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Thread: Episode 13 (Finale) Discussion

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    Hannah is so zero-vote-getter-cameo at this point.

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    Hannah is literally Sugar - controlled all the votes but jury doesn't respect her

    Adam won!

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    Adam wins unanimously. :/

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    In all honesty I feel bad for Ken. He may not be the best player but he doesn't deserve to get zero vote like this. I would expect only a few of the gen X votes toward Adam.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruspat View Post
    Hannah is literally Sugar - controlled all the votes but jury doesn't respect her

    Adam won!
    Except with lower comedy, personality, and look quality.
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    Well it is kind of an endearing ending because of Adam's situation. But it feels like a pity vote almost. Was the jury bitter against Hannah or did they just want Adam to win because of what happened to his mom? Like if that didn't happen, do y'all think he still would have won?

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    So much crying going on.

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    this reunion is too teary eyed. but i get it.

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    final 3's are so lame.

    Its 10000x better when its a final 2.

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    Michaela getting airtime for the reunion <3

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    omg wtf

    Will actually looks cute @ the finale. he has short hair.

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    Seeing Mari there makes me sad. She could have been so great.

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    Sandra <3
    Cirie <3
    Natalie Anderson and Bolton should've been in the cast.

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    Next season looks like such a clusterfck of amazing/horrible people. And I'm so ready for it <3

    No joke tho, EVERY episode I will be nervous for Sandra. 3 for 3 mama!

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    So proud of Adam and happy he won with all 10 votes. I cried like a baby when he was telling his story.

    I cant wait to see Sandra's torch snuffed next season


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Hannah OWNED that FTC. Adam's story was heartbreaking, but I really don't think he deserved to win. Hannah sabotaged and controlled Adam's game all through the merge, highlighting his over-aggressiveness with several high-profile fumbles (including a failed HII play).
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    SO upset that she didn't receive any votes considering that I feel she SLAYED the FTC. As sad as Adam's story is, I didn't think he necessarily deserved the win. I'm still devastated for Hannah.

    I'm so excited for next season though. CIRIE, SANDRA & MICHAELA in one season <33333 I hope guys like Brad, Troy, Tony, etc. do not ruin the season for us.

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    So Adam won baed on sympathy votes. WTF jury! Hannah OWNED that FTC
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