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Thread: Survivor III: Guangzhou

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    Shirley's Questions

    Give each juror a Tekken character based off of how they played.

    Shawn; Wang Jinrei - This character is described as someone strong but unsuccessful, just like Shawn was in this game. He pretty much would have succeeded if his side had gotten the numbers, but he just ended up being the first victim of the fat cunts because of the strong connections he had with almost all of his original tribemates.

    Eunji; Anna Williams - I chose her for Eunji just because they characterize this character as someone that has a never ending rivalry with her sister, so I think it fits her perfectly taking into consideration that Eunji had a rivalry with me as she made it clear this entire game that she wasn't a fan of me, at all. Eunji was also very vocal, just like Anna is.

    Wendy; King I - This character was attacked and killed by an ogre which pretty much sums up Wendy's arc in this game. She was in a great position up until the point in where she got blindsided killed by me an ogre. I guess you can call me Fiona, after all.

    Korina; Nina Williams - Her persona is described as someone cold & indifferent, just like the way Korina played this game. It was hard for me to get insight as to where her head was at because I wasn't able to read her this whole game, as we had no communication whatsoever.

    Nicole; Yoshimitsu - According to wikipedia cientific studies, he is one of the most recognizable characters from the series just like Nicole was in this game; she was absolutely relevant, very lovable, trustworthy & there was no one on this cast that disliked her due to how charming her personality was.

    Dillon; Heihachi Misima - They are literally twins by reading his description Dillon pretty much was the ringleader as he took control & always made sure to do what he needed to in order to benefit himself, even if it mean cutting a bitch he was close to as he was REALLY determined to accomplish his goal of getting to the end.

    Neveen; Michelle Chang - Just like her, Neveen was determined to succeed and strong minded when it came down to it. She knew she wasn't in a great position after she was left out of the Wendy vote and worked her ass off to try and change the course of the game by revealing to Nicole that I wanted to blindside her.

    Shirley; Paul Phoenix - He is portrayed as a fighter who never gives up, and this is something Shirley can easily relate to. Even though she didn't have the numbers on her side, she didn't sit pretty without doing anything until she was voted off, she fought her ass off to stay because of how much she actually wanted this.

    I used characters from the first series. I have never played & heard of this before, so I apologize if these are inaccurate.

    Tell me 5 things you enjoyed about Shirley in this game, since you kept my lazy ass around long enough to make me miss the first time there's a final three I feel like~

    I don't wanna write a testament so I will keep it short and simple.

    1. You played a really clean game. Rather than lying left and right like I did, you didn't make any fake promises and kept it real the entire time.

    2. You didn't give up despite not having the numbers on your side. You proved to be a fighter.

    3. Everyone (even the viewers) loved you, who doesn't love an underdog? You were clearly doing something right.

    4. You managed to be the last member out of your alliance standing, making you a though competitor when we had reached the final rounds.

    5. As I said earlier, you held your head high when you were voted off. I expected you to be upset as I would have been if I had been voted out, but you kept it classy and didn't hold any grudges.

    Tell me what is bothering you the most IRL right now, and also, what was the most distracting during the duration of this game IRL and how you endured that while still making it to the end successfully? If you can convince me that you actually are a lion, I'll vote for you.

    University, no doubt about it. I had been thinking about of how the experience was going to be like way before this game had started and it was the only thing that I had on my mind. I have been taking some orientation classes the past two weeks as this is my first year and it has just been consuming my thoughts. What worries me the most is that I will not be able to integrate myself the rest of the group and I really don't want the place that I will visit for the next six years of my life to be something that I don't feel comfortable with, just like high school. I'm not someone who opens up easily, not on here or in real life. After all, this game made me realize that I can actually go out on a limb taking into consideration the connections with people that I had and it has taught me that I can actually be social with people whether if it's online/IRL, basically, it has shown me that I have enough skills to do anything that I set my mind to and I have hope that I will be able to carry that over to my university life.

    Tell me a gif story of how you got to the end. I liked this question from someone else in the past.

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    Neveen's questions

    Quote Originally Posted by RemcoLovesCookies. View Post
    G L A M

    S W A G
    1. Please assign each juror a contestant from the hit reality series "America's Next Top Model"
    and tell me why that contestant reminds you of that juror.
    2. Assign each juror a song from the popular ex-girl group "Destiny's Child" and tell us
    why you chose that song.
    3. Assign each juror food. Tell us why you chose that particular dish or snack.


    I haven't watched ANTM in ages so inform me if these descriptions are innacurate~

    Shawn - Jiana (C20), he had a great amount of potential to go beyond everyone's expectations (just like Jiana did on ANTM). However, he never got the chance to prove himself as he was the first victim of the fat cunts.

    Eunji - Alisha (C18) she proved that she could hold her own ground ever since the beginning of the game and wasn't afraid of getting herself involved in drama. She knew how to keep people entertained.

    Wendy - Felicia (C8) - Just like Felicia, she was pretty much delivering and had a bright speculation about how well she was going to perform in the game up until her elimination.

    Korina - Angelia (C16) She was a non-factor. She basically had impact on my game as I kept forgetting that she was still in. Who the **** is Angelia anyway. <3

    Nicole - Lisa (C5) - She was really entertaining, energetic, and down to earth which made me feel so much easiness in talking to her. Just like Lisa, she was robbed as hell seeing as she was playing really well up until the round she was blindsided.

    Dillon - Angelea (C14) The HBIC. People may think he was kind of bitchy but he would deliver a cute sense of humor that would make everyone laugh. Just like Angelea, he fell short of finals.

    Neveen - Kristin (C19) - If she didn't like someone, she wouldn't let it fly and would make sure to let the bitch know about it and put her in her place. Consequently, she wasn't afraid of calling a someone out (me lol) if they were trying to come for her life in the game.

    Shirley - Amanda (C7), she was sweet & had a charming personality and basically both were fourth place goddesses.

    As for the songs, they describe our relationship in the game/how they played.

    Shawn; My Time Has Come - Once we reached merge, I knew our relationship wasn't gonna last as we were part of two different alliances.

    Eunji; Nasty Girl - She didn't have class when it came down to approaching certain people, making them feel alienated as the only thing she wanted to accomplish was getting me out of the game.

    Wendy; Bootylicious - I wasn't ready for her to take this game by storm seeing as she was holding a lot of power in her hands back at the time, so I had to cut her off before she became something bigger.

    Korina; Emotion - Couldn't find out what her thoughts about the game were as we never approached each other.

    Nicole; Gospel Medley - It describes our relationship, she technically provived me with everything I needed in the long run.

    Dillon; Independent Women - He was very independent this whole game as he didn't rely on anyone but himself by taking control early on to make it as far as he did.

    Neveen; Lose My Breath - Once we had started coming after each other, I had no choice other than dismissing your ass from the game~

    Shirley; Survivor - Nuff said, she kept fighting to survive despite not being in a favorable position.

    As for the foods, you all get dick because you love Jesus. Jk, not today fatties.

    Shawn; Eggs. I'm indifferent towards them, I don't hate them but I don't love them either. (I was not sure as if I wanted to work with Shawn or not as we were both in different sides)

    Eunji; Garlic. The smell is way too strong for me to handle. (couldn't handle her in the game anymore, basically)

    Wendy; Tacos. You love eating them at the moment, but afterwards they end up giving you an explosion if you know what I mean~ (it was nice working with her but I had to get rid of her when I had the chance l0l)

    Korina; Kimchi. I have no idea what this is but I remember reading it a while ago and I suppose it's food. (I had no idea as to what Korina was doing in the game due to our lack of communication)

    Nicole; Cotton Candy. Really sweet, however, sometimes a lot of sugar can be way just too much (basically it refers as me being close allies with her but not sticking with her until the end).

    Dillon; Chocolate. Bittersweet, just like how our relationship in the game went down. (from allies to enemies, RIP)

    Neveen; Corn. Sometimes I love eating this, sometimes I can't handle it. (I liked you at some points but I would also get pissed off at you as well)

    Shirley; Cereal. Whenever I need energy to have motivation to do stuff, I end up eating this, weird as ****, I know. (what I'm trying to say is that Shirley was always motivated to keep going)
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