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  • Darija

    9 10.23%
  • Julia

    22 25.00%
  • Lydia

    50 56.82%
  • Katharina

    24 27.27%
  • Nicole

    3 3.41%
  • Romana

    41 46.59%
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Thread: Episode 8: Photoshoot in Carinthia

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    Episode 8: Photoshoot in Carinthia







    Best Photo (FCO) - Lydia
    Bottom Three - Darija, Julia & Nicole
    First Save - Julia
    Eliminated - Nicole

    Congratz, Angelina!

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    1. Romana
    2. Julia
    3. Lydia
    4. Darija
    5. Katharina
    6. Nicole
    The Chosen One 2 - Photoshoot #4 Voting Open!

    Follow this link to vote:

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    Best shoot of the cycle, tbh. It's very much like CNTM's editorial hawk shoot.

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    how anyone can vote for anyone but Lydia here is beyond me

    Congratz, Angelina!

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    Romana or Katharina - win this.

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    Romana and Nicoles photos are beyond bad! The rest are okay.

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    1. Romana
    2. Katharina
    3. Lydia
    4. Julia
    5. Darija
    6. Nicole

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    eruj, I know your taste is always strange but here you are really biased to rank Lydia so low

    Congratz, Angelina!

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    How is 3rd low? Romana and Katharina just have better shots imo.

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    999. the rest

    But this photoshoot was decent. I kinda liked it.

    I know, Lydia's a dwarf BUT there's no way that she won't win it. SHE JUST ROCKS THE COMPITION (from the beginning till the end)...SHE OWNS IT!
    And her personality could book her a lot of jobs despite her being small.

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    1) Romana
    2) Lydia
    3) Julia

    Nicole again looks bad, but i think it is because of the styling and make-up.

    Mongolia's Next Top Model: Great New Start <3

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    Additional / worse pictures of some girls:




    Congratz, Angelina!

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    Lydia looks like a queen.

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    The good:

    Lydia: She pretty much destroyed everyone, this week.

    Katharina: The lighting is just too much, but I think she looks flawless in this shot.

    Romana: She is selling the outfit, but I find the hand placement a bit awkward.

    The meh:

    Julia's picture is very beautiful, but this isn't a fashion picture, to me. I like simple, but there is such a thing as too simple.

    The not so good:

    Both Darija and Nicole, to me, look really stiff and awkward. Looking at the bird in each shot, it's obvious it wasn't staying on their arm, though. Still, the additional shot in Shameless' post shows that even their facial expressions were quite awkward with the bird being calm.

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    1. Nicole
    2. Lydia
    3. Darija
    4. Julia
    5. Romana
    6. Can Katharina just gtfo please?

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    ROMANA of course
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    Lydias picture IMO is the best photo this cycle so far

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    01. Julia
    02. Lydia
    03. Romana
    04. Katharina
    05. Darija
    06. Nicole.. TT^TT

    City of stars, are you shining just for me?

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