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Thread: Disney Sidekicks

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    Brussels, y'all.


    Not Miss Ariel being's fave

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    rooting for Ariel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rikku View Post
    rooting for Ariel
    Same. I hate Dot & Tiger Lily with a passion

    I knew I had no chance of winning but I was surprised with how far I made it. Sucks that I didn't make the finale again.

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    The results are in and we are about to find out the True Star. The True Star is:


    Congratulations, you have secured yourself a spot in the finale!

    The Wingman is:

    Congratulations, you are also in the finale!

    Which means either Ariel or Bing Bong will be joining you guys.

    Full Score results will be posted with the elimination.


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    grats ariel on your win

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    Which means that Ariel or Bing Bong will be the final "Sidekick" leaving. We are about to find out who that will be. The Sidekick with the higher score will be going home.

    By a score of 6 to 4


    You have done it Ariel! You have secured yourself a spot in the final 3, which means per the rules, you and Mulan have just won this game!
    You were able to survive 5 rounds of and the bottom and by doing so you have done what only a couple other heroes have been able to do. You guys are now the winners of Disney Sidekicks and have proven why sidekicks are meant just to be sidekicks!

    Congratulations to Mulan|1331nj and Ariel|Sleepless!

    OOC: Sleepless , I know how much you were invested in this game and how excited you are probably going to be when you see that you were able to come back and win this game. It was a tough road coming back to be able to win but you were able to survive numerous rounds of (you should be thanking randomesus for your win ) to being out third to ending up wining is so awesome.
    Also congratulations to Naz even though you flopped and got out the first round you were back, thanks to your hero partner you were able to snatch up the win as well.

    Which means I'm sorry to:

    Bing Bong|Brash, but you were the final sidekick to leave the game.

    OOC: Brash, you were a pleasant surprise, I seriously enjoyed having you in this game so much. I loved how much of a bottom goddess Bing Bong was all game and then almost ended up winning the whole thing in the end! I seriously hope you sign up for more games, I loved having you.

    Dot|betinez and Tiger Lily|Estquer, you guys were able to make it as far as this game would take you, however the heroes were able to overthrow you this game thus you guys end up as losers in the end. You put up a great fight!

    OOC: Caio. You played one hell of a game, you complained when you got Dot and look at you now, had Ariel ended up leaving, you would of won not only the title of Ultimate Hero but you would of snagged the crown of Ultimate Sidekick as well with an outstanding 6 rounds of being the wingman. You seriously got robbed very hard this game, but that's how the cookie crumbles, thank you so much for playing.

    OOC: Spencer I seriously enjoyed you the whole time in this game. From our first interaction with your reaction to getting tiger lily, to all your lovely comments you left when you sent in this lists. It was the highlight of the game for me and I always wondered what you would say next. you were able to be a floating queen for all those rounds at the beginning, but then you were like Bitch please and ended up winning three True Stars in a row and almost was able to snag the win in the end, however it just wasn't meant to be. I hope to see you around for future seasons.

    Overall Ranking

    Dot - 4 Points
    Ariel - 4 Points
    Tiger Lily - 5 Points
    Bing Bong - 6 Points


    I threw up in my mouth twice!

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    Estquer as Tiger Lily was one of the best allies I've ever had TBH <3

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    By the end of the game it was clear that my path to winning had pretty much closed off. Congrats to the heroes for winning! I wish that happened last season

    Thanks for the game, Drew! I'm glad you enjoyed my bitchy comments all season

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    ^ I hated you both

    Go Ariel <3 so happy to see you win!

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    Dot was the worst.






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    Lmao at Ariel and Mulan winning. Thanks

    But in all seriousness congratulations!

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    This was tons of fun!! I will definately play more!! Congrats to Ariel and Mulan!! Thank you everyone for making this fun!!!

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    Congratulations to Mulan|1331nj and Ariel|Sleepless!
    WAIT. I just won this? YASSSS!


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    OMG! I'm blown away by this result because I seriously thought I had no chance but I'll have to dedicate this win to RANDOM.ORGSUS - without you I stand no chance in this game thank you for being so fond of Ariel (I LOVE her so much so I'm glad I get to win as one of my favourite Disney characters ever). On top of all, thank you so much for this incredible game, Drew! You know I love you.

    City of stars, are you shining just for me?

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