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Thread: Twelve Days of Christmas

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    Omg Sleepless. I'm so so sorry to see you go I did not expect this at all.

    BB: OTT • Whitney • Morgan • Shelby
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    Rosie x Candice

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    Aw, I'm sad to be leaving one round before the finale. Good luck everyone and thank you soooo much Ho for this entertaining game!

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    On the eleventh day of Christmas...

    This challenge will determine who makes it to the end and who does not. At each hour mark, you will need to send me a PM letting me know what your true love gave to you. The PM at 1PM EST must say "a Partridge in a Pear Tree." and at 2PM "Two Turtle Doves" and so on. You only need to send me a phrase including the item(s) for that specific day, but your PM can include anything else as long as it has the correct line in it. This challenge begins at 1PM EST and will end after 12AM EST. The person who sends me the correct item first for each round will earn a point. Everyone else will earn nothing. The person with the most points after 12 hours will win this challenge and pick the final nominees of the season.

    For reference the time now is 4:11AM EST

    At this time you will also be ranking everyone in the game. Remember this ranking is used for nominations and eliminations.

    Good Luck!
    You have 24 hours.

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    2, 3, 9 & 12
    -4 POINTS-

    -0 POINTS-

    1, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 11
    -6 POINTS-

    4 & 5
    -2 POINTS-

    Which means the winners are...

    Congratulations, you will be determining the nominees.

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    You are safe, which means...


    The 2 of you have been nominated for elimination. The person leaving is...


    Madeleine|Vashhee, I'm sorry you are out. This is painful because before calculating the results I said to you I hoped you made it to the finale. I know you had a little bit of inner conflict about some of the things that happened, but I love you and I really hope you had fun. Thank you so much for being here!

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    On the twelfth day of Christmas...

    As they've been eliminated, the competitors this season have each sent a final ranking, which will now be used to determine the winner!

    In third place, ranked the lowest on average


    Maggie|betinez, I'm sorry you are not the winner of 12 Days of Christmas. Thank you so much for being a part of this game. I told you before it began I knew you would make it to the end, but I really thought you'd have a better shot at winning. I guess people couldn't stand looking at Maggie's face for another entire game. Choices.

    and with that we're down to our final 2.

    The winner of 12 Days of Christmas is....


    between the 7 rankings there was a tie, and as it is the season of giving I've decided to give you both this achievement. You both played great games and I'm very happy to see you come out on top. I honestly never expected to see either of you in this finale, but you really showed what kind of competitors you are!

    I really hope everyone enjoyed this game and I hope to do it again next year!

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    Completely understand my elimination. I threw the challenge so it was deserved. This was a fun game, eagle, and I hope it returns next year! <3

    Speaking of deserved, all 3 of you did so well and I will say - Fashion and Mr.Nicki - I am so happy to see you BOTH win!!! betinez, I'm sorry to see you miss out but congrats on 3rd. I would have been happy to see you win too considering you were like always safe, you did fantastic .

    BB: OTT • Whitney • Morgan • Shelby
    ANTM 23 • Kyle • Tash • Cody • Courtney • Paige

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    OOC; Oh my I never thought I would even have a chance at this game with the people in it. I had so much fun <3 Enjoyed working with you all. And to have fierce join me in the win. <3

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    Oh my ... I WON? And me and Stassi have to share the prize? Oh yeah we will. We came, we slayed <3

    Congratulations to all the contestants who played this game and congratulations to Eagle2ch, you were an amazing host and i really loved the format of the game. <3 im looking forward to next year's "Twelve Days for Christmas" and watch who will have to wear a crown with us <3
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    Two of my favorites <3

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    Thank you <3

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    But hey, i'm here for "TWELVE DAYS OF EASTER"

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    Maggie's legacy of being a goat continues <3

    Congrats to both FashionLover and MNM! I had a blast working with you two in this game and I was very happy we were able to become the F3, and if I didn't win, I'm glad you two were able to take the win, because you were amazing allies and friends during this whole process! And thank you for the game, Ho! It was really fun and light-hearted, and I hope you host other similar games so I can keep signing up as Maggie <3

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