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Thread: Phase II

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    Lluvy: Now that the Performance Review has been completed, it's time to penalize or reward you for your Social Ranking. As you'll recall from the beginning of Phase II, you were sorted into the following tax brackets:

    • Tertiary Pond: 35% Minimum Taxation Rate
    • Secondary Pond: 15% Minimum Taxation Rate
    • Primary Pond: Subsidized by Secondary and Tertiary Ponds

    First, I will collect taxes from the worst two Ponds on an individual basis. That is, each surviving member of that Pond will give up scales until at least the minimum taxation rate is achieved. Then, the total taxes from these Ponds will be used to subsidize one of the top three Ponds, as indicated above. Subsidies are spread evenly among the surviving players, and I'm happy to collect the remainder that cannot be further divided. Without further explanation, here is the result of this process:

    A player has chosen to play Tax Evasion for this round. As a result, Aldous's subsidy will be given to Hurley instead.

    Scales Tax Scales
    Tertiary Lana 45 -16 29
    Tertiary Rebecca 25 -9 16
    Tertiary Margaery 18 -7 11
    Tertiary O-Ren 18 -7 11
    Tertiary Jodi 16 -6 10
    Tertiary Odafin 14 -5 9
    Total: -50
    Tax Scales
    Secondary Tink 38 -6 32
    Secondary Jackie-O 27 -5 22
    Secondary Steve 24 -4 20
    Secondary Ghostface 20 -3 17
    Secondary Elle 9 -2 7
    Secondary Michaela 9 -2 7
    Total: -22
    Scales Subsidy Scales
    Primary Jack 38 12 50
    Primary Bon Qui Qui 25 12 37
    Primary Aldous 22 0 22
    Primary Jungmoon 22 12 34
    Primary Lacie 21 12 33
    Primary Hurley 21 24 45
    CEO Lluvy [Redacted] 0 [Redacted]

    With this complete, your Ponds are hereby disbanded! The remaining eighteen employees will meet up at the Marketplace to prepare for Downsizing.
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    Wow, I get more points in the round where I'm throwing random numbers out, over the round where I actually tried to strategize.






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    Lluvy: Welcome to the Marketplace! Now that you are free from your Ponds, you are no longer restricted in terms of the players you may transfer items to. The Marketplace is your last opportunity to accumulate wealth before Downsizing occurs. In Phase II, the three players with the lowest cumulative wealth will be eliminated. Remember, total wealth is considered here, not a specific scale type.

    You will be sent an update on your full inventory via private message.

    In order to tempt you, there are three types of item you can bid scales on. Here they are:

    Item 1: Antidote

    • Play on Days 1-5.
    • Expiration Date: Never
    • Usage will be announced publicly for the results of the Day, however I will not specify which player used it.
    • All Poison Pills played on your selected day will be voided at the start of the day. In other words, all fish in that pond will be immediately cured of poisoning, making it impossible for any fish to die in that manner on that day.

    Item 2: Tax Evasion

    • Must be played on Day 5; can only be played if your Pond is under a subsidy or taxation. Therefore it expires once the game is down to only one Pond.
    • Usage will be revealed publicly at the Taxation stage of the Phase. The prize user will not be publicly revealed, although the players affected will be publicly announced.
    • If under Taxation: specify a player in your Pond to avoid taxation [you may select yourself]. Select a different player in your Pond to pay the tax instead. This means that you've effectively forced someone else to pay your taxes for you. In the event that the player runs out of scales of the current type with which to fulfill your evaded tax obligation, they will pay out taxes from the previous scale types. A player cannot go into debt, so if your tax somehow exceeds their total wealth, they will end up with no remaining money.
    • This prize may have a stacking or canceling effect if multiple Tax Evasions are used on the same Pond with different combinations of players involved. Please contact me if you have any specific scenarios you want me to explain for you.
    • If under Subsidy: specify a player in your Pond to have their subsidy stolen. Specify a different player in the Pond to receive that Subsidy instead. This is pretty straightforward, you're just stealing someone else's free scales.
    • In the event that multiple people try to steal the same subsidy, it will be divided as evenly as possible, with the remainder going to Lluvy instead. Once again, please contact me if you have any specific scenarios you want me to explain for you.

    Item 3: Turnabout

    • Can be played on Days 1-5 on your Pond.
    • It will not be publicly announced which player(s) played Turnabouts.
    • For that day only, the predation order will be reversed.
    • If an even number of Turnabouts are played, the predation order will be normal. If an odd number of Turnabouts are played, the reverse predation order will occur.
    • Expiration Date: never.

    Here's a reminder of how bidding works:

    The Prizes available for purchase do not have a set price; in fact, the demand from the players will set the price. During the 24 hours of the Marketplace, you may submit any number of bids on available items. Note that the value of all bids you place may not exceed your total net worth; furthermore, your bids must be a specific combination of scale colors that you own (i.e., if you have only Silver Scales, with a market value of two Copper Scales each, you could not place a bid of 3 Copper Scales, even though the total value of 3 Copper Scales is lower than the value of 2 Silver Scales).

    The Prizes will be distributed as follows: for every bid that is equal to or higher than the average bid for that item, that player will receive that item and lose all the scales bid. If your bid is lower than the average bid, your scales will be returned to you and you will not earn a prize. Lluvy will earn money from any bid that is higher than average; she will receive all the inefficiently spent scales that are in excess of average, assuming the scales are divisible. So if the average bid had a value of 15 Copper Scales, and a player bid 20 Copper Scales, Lluvy would earn 5 Copper Scales from that inefficient bid.

    The average bid for each item will be revealed at the end of the Marketplace round, but I will not reveal publicly who bought which items. Note that you may place multiple bids on the same item if you wish to acquire multiple copies.

    So, to summarize:

    Required Actions

    You have no required actions at this time. However, if you are in danger of elimination, you should definitely campaign to avoid that fate.

    Optional Actions

    • At the current time, you may transfer items to any player still in the game or to Lluvy.
    • At the current time, if you have scales, you may transfer scales to any player still in the game or to Lluvy.
    • If you have scales, you may exchange them at the Bank for scales of a different type.
    • You may place private bids on items for sale by contacting me via PM.
    • You may always query the current contents of your Inventory.

    You have 24 hours. Good luck!

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    Lmaooooooo at my swift escape of elimination only to be in the B3.

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    The deadline has been extended by 3 hours to 4:55 AM Eastern.

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    WHO WANTS MAH PILL. If you give me at least four scales, I'll give it to you! lol I'm dead this round.

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    Lluvy: The Marketplace is now closed! First, I will reveal the average bids per prize.

    Item 1: Antidote

    1.143 Scales

    Bids of 2 or higher were successful.

    Item 2: Tax Evasion

    1.108 Scales

    Bids of 2 or higher were successful.

    Item 3: Turnabout

    6.000 Scales

    Bids of 6 or higher were successful.

    The winners will be notified of their prizes shortly. Up next, however, is a triple elimination. I hope you are all prepared because this Downsizing will be one to remember.

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    Prepares for inevitable exit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VULpicks. View Post
    Prepares for inevitable exit.

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    Lluvy: We started this game with 30 players, and at the conclusion of Phase II we'll be down to only fifteen. At this time, you will be judged based on your cumulative wealth. That includes scales of all varieties recognized as legal tender but does not include your items.

    This period was frenetic and a lot of money changed hands. So where did the eliminations ultimately fall? Let's take a look.


    Jodi, worth only 24 Scales, is eliminated in 18th place.

    OOC: I'm really sorry to see you go, Somersault! You were very invested in the game and it was fun to see you work through the challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, you spent the entire game essentially on welfare because you were never able to break through to a higher income bracket. Still, thanks so much for playing, and good luck in your other/future games!


    Ghostface, worth only 35 Scales, is eliminated in 17th place.

    OOC: Ugh! I really enjoyed our conversations about this game, Eman! I know you were extremely active and constantly running scenarios, which is why it's so disappointing that you were not able to thrive more. I really think you could have done some damage down the road, but unfortunately it was not to be. Thanks so much for your active participation!

    Will the bottom four please step forward?

    Here's the deal. Three of you tied for the lowest surviving score. However, one of you was just a value of two worse than the others. Effectively, one Silver Scale too few caused your elimination.

    The player leaving is...
    • • •
    • • •
    • • •

    Michaela, worth only 38 Scales, is eliminated in 16th place.

    OOC: James, it's tough to see you go out like this! You were lobbying really effectively, it seemed, and you came extraordinarily close to causing a four-way tie. Unfortunately, it just wasn't enough and you fell victim to the situation. Thanks so much for playing! I hope you enjoyed your time here and good luck in your other/future games!

    So, as a result of this, Jackie-O, O-Ren, and Steve will split the liquidated assets of Michaela, Ghostface, and Jodi.

    Here's how this division will work. The total scales and prizes held by the eliminees has been pooled together. Any prizes held by the three eliminees will be divided evenly per prize type. Any remainders will be discarded.

    The eliminees had a total of 23 Copper Scales, giving each recipient 7 while I collect the remaining 2. The eliminees had a total of 37 Silver Scales, meaning that each recipient will get 12 and I'll collect the single remaining scale.

    I will send the beneficiaries a private message detailing the new contents of your inventory resulting from your inheritance.

    Jack 110
    Tink 83
    Hurley 70
    Bon Qui Qui 69
    Lacie 64
    Lana 64
    Margaery 52
    Elle 49
    Rebecca 46
    Odafin 45
    Aldous 44
    Jungmoon 43
    Jackie-O 40
    O-Ren 40
    Steve 40
    Michaela 38
    Ghostface 35
    Jodi 24

    This concludes Phase II. Now that the cast has been cut in half, and you've experienced almost every game element, it will be exciting to see where Phase III might take you.

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    Brussels, y'all.


    Oh ****

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    Sorry if this sounds stupid, but Estquer, could you PM me which pond I would've ended up in if I had submitted my rankings? Anyways, it's been a great journey, and it was actually quite satisfying to cockroach my way through two Performance Reviews and one Downsizing. Peace!

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    Didn't see that coming. At all.

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    Oh shiiit. I didn't think I'd be so close to the bottom.






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    You and me both uno


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Thanks for having me estqueen

    may the fishiest queen win!


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    That's some intense ****

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    Brussels, y'all.


    Okay so EvilElf has been telling several people not to trust me and it's kind of getting on my nerves at this point, so here's the whole truth about what happened, from my perspective.

    Last round, I made an alliance with Cupid, Sleepless and betinez to get ourselves through the round. That was my #1 priority.
    Then I approached him with a suggestion to purchase his Poison Pill. I was willing to use it in a way that benefitted him AND myself, and I could also manage to plan ways not to have it compromise my alliance with Cupid. He declined that offer, on the basis that he believed she was after him.

    This exchange happened:

    [07/01/2017, 00:12:25] Giulio: 1st question: do we have a target in our pond?
    2nd question: is there a way we can know which fishes everyone is playing so we can simulate what can happen?
    [07/01/2017, 00:24:11] Andrei • VanityEgo: 1) No, my goal is to stay the **** alive
    2) No, we’re relying on hearsay and rumours

    The first answer was 100% truthful; the second was mostly bs; I think I told Cupid to use a pill that round, but there was a chance that she wouldn't agree.

    Flash forward to Day 4; I liked, dropped a hint that I could Pill my own fish to prevent Cupid from eating in the bonus round.
    [10/01/2017, 00:50:58] Andrei • VanityEgo: like I’m thinking of pilling my own fish so that they don’t make it to the bonus round for Amber to eat them

    That was 100% truthful; I was starting to panic, because at that point I hadn't earned any Scales and I was relying on my alliance to redistribute Silver Scales.
    We ran a bunch of simulations to determine how useful a Poison Pill would be, all in good spirit.

    Then Day 5 happened, and it was time to talk money.
    Cupid and betinez, who'd been benefitting the most from our alliance's fish distribution, came through with convenient donations.
    After taking potential Scale conversions into account, those donations weren't enough to guarantee my safety, so I had the following options:

    OPTION 1 • Ask my alliance for more Scales
    OPTION 2 • Pill 1 of my fish to prevent Amber from winning the bonus round, and possibly causing her elimination.
    OPTION 3 • Obtain a 3rd pill, and have Sleepless also pill one of his fish. That would allow me to win the Bonus Round, and ensure Remco's elimination in the event that he and MNM were sharing scales.

    EvilElf was aware of the second option, because he'd run simulations. He even suggested that I pill one of my fish.
    I decided to reveal that I had, in fact, been working with Cupid—which Evil had already figured out, by the way. I offered him the following deal:

    [11/01/2017, 03:58:39] Andrei • VanityEgo: so here’s the thing; Cupid gave me 7 Silver Scales. In order to **** her over, I would like 1 Poison Pill + 2 Silver Scales, if that is okay with you

    This was his response:

    [11/01/2017, 11:39:43] Giulio: ?
    [11/01/2017, 11:39:47] Giulio: Explain

    At that point I was sleep-deprived and frustrated because **** hadn't gone my way in the past few rounds So I had little patience for this. We moved the conversation to Facebook, where I further explained that my alliance with Cupid took precedence over any discussion I'd had with Evil, so in order for me to be comfortable ****ing her over, I'd need a compensation on his end. This came from a genuine place, though I wasn't telling him the whole truth; I really wanted the Pill so I could execute OPTION 3 to guarantee Remco's elimination in any scenario. I decided not to disclose that, because quite frankly that was none of Evil's business

    But the main thing that aggravated me from our conversation is this: Evil was holding onto the completely paranoid assumption that I was trying to **** him over even though we'd both simulated many scenarios and there was absolutely no way for me to do that. The deal I was offering him benefitted him and benefitted me. I could understand his reservations about trusting me on a human level, but on an intellectual level, I was furious that he'd think I was lying about making a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL offer, while being totally aware that I wasn't telling him the /whole/ truth because I wanted to keep the element of surprise—I guess that speaks volumes about my priorities But here's the thing; according to my predictions, my strategy of pilling all of my fish in the final round would result in a 4 Silver Scale increase for Evil. By the end of conversation, I'd removed the Silver Scales out of the equation and only requested his Poison Pill. There was absolutely no downfall in him accepting my offer, we both knew it, and yet he decided to refuse it out of what I thought was irrational paranoia.

    So the lesson to take from this is: I am a megacunt, I'm playing this game for myself, and I expect everyone else to do the same. Any deal or favour I offer someone is obviously calculated to benefit myself first, but I also realise there has to be some payoff for the other party to accept the deal.
    If I tell you to play a certain combination of fish, it is mostly for my own convenience, so I can predict the best scenario for myself and anyone I'm allied with at that time.

    This game is a lot of fun for me because it allows me to be cerebral in way playful way. What takes the fun out of it is paranoid trainwrecks like EvilElf not only testing my patience in times of sleep deprivation, but then going around tarnishing my reputation with players I've had nothing but mutually beneficial exchanges with. How about this, Evil: engage in some self-criticism. Maybe you're not a desirable ally because you're inflexible and untrusting in a way that is detrimental to the relationships you create in game. Maybe that is why I once again sided with Cupid over you; she may be a handful sometimes when she doesn't get her way, but at least is willing to cooperate in a mutually beneficial fashion.

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