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Thread: Episode 13 (Finale) Discussion

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    Episode 13 (Finale) Discussion

    Discuss it here.

    Ready for the finale.
    Survivor Sucks is no more on my account and I'm gladly retired on the forum.

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    someone hmu w/ a link if they find one

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    smh @ this Ken soft edit.

    I still think he wins. Even though peeps think david does.
    David could prob win.

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    OOOh, I really like this hanging puzzle thing.
    It reminds me of the tree slot puzzle from One World.

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    David wins Immunity.

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    Jay is getting OTTN edit.

    Is he going to pull a Randy and play the fake idol?

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    OMG he played it.

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    Did Ken just vote for "Justin"?

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    Jay r.obbed g.oddess <33
    But Michaela being avenged <3

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    Lol @ the answer being "Not A Participation Trophy." Okay, we get it. You hate millennials.

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    Adam found the idol

    I hope Bret.goddess doesn't go.

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    Hannah is reminding me of Erinn this episode

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    jesus christ what is with this Hannah stratgoddess power boost like damn

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    Bret blindsided. I think Hannah is going to get destroyed by the jury.

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    hannah has NO BRAIN

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    Like Hannah is screwed. She will be forced to sit next to either Adam or David who she loses to...

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    Adam: You (David) are a physical threat

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