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Thread: Final Round

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    omg that last part of what you wrote estquer were amazing. It had me like this by the end:

    Awesome winner. Congrats! You slayed the game.

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    Congratulations you two! <3


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    Congratulations Aly! You slayed this game, went on a personal journey and had instincts that were totally unrivaled. I'm really proud of you. Bitter, it's very fitting that the finale came down to a single-vote decision because you also kicked major ass and really branched out. Both of you were incredible, slayed FTC and made casting a final vote very, very difficult.

    Est, thank you so much for this game. Reading your message at the end brought a tear to my eye. You're one of my best friends and I'm very grateful for you and for all the 4AM Big Brothers (Big Brother: Controversial Laws!). I'm glad these games can be as meaningful to you as they are to myself and others.

    I'm also cackling so hard @ Jigs being my de facto closest ally and still almost booting me not once but TWICE pre-merge u suck


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    Thank you for an awesome game Est! This season brought together 24 of the best players on the site and very fittingly ended with a win from RTVGs very own undisputed queen. Congratulations Aly and to Sir Bitter on a very well fought fight~


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    Congrats to both Aly and Sir Bitter! You both played an amazing game and it was very tough to choose one in the end. As other people said, it's pretty fitting this came down to the very last vote!

    Thank you again Estquer for an amazing game!

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    Congratulations Aly! I am very happy that we were able to reconcile our differences and find out that we don't actually hate each other I consider this game a personal success of mine in being able to actually converse with you and rekindle a friendship in the progress. Both of you guys played A-MA-ZING games and it was really had to cast a vote! Both of you should be proud of what you accomplished.

    Thanks Est for such an amazing game, once again

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    OMG, I'm screaming and crying (even though no one can hear the screaming since I have bronchitis). Words can't even express the emotions I'm feeling right now. I'm so so happy with this win. I was hungry for it and I put so much time and energy into this game the whole way through. I am so so grateful that the people who ended up voting for me happened to be my closest allies in the game and were all people I would have happily voted for in the end as well. I enjoyed our time in the game together so much. Andrei, I'll go to the playground any day for you, thanks for ALWAYS being there for me no matter what. Andres, I really appreciate the fact that you voted for me and make me work for it.. I hope we've come to a better understanding of each other in games and can grow even closer. Amber, you were my sanity in the game and we got so close even our periods synced. Iron, I respect you so much inside and outside of this game and your vote really means a lot to me; you're always an amazing ally and friend. Cullen, we started out so close in the game and I hoped it would last, but I think it was only due to circumstances beyond our control; I really hope we can work together again and make it all the way. Drew, I dunno why you put scrambled eggs on my vote :P but thanks for your undying loyalty and unwavering friendship. Also, thanks for the kind comments and insight from the people who didn't vote for me. I genuinely enjoyed everything you all had to say. Spencer, I feel like we're the best we've ever been and I can't wait to start talking more. Bri, I think we came so far in our relationship because of this game and I can't wait for the next one together! James, let's just talk earlier next time; thanks for the talks that we did have in this game though, I always enjoy your perspective. Evil and GE, I hope we can get to know each other better because you two brought some really exciting moments in this game. And finally, Bitter .. I wish we could have somehow both won. I told you that you had way more of a chance than you thought. For awhile there, I honestly thought you might sweep. Had just one person changed their mind, then you would have pulled away with the victory. It was so much fun working with you again. Even though it was mentally exhausting, I wouldn't trade all our work for the world. Big Spencer, you made me tear up with what you wrote about us on FORT. Who would have known we'd still all be here together so far down the road. We've had so many amazing times over the years and I'm so thankful you remembered to come back after you were grounded. Hopefully we will still be doing this when we're old and gray

    Thanks again everyone <3 I feel like I could sit here and type forever about how happy I am, not only about the outcome of the game but how everyone handled it the whole way through. I feel like we're all a lot closer than before <3

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    eek bronchitis is awful. get well soon </3

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