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Thread: Survivor 34 : Game Changer Spoiler Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by buecey11 View Post
    With the inclusion of a few Cambodia rejects (the ones who weren't voted in), I wish they would have brought Teresa Cooper back for this season after being robbed of a spot by Purple Monica.
    So many good players didn't make the cut in Cambodia but they feel the need to bring back Ciera who is gonna brag about voting out her mom during her first confession. Also a missed opportunity to bring back old-school player. I'm pretty firm now that we will never see Greg, Colleen, or Richard again.

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    Richard will 99% get brought back and Greg was contacted and apparently showed willingness to do it again. Colleen however was out of the question since All-Stars.

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    I'd like to see some great characters from old-school era like T-Bird , Kelly Goldsmith , Sean Rector , Heidi Strobel , Hunter Ellis , Shii-Ann and even Neleh back again !

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    I really wanna to see Cirie going so far. But her tribe has Ozzy and J.T and I think that both doesnt like her.

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    I wholeheartedly against fourth-timer in any circumstance. Neither Boston Rob nor Rupert should have played for the 4th time and the impacts they have on those seasons proved that. I have little faith that Cirie would make anything happen this time around, my bet is that she is going to be boring like her run in HvV, but let's say if she pulled through successfully it still wouldn't be that amusing to watch. I don't blame players for returning (because who wouldn't, it's a 1 million bucks) but I do blame producer for weird ass and un-inspirational castings.

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    I really want to see Aubry succeed this season, but I am fearing for the worst. She was dealt and maneuvered out of several bad hands in her original season, but also lucked out by having people perceive her as a weak player. Her tribemates won't be fooled the second time around.
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    Hope my Kaoh Rong girls esp Godebbie make it to the end.
    Anyway, when is this starting?

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    ^ early march


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