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Thread: SXXX: HEROES VS VILLAINS [ Episode 7 ]

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    Jordan, I have a question. Why is the intro video ~private~?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysteriousOcean View Post
    Jordan, I have a question. Why is the intro video ~private~?
    oops did that work? lol

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillfact0r7 View Post
    oops did that work? lol

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    You're rude as shxt for this little stunt, sis.

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    It's the one night I knew all you hoes would be home tho so it works

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillfact0r7 View Post
    So I just need Corinne & Parvati to make RTVG names and we should all be set there. Lemme know when you guys make one and I'll send out the challenge to you both.

    Also, just as a heads-up, the first official Immunity Challenge will be live and will begin tomorrow @ 9pmEST / 6pmPST. I know it's during the Survivor finale so please be sensitive of this for those who are not in your time zone, but it's fitting that this battle really begins on the night of the real shows finale.

    Lemme know if there are any questions. Also, the confessional board will be on its way sometime tonight.
    I will spoil every last detail as I watch it if you expect this challenge to happen during the Survivor finale.

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    Jordan! I'm here!

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    15 minutes til the first Immunity Challenge begins :D

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    Jordan Probst=> "Come on it, castaways! It is now time to compete in your first Tribal Immunity Challenge. When it comes down to it, this game is all about immunity- win it and you guarantee you and your tribe at least another day in this game. Lose it, and you could become the first casualty in this war. Here's what you are playing for...

    The Tribal Immunity Idol. And to win it, you've got to be the tribe that wants it the most


    Your first Immunity Challenge is called "Lock & Load, Light", and it will be a tribal posting challenge like no other.
    Your goal is to complete a course- including assembling a raft, paddling to grab your torch and assembling a puzzle, in order to begin lighting torches.
    The tribe that works together the best will be the one who wins. Since the last challenge took place at RTVG, this challenge will be taking place on FGC.

    Here's how it works:

    Your ultimate goal is to light as many torches as possible. In order to do that, you will need to complete three tasks that will require teamwork.
    You must complete them one by one and in order:

    Task 1: Assemble Your Raft

    Assembling your tribe's raft will require a simple act of posting. Each member of your tribe will start with a piece to the raft and must run down to the beach to contribute their piece.

    Complete the simple set of posts correctly to contribute your piece. If you mess up at any time, edit and re-post:
    [ Castaway ] grabs their piece and begins running to the beach
    *Wait at least 2 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] begins traversing the sand dunes.
    *Wait at least 3 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] starts to tire out.
    *Wait at least 4 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] sees the beach in sight.
    *Wait at least 5 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] makes it to the beach and contributes their piece to the raft.

    Now, some members of your tribe might not currently be available when the challenge begins- which is fine, you can go back to get them. However, since you are carrying a heavier load it will be more difficult to get them across. You may only go back for one castaway and once you have begun posting, they cannot post until you have successfully gotten them to the beach.

    [ Castaway ] decides to go back for [ Tribemate ].
    *Wait at least 4 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] finally gets back and tells [ Tribemate ] to hop on their back.
    *Wait at least 6 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] slowly makes their way through the sand dunes.
    *Wait at least 8 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] sees the end in sight.
    *Wait at least 10 minutes*
    [ Castaway ] successfully makes it to the beach with [ Tribemate ] and their raft piece.

    Once all ten tribemates have successfully made it to the beach, one member of the tribe must post the following before you are able to move on to the next task:

    [ Castaway ] adds the slats and secures the raft for the [ Tribe Name ].

    Task 2: Retrieve Your Torch

    Six members of your tribe will then complete the next portion of the challenge.
    In the water ahead you see your tribe's torch on a platform about 300 meters ahead.

    The six of you must paddle out to get your torch. To paddle ahead 10 meters, simply post the following:
    [ Castaway ] paddles the boat for the [ Tribe Name ] to the [ 10, 20, 30...etc, 300 ] meter mark.

    You may post once every 10 minutes. Once you have gotten to the 300 meter mark, have one member of this group post the following in order to move on to the next task:

    [ Castaway ] grabs the torch for the [ Tribe Name ] and they make their way back to the beach.

    Task 3: Complete Your Puzzle

    The other 4 members of the tribe that did not complete the paddle must complete this portion of the challenge.

    To your RTVG account, you have each been PM'd a link to a puzzle.

    Once you have gotten to this point, the remaining four members may open the PM and complete the puzzle. Only 1 member has to post the completed puzzle in the FGC thread in order to move on to the final task.
    Note: If anyone opens the PM pre-maturely or not involved in this portion of the challenge (until after it has been finished) then your tribe will receive a penalty of -5% of your final # of lit torches, so please do not work ahead.

    Final Task: Lighting Your Torches

    Your have reached the final portion of this challenge that will last the remainder of the 24 hours that are left. Your goal: light as many torches as a tribe as possible.

    You may light a torch for your tribe once every 20 minutes. To do so, simply post the following:
    [ Castaway ] lights a torch for the [ Tribe Name ].

    In the end, the tribe that lights the most torches will win Immunity.
    Now, there is the addition of the Reward Challenge that you have just completed. Well, I will not be revealing the winner just yet (in order to make this more fun :D) but instead the winning tribe will receive +10% of their final torch count added to their total. This is a huge reward that could very well tip the scale- but at the end of the day the tribe that wants to win this first challenge most will make a statement doing so.

    The tribe that collects all 10 sandbags in the fastest cumulative time will win reward!...
    The Better of the Two Tribe Camps aka an advantage at the first Immunity Challenge.

    ❋ ❋ ❋

    => RULES <=

    (1) This challenge will last 24 hours. Whoever has the best score at the end of the challenge will win.

    (2) There is no throwing, you will automatically receive a strike if you do not post once for your tribe.

    (3) You are allowed to discuss this challenge with others.

    (4) There will be no extension or substitutions allowed this challenge.

    ❋ ❋ ❋


    If you have any questions, please ask them in the thread. Good luck, and let's see which side will prevail!

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    Sash grabs their piece and starts running to the beach.

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    Challenge takes place on FGC boo <3 Tho it's running kind of slow so we may move it but for now, post at FGC <3

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    40 Minute Update -
    The Heroes have an early lead in Part One but it's still very early in this challenge!
    The Heroes are all across except for Carter, Kelly & Tyler across, but they are in the process of being carried.
    The Villains have Corinne, Rupert, Sash, John & Jessica across, Jenn is close while Brad, GC, Laura & Parvati need carried!

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    60 Minute Update -
    The Heroes have finished with Part One and are now on Part Two!

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    Just like that the Villains have finished part one and things are neck and neck!

    The Heroes are currently about 20 meters ahead in the paddle but it's still too close to call!

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    The Heroes have grabbed their torch and are currently working on the puzzle!

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    The Heroes still have the slight lead as they finished their puzzle and are moving on to lighting torches!
    The Villains are trailing but are extremely close behind with only 30 meters til they grab their torch!
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    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    The Villains have grabbed their torch and have moved on to the puzzle!

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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    And just like that the Villains have finished their puzzle and are now lighting torches. This is anyone's challenge!

    CHAD + BROCK 4 LIFE <3

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