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Thread: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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    I hope she sees this and it motivates her to go back to rehab.

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    Report: RHOBH Kim & Kyle’s Relationship “Has Gotten Worse,”
    Plus Did Kyle Steal Kim’s House?

    4 Feb 2011

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kim and Kyle Richards grace the latest cover of OK! magazine under the heading ‘Sisters Torn Apart By Secrets.’

    And unlike all those other magazine stories which have all been pro Kyle and anti Kim, this story actually has sources from both sides. Despite the fact that both sisters stated they were in a good place on the reunion episode, a source reveals they are still struggling to get back to where they were.

    “Since the show, Kim and Kyle’s relationship has gotten worse. They’ve barely spoken,” an insider tells OK!. “This is the biggest fight they’ve ever had. Normally, an argument lasts a few days. This is different… Kim would usually be the one to back down first, but it doesn’t seem like she’s going to. This could definitely be a long feud.”

    Below are more excerpts from the OK! article -

    Substance Abuse – A sources reveals, “Kyle was referring to what she believes are Kim’s problems with alcohol.” The Kyle source adds that Kim’s family has tried to help: “The word is they staged many interventions but Kim won’t even admit she has a problem.” Meanwhile, a source close to Kim states she “didn’t even want to be on Housewives.” After losing a fiance to murder and surviving two divorces and a traumatic breakup, Kim was apparently left with little money. Kyle reportedly helps support her, “so when Kyle asked her to be on the show, Kim felt obligated.”

    Under Pressure – The pal adds that Kim did not want to do the show knowing she’d be out of her league. “She’s not a ‘lady who lunches,’ nor does she shop all day. She got in over her head and couldn’t keep up with [the other women]. She’s uncomfortable in that wealthy environment; it’s been years since she lived so extravagantly. She feels like a fraud and can’t quite pull it together.” The pal reveals that any increase in Kim’s drinking or use of medication is because of how uncomfortable she feels on TV with Kyle and her other costars. “She’s really just trying to cope.”

    Sister Rivalry – A source states “there’s deep-rooted jealousy between the sisters” which stems from their childhood. “As kids, Kim was the more successful sister. Her acting career was bigger, and Kyle’s always been resentful of that.” A source close to Kyle however sees things differently saying Kim is the one who is now jealous. “She thinks Kyle has a perfect family, kids, life – everything is ‘perfect.’”

    Stolen Home? – When it comes to Kim’s accusation that Kyle stole her home, a source says after the sisters’ parents died, Kim was due to inherit their L.A. home but Kyle got it instead. “Kim has never forgiven Kyle for that.” A source close to Kyle refutes that saying Kyle bought her sister’s share of the house – then even let Kim buy it back at a lower price. “Kyle didn’t even cash Kim’s check, because she knew she couldn’t really afford it,” the source tells OK!.

    We’re not so sure how accurate Kyle’s source is as we at Reality Tea did some investigation of our own and more

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    BH Housewives’ Lisa & Cedric Tell Their Sides, Plus Camille & Kelsey’s Divorce To Be Finalized Thursday

    7 Feb 2011

    Following the reunion and the shocking words/allegations detailing the demise of Lisa Vanderpump and gay pet houseguest Cedric Martinez’s relationship on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, both parties are now telling their stories in different interviews in what seems to be a he-said-she-said situation.

    Lisa covers the latest issue of UsWeekly as both she and her husband Ken Todd reveal Cedric “absolutely betrayed” them. According to the couple, Cedric lived in their Beverly Hills mansion for over a year and a half rent free only to snap when confronted about his laziness, while also trying to extort money from them.

    Ken tells UsWeekly, “[Cedric] said, ‘I’m not asking for money, but I haven’t got any, and I’ve been offered to sell my story to magazines. I can say anything I want.” Ken adds that Cedric also threatened violence. “He said, ‘The last time I was this angry, I stabbed my father,’” says Ken, who filed a police report after the conversation.


    Meanwhile Cedric also gave out his own exclusive interview to E! News during which he leveled his allegations against Lisa and Ken. According to Cedric, he was working for the couple in the UK when they invited him to come to the US. Sensing a “great opportunity,” he agreed, living with them for six months and then moving out.

    Cedric states he was however still living with Lisa when she auditioned to appear on the RHOBH. So when Bravo called Lisa back to ask her to be on the show, they asked if Cedric was still living with her, and she lied and said yes. According to Cedric, Lisa then asked him to move back in.

    “I didn’t need a place to stay,” Cedric says. “I knew [Real Housewives] it could be an opportunity that opens doors…I always wanted to leave [their house].”


    In other BH news, TMZ is reporting that the lawyers for Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer were able to reach a deal today in their divorce case. Both parties have agreed to submit the signed settlement by Thursday, and Kelsey will be free to marry his mistress fiance Kayte Walsh by the end of this month.



    Taylor Armstrong Talks Good, Bad and Ugly of Reality TV

    By Darla Atlas
    Monday February 07, 2011 04:20 PM EST

    Stepping into the spotlight as one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a blessing and a curse for Taylor Armstrong.


    "Reality TV has a way of fast-tracking everything in your life," she said. "[Russell and I] had to observe that we'd lost touch with one another. It was good for us in the respect that it forced us to pay attention. It wasn't easy going through it, but now, in the end, it's been helpful. We were able to say, 'We really have lost touch with each other. We need to do something.' "

    Armstrong admits having regrets when it comes to the drama between her and costar Kim Richards. "I feel pretty good about everything – except my conflict with Kim," Armstrong said. "I wasn't really aware that she was going through as many personal challenges as she was, because I wasn't really privy to that. So I feel bad about our conflicts. I wish I'd known then what I know now. But it's life. So I wish her the best and I'm absolutely here if she needs anything."

    As for costar Camille Grammer – perhaps the most controversial Housewife on Beverly Hills – Armstrong is also sympathetic.


    Given all that happened on the show's first season, Armstrong is still unsure of whether or not she'll appear in a second.

    "Every other day I think, 'I just want to go back to being a snack mom at school,' " she said. "Back then my biggest concern in my week was whether I had to be room mom. So we'll see."


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    Sources: realcityhousewife-wordpress, bravotv, wetpaint, Taylor's Facebook, sipwithsocialites, tumblr (tylercoates. bellx1234, moneyiswhatihave, dacamaca, mrchadmane)

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    Sources:, tumblr (****yeahrealhousewives, moneyiswhatihave, 500 smilesfourmiles, yellowlayercake), betterthanmink, rtvg


    Sources:, tumblr (****yeahrealhousewives, moneyiswhatihave, 500 smilesfourmiles, yellowlayercake), betterthanmink, rtvg

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    lol @ Cedric. Like, sit down. He's not even hot.

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    Sources:,, tumblr (bellx1234, ****yeahrealhousewives, jordan, moneyiswhatihave, 500 smilesfourmiles, yellowlayercake), betterthanmink, nymag, bravotv, wetpaint, rtvg

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    Sources:, tumblr (bellx1234, daysinla, ****yeahrealhousewives, jordan, mkaym510, moneyiswhatihave, mrchrisspears, 500 smilesfourmiles, yellowlayercake), betterthanmink, rtvg

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    Sources:, tumblr (bellx1234, breathingashes, ****yeahrealhousewives, jordan, joursheureux, kookyklam, moneyiswhatihave, 500 smilesfourmiles, yellowlayercake), betterthanmink, mrchadmane,, chicagopressrelease, nymag and wetpaint.

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    wetpaint, tumblr (realitytvgifs, youwannabewithme)

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    Does anyone know when season 2 is premiering ?

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    Season 2 hasn't been confirmed yet. But if it was, which is likely, then it will probably take a year for us to see the premiere.
    You don't know me like that.

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    Season 2 better have Allison as a series regular. I think it's obvious that isn't going to happen, though.

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    That would be beyond amazing. I can't get enough of her.
    But now, I am just hoping for my Malibu Queen Camille and Kim to come back.
    You don't know me like that.

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    the electronic cigarette lady either needs to become an actual member of the housewives or just get her own show. shes litteraly perfect for the show.

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    Little House on the Prairie - Olga (Kim Richards)
    June 10, 2007
    Season 1 - Olga from "Town Party-Country Party"

    Kim Richards' first appearance on Diff'rent Strokes

    James Spader with Kim Richards in Tuff Turf - "I Walk the Night"
    June 16, 2007
    James Spader's epic ballad of walking... the night.

    Kim Richards with James Spader in Tuff Turf - All She Wants To Do Is Dance
    October 28, 2007
    A music video for the classic 80's movie 'Tuff Turf.'

    Kim Richards on Entertainment Tonight
    August 04, 2006

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    Originally posted on April 4

    Beverly Hills Housewives Kim and Kyle Richards Host Grand Opening of Azure Luxury Pool™ April 9


    LAS VEGAS (April 1, 2010) – The Palazzo is bringing the glamour and drama from Beverly Hills to Las Vegas as the stars of Bravo’s wildly successful TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Kyle and Kim Richards host the grand opening of Azure Luxury Pool™ on Saturday, April 9. The sisters will celebrate the start of another chic pool season with fashion shows from Spiegel.

    Kyle and Kim have been in the spotlight for years, starting their careers as child actresses. Their appearances on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” helped make it the highest-rated season of the popular franchise and the highly-anticipated second season is set to premiere later this year.

    The online fashion retailer Spiegel will showcase their sizzling summer swim and travel collection in poolside fashion shows. Focused on bringing luxury within reach to all women, the high-energy shows will feature colorful bikinis, flowing cover-ups and other essential swim accessories, giving guests an up close and personal look at the newest trends. Spiegel helps women create their signature style and guests will be able to find their unique fashion identity by taking a fashion quiz on iPads. They will also have the chance to shop to build a wardrobe around their signature style.

    Partygoers will dance to beats by DJ Twisted while sipping signature drinks including the Azure-tini and the Red Bull-infused Frozen Bull. Guests can also enjoy a variety of flavorful hookah blends in their cabanas or at their daybeds including apple, white peach, guava, piña colada and margarita.

    Azure Luxury Pool is a pool party with panache, offering an exclusive luxury and stylish daytime experience for guests wanting the greater things in life. With premium amenities including poolside cabana massages by Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, cuisine from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and energetic sounds of live DJs, Azure Luxury Pool is the only place to be seen this summer.

    Open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday through Sunday for guests 21 and over. Visit or call 702.767.3724 for additional information and to make reservations for cabanas, daybeds, lounge chairs and bottle service. Interact with Azure Luxury Pool on Facebook at and follow on Twitter at @azureluxurypool.

    Kim and Kyle Richards Celebrates the Season Premiere of Azure Luxury Pool at The Palazzo

    Fabulous fashion and glamorous guests celebrated the season premiere of Azure Luxury Pool at The Palazzo under the Vegas sun. Beverly Hills Housewives Kyle and Kim Richards kicked off the summer pool season in style while Spiegel joined in on the party presenting a fashion show featuring the new travel and swim collection. Models wore signature styles and were accessorized head-to-toe with jewels, animal prints and bright colors.

    The sisters arrived to the Azure blue carpet strutting their Spiegel Signature Style as fans of the Housewives waved and shouted, “We love you!” When asked about Vegas on the carpet, Kim responded, “I love to come to Vegas now because you don’t just have to gamble…you can lounge by the pool or go to the spa and relax. I’ve been coming to Vegas more because of The Palazzo.” Kyle looked stunning with her long wavy locks and kept gushing about her services at Canyon Ranch SpaClub and her Lago suite, “I had the best manicure and pedicure…look at my toes and my suite is so gorgeous and spacious.”

    As they entered the party, the pair went straight to the photo booth where they goofed off messing up each other’s hair, dressed up in oversized gold shades and Azure hats, played with beach balls and posed for fun photos. Then the sisters made their way to the VIP cabana where they danced to the DJ, dined on Asian chicken salad, margherita pizza and fries and hung out with friends and family.

    The Azure Luxury Pool brings the pool party to a new level of luxury with an intimate setting, lush greenery, relaxing fountains, exclusive amenities including poolside massages by Canyon Ranch SpaClub, a new hookah lounge and food from Wolfgang Puck. “It's beautiful here at Azure- just look around," said host Kyle Richards. “It's secluded yet a fun party with massages and delicious food.” Spiegel added something special as attractive male models walked around with iPads to find people’s Signature Styles. The ladies mixed and mingled with the crowd posing for many photos and chatting about their show. The day ended with a signature three tiered cake decorated with high-end fashion brands, zebra print and sparkles. “This cake is to die for,” shouted Kyle.

    Photo credit:
    ISPhotography Jacob Andrzejczak

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    Kim and Kyle Richards Celebrates the Season Premiere of Azure Luxury Pool at The Palazzo
    Full sized Images - note, the thumbnails above are much larger, higher quality images
    (Photo credit: Jacob Andrzejczak)

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