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Thread: Famous Photographers - Henri Cartier-Bresson

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    ANTM 23: India | Coryanne | Justine

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    1. Kati
    2. Josephine
    3. Cara
    4. Irina
    5. Karolina
    6. Marie
    7. Alana
    8. Julia
    9. Devon
    10. Iselin
    11. KK
    12. Kirsi
    13. Kendall

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    Josephine - 4,8

    Karolina - 5
    Marie - 5,1
    Cara - 5,3
    Julia - 5,6
    Irina - 5,7
    Kati - 6,5
    Alana - 7,2
    Devon - 7,3
    Iselin - 7,8
    Kirsi - 8,8

    KK - 10,6
    Kendall - 11

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    Josephine: omg yay! a photoshoot with my real life love

    Rosie x Candice

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    Karo:Good job Jojo



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    E L I M I N A T I O N

    Welcome to our second elimination ceremony. For this week we embraced Hungarian photographer who was raised in France and we were inspired by his Parisian visions.
    Definitely not an easy week for most of you but there was one stand out,
    The deserving First call out of the competition goes to


    5 - 3 - 3

    Greg: It's not really in the moment but I'm intrigued by this photo. It is so mysterious.

    Kristian: The story here is fantastic. You genuinely looks annoyed by the people following you. I can feel the anger in your face.

    You were almost sent home last week and look what an amazing performance you showed us this week. You captured the time period exactly. I am not sure if the dynamic and cars is really Brassai's theme but I love that there is Ophelie Guillermand in the picture, a true Parisian girl who I love and who only makes this image better.

    The second name I am going to call is...


    10 - 4 - 2

    Your styling is alright but the background looks like a messy collage.

    Kristian: You look really tall, but I would like to see more of your face. The lighting isn’t the best.

    First of all you chose my work which is already a smart move, second of all I love your styling, very Chanel, a Parisian sophisticated woman. Great image overall. Talking helped you to keep the second call out too.


    3 - 5 - 5

    Greg: Cheekbones for days. I like the chemistry between the two of you, but your hands look really masculine, and there’s no intensity in your eyes and mouth.

    I love that this picture is up close and so personal.


    6- 8 - 4

    Greg: You own this headpiece very well but the picture itself doesn't interest me.

    It’s a bit posey – you look like a model waiting for the photographer’s directions. Your face looks super scary as well.

    I think you are one to beat. I just want to see personality from you. No be next winner has been without personality / story /arc going on for her. Frontrunner story is boring and overdone.


    12- 2 - 6

    Greg: This reminds me of a bad amateur picture your bestie took of you and the guy you met at the bar.

    The chemistry between you and the male model is convincing. I also like how caught-in-the-moment and non-scripted this picture looks.

    Very mixed reviews from the judges. I think it ticks all the boxes that was asked of you, you did a great job but somehow I prefer other pics more. They are more Brassai for me.

    Next two safe models are


    11- 1 - 8

    Greg: I don't really like this. Your back is not sexy at all and your right hand looks ugly.

    Stunning. The chemistry is everything.

    1- 13 - 1

    Greg: Alana - This looks really authentic in terms of setting and styling and you look great, too.

    You look ill. The setting is messy. Nothing is good-looking. (Sorry if I sound really harsh

    Steven: Alana - I love this French whore. This image is everything tbh. I think you are the biggest Be Next girl based on your look and actual portfolio in this competition so use your potential well.

    Next safe girls are


    2- 6 - 11

    Greg: Super intense photo. You're either a super rich lady after a long night or a prostitute before work and I love that I can't tell the difference.

    I like the story – you look like a lounge dancer waiting to perform backstage. The setting is somewhat creepy though, and your face looks puffy.

    13- 7 - 9

    Greg: I hate this picture. Yes, I can see the Eiffel tower in the background and yes this was shot during the night time but I can only see like half of your head + one arm. This dude and the photo itself look sketchy, too
    I love how intense realistic the kiss looks. The downside is that I can only see half of your face.

    9- 10 - 7

    And the last name before the bottom 2 is


    4- 11 - 10

    Greg: A great improvement from last week. Keep it up!

    I think you only followed the “Paris” element of the brief. It’s like you’re one of the mannequins.

    Steven: It definitely is an improvement from last week's disaster. I love that you look like high class Parisian woman posing next to some expensive shop on the streets of Champs Elysees but the brightness outside is what I dislike and night was the main point of Brassai.

    Which leaves the bottom 2 models



    7 - 12 - 12

    Greg: I would like this motif if the picture wasn't as overexposed.

    Kristian: You look extremely uncomfortable.

    The main problem I have is that the styling is wrong. I don't know what you are trying to portray, it is not whorish enough if u want to portray prostitute the swimwear is too editorial and high fashion but your pose is not. No connection with the man doesn't help either. It was a total miss.

    8 - 10 - 13

    Greg: Not bad but I wished you pushed yourself a little bit further.

    I don’t think this photo is taken at night? You’re modeling but you didn’t really follow the brief.

    I love the emotion that is the only positive thing about thiss photo. But as I said Brassai was all about night and u missed the most important quality of the brief so I have to rank you last.

    Looking at last week's chart, the model continuing the game is



    I am sorry but Kendall this means you are out Thanks for playing and Good Luck!

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    Irina | I love being in the middle of an orgy, but middle of a COO? Two weeks in a row? Hell naw.

    Candice x Rosie

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    RTVG Survivor Jun's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Kirsi​ Yet another time just safe from bottom two... I hope my trip to the far east will get me a better placing next week.

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    Alana; I'm glad the judges saw that my photo represented the theme perfectly from what the public thought

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    Kati: yas hunties another good call-out for kati perri

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    Irina | The judges are actually smoking crack.

    Candice x Rosie

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    Kati: stfu whore kati perri is here to SLAY

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    Quote Originally Posted by betinez View Post
    Kati: stfu whore kati perri is here to SLAY
    Irina | Um, excuse me? What the **** did you just call me?

    Candice x Rosie

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    Kati: i called you irina

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    Alana; Irina, didn't you go out with a closeted gay? How was the experience of being a beard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by betinez View Post
    Kati: i called you irina
    Irina | Hm, yeah, that's what I thought. You don't even have half of the career I have; learn your ****ing place before you try and come for me. Thank you~

    Candice x Rosie

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