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Thread: Survivor VII: Java

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    Lilac | Oh em gee she got eaten by a shark!? Tumblr is not going to believe this l o l
    Maybe I'll get to take one of her severed limbs home


    RIP </3

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    Omggggg lol.


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    carol: i need to hug my daughter extra tight tonight. a shark attack and an idoling out. this is going to be a rough journey for us. its like that time back when i was just in between highschool and college i went on a self exploration journey through the nevada desert, tried some peyote and really found myself. it was a tough road to get through the desert and now im in a jungle. what have i done to myself, haha jk. im so happy my daughter gets to experience something like this and i get to be part of it. i have no idea what just happened but momma is still happy that her baby is still alive and well and really thats all i could ask for. would anyone like me to cook up some rice? i found some cute little coconuts we can use as bowls. ahh too bad we dont have marshmallows because there are sticks everywhere! haha lets sing campfire songs tonight to get our morale up, what do you say tribemates? a little kumbaya??

    Rosie x Candice

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    BETTY: Hooo EvUh TRieD 22 VoTe Me OUtI AH be GONN Findddd U An' BeaT YO' a$$ <-::SWAG Me OUT::->

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    Alexia : If I can manage to get my mom to stop talking about me at any given moment, it would be fascinating. She is like a ****ing parrot that can't stop talking.

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    Kayshini: You guys tried it, huh. At least, we don't have to deal with that disease infested trifling little stupid bitch. You won't be missed, honeybuns.

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    Oh, this game is going to be a motherf*cking treat I can already tell. <3

    BB: OTT • Whitney • Morgan • Shelby
    ANTM 23 • Kyle • Tash • Cody • Courtney • Paige

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    Welcome Asem and Kaso to your second immunity challenge! You will be competing as two tribes against each other. Let's see what you all are playing for.

    The Tribal Immunity Idol. The tribe that does the best today will win immunity and take this back to camp and will be safe at tribal council.
    The losing tribe will attend Tribal Council to vote out the third person out from the game.

    This challenge will happen in
    THREAD, in 1 hour 30 minutes from this message (9 AM EST)

    At the start of every hour, you must post "[CASTAWAY] stabs [CASTAWAY]" (you will obviously stab people on the other tribe).
    If you are the first person to post, the person you chose to stab is "dead", which basically means they are out of the challenge.
    The tribe that loses all of their members first will go to tribal council while the winning tribe will be immune.

    To stab someone, post the following phrase as early as you can at the start of the hour:




    The first person to post that every hour succeeds, everyone else's attempts do not count.
    Format doesn't really matter just as long as you specify who you are stabbing.
    Once someone stabs you, you are out of the challenge and may no longer compete.
    Each hour, someone will be eliminated.
    The tribe that has all of their members taken out of the challenge first will go to tribal council.

    Once you stab someone, please update the list of the people still in.


    Alexia ~ Icing
    Azubuike ~ OoSleePLesSsoO
    Betty ~ Mr.NickiMinaj
    Carol ~ CupidStunt
    Jonathan ~ wccats
    Kayshini ~ iRockIt
    Ngatiyem ~ Fy_sensational
    Shamoy ~ Shattered
    Xavier ~ VULpicks.


    Ethel ~ BottleItUp
    Floppy ~ EvilxElf-INTM
    Krislian ~ RemcoLovesCookies.
    Lexi ~ Lumina
    Lilac ~ xymandopex
    Luz ~ Lou
    Pammy ~ Jigsawce
    Paul ~ SoandSo
    Yslayne ~ betinez


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    Also, editing posts is not allowed (idgaf if you messed up, just don't edit it) so if you happen to do so and you were the first person to stab someone, it will not count.

    Challenge starts in 50 mins~

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    Kayshini stabs Yslayne.

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    Jonathan stabs Yslayne.

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    Azubuike stabs Paul.

    City of stars, are you shining just for me?

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    Yslayne is out. It's only one person getting eliminated each hour, lol.

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