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Thread: Episode 13 (Finale) Discussion

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    Hannah and Ken showdown in Final immunity

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    Ken wins final immunity

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    Hannah is the most frustrating player this season.

    Now watch her telling the Jury how David ended up in the final 3 because "I decided it"

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    Alol they all blew it. Ken doesn't want to vote out David. Hannah is scrambling.

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    Omg, I'm ****ing SHOCKED that David just left!! Work, Ken

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    lowkey called this tho
    v glad the editors were not THAT heavy-handed with the winner's edit

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    wanting Adam but i know ken will prob win

    tbh i wont be mad at any of the three winning since David is gone.

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    Adam is probably winning. But if miss Ken pulls it out of the bag Michele style i would die.

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    Oh no Ken is getting that inspirational final confessional that Sabrina, Jaclyn, Monica got. The respectable runner-up edit.

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    I'm okay with Ken winning lol.

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    AMAZING F3!! It's who I've wanted since the merge haha.

    { WNSM 10 || TOP 6}

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    Hannah is going in hard this final tribal. she is DESTROYING Adam omg

    Honestly I wont even be mad if she wins, and I kinda feel like I want her to win.

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    Hannah is pulling the receipts.

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    I haven't watched the season but Hannah is slaying me in this final tribal. From what I read she was the female Cochran before these episodes alol?

    I hope she wins~

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    She reminds me of Erinn and Sugar than C*chran

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    Ummm @ Chris saying that Adam convinced Ken to vote out David. Wasn't that Hannah?

    I really hope Hannah accidentally wins this game.

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