    Thank you for finally making a thread for this.

    Is it wrong that I'm TEAM Tammy and TEAM Evelyn?

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    I'm only Team Tami.

    I like Royce and Suzie.

    Really, I like them all except Shaunie.

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    I like Tami and Royce.

    Evelyn, Jen, and Shaunie are meh

    I hate Meeka and Suzie.

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    Nahh. I can't really get into Royce. She looks like a 12 year old and her personality just seems "put on" for me.

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    I wasn't a big fan of Royce on the first season because I was Team Gloria, but Royce won me over on the reunion for season two. She was going hard~

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    The new series, produced by the original Basketball Wives mastermind, Shaunie ONeal, looks at a new group of women 3,000 miles from Miami, but with just as much drama in their lives. The new cast includes Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers), Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie), Imani Showalter (ex-fiance of Stephen Jackson, Charlotte Bobcats), and perhaps most dramatic of all, sisters Laura and Gloria Govan.
    Omg Gloria.

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    Who Gloria? lol.

    And, I'm assuming this takes place in LA?

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    Gloria, she was on Basketball Wives.

    And yes, in L.A.

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    I didn't really get into the show until SUPER late last season. I remember the cast being more than just Jen, Evelyn, Royce, Shaunie, Tami, and Suzie. What happened to all the other women that are in the promo at the top of the page?

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    Did you know there's going to be a Basketball Wives LA

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTMloverr View Post
    Did you know there's going to be a Basketball Wives LA
    I posted that a few posts above yours.

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    The show is getting made into a franchise, and it will be very similar to the Real Housewives franchise. They will have a show in each city. I believe Chicago and NY are going to be done after L.A.


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    i feel like they dont show shaunie enough. the rest are ok, no favorites though.

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    Lol I love the Meeka vs Tammy fight. Meeka got what was coming to her, because of her not being able to keep her mouth shut.

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    the basketball wives la reunion is tonight!! cant wait

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    i like draya. on the reunion, she was attacked. jackie is a trouble maker bringing up peoples past. draya does not have to explain anything to u jackie

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